May 26th, 2005

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Random post from valy

Valy's mental quote of the day:

Valy: By the way... talking about food, this one just crossed my mind: Why are sexual content fics called "Lemons"?

Valy's brain: Maybe that's because when a citrus is cut in two, it looks like boobies, with the nipples and all?

Valy: -_-;;;

From locked post with permission
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A Letter To Everyone's Coworkers

In a post in my friends-only journal, justjayj comments:
Dear Coworker:

Please study the following diagram. The object on the left is an ass. The object on the right is a hat. Note that there are very few similarities. In future, we request that you do not use the former for the latter's purpose.

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Top Dumb

Regarding Tom Cruise's recent comments about Brooke Shields depression, mlle_mauvais had this to say about TC's "diagnosis" of Brooke:
Give the lady a break, she created a human being from naught, what did you ever do, Tom Cruise? Took the highway to the danger zone? Big fucking deal.

To which vix responded:
"I feel the need... the need for... VITAMINS!"
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shiny metal ass
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On the disturbing amount of incidents involving those of the "white trash" persuasion

cruelnails, posting here on the disturbing amount of recent incidents involving those who could best be described as being "white trash."

For instance, after the kid in florida, the runaway bride, and the two missing kids over the past week. I was wondering, not to be rude, but why are only white-trash people going missing? Don't get me wrong, my heart goes out to all of these people - well, except the runaway bride, she's just an ass - but why is it that whenever someone goes missing the first family member to come before the cameras and beg for their return inevitably is wearing a truckers hat? Are white trash people that hot a commodity? Are they so much in demand that they're being snatched up left and right? Are they the only ones that were taught that strangers offering candy are not someone they should go to?

ETA: There's Star Wars: Episode III spoilers later in that same post, but just far enough down the page that you'll be safe if you click the link.
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A disclaimer from xydexx

* Void where prohibited. God shown is not actual size and may contain nuts. Freedom of religion may only apply to mainstream religions; Wiccans, Discordians, Satanists, and other Yak-Worshipping Weirdos prohibited. Our God is your God; some assembly required. Keep God away from open flame. God is not to be used as a floatation device, because then Xydexx would do something really blasphemous. My church organ is bigger than yours.

In a post here, discussing this rather frightening article.
penny arcade

Heh. *dings*

If you haven't figured out who and what Remus Lupin is yet, you ought to be sporked, so I'm not cutting this, nyeah!

kielle relates her experience with the third Harry Potter book, namely with one of its most beloved characters:

Come to think of it, isn't anyone ever going to ding J.K. Rowling for naming a character "Remus Lupin"? She may as well have called him "Wolfy McWolferson." I mean, come on! I remember reading that book for the first time:

REMUS: "Hi, I'm Professor Remus Lupin, and I'm all mysterious and--"
ME: "*cough*werewolf*cough*"
REMUS: "--this is my mysterious boggart-form globe thingy--"
ME: "*cough*fullmoon*cough*"
REMUS: "--would you kindly stop that?! Some five-year-old in East Arglebarglestan hasn't figured it out yet!"
ME: "sorry."
HERMIONE: "He's a werewolf, you know."

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That's one strong shampoo!

indigoskynet is doing another LUSH review. This time it's a rather potent shampoo.

She said it smells like venison jerky. Someone on the forum said it smells like a bonfire. Maybe my opinion was influenced by these two descriptions because I think it smells like both -- like someone cooking meat just before it goes bad on a hickory fire. It was, as I said before, the first scent to greet me on opening the box: 'ELLO, LUV! FANCY A SHAMPOO, WOT?! and I went "..." and then I went "omigod." and then I went "...whoa. That's strong."