May 24th, 2005

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oh, tori.

in response to this entry of verabura's journal, bentakesonnafta says:

"I saw one of those episodes of that show on VH-1 where the musician puts on a little private show and explains the idea behind some of his or her songs. I think it's called Story Tellers? Anyway, Tori Amos was on it. Holy shit. Everything was inspired by a ghost, or a pixie, or a dead pixie ghost, or a pixie that became a ghost without dying because it ate poison sunshine. I used to LIKE Hey Jupiter, I used to up until I heard about how it's actually some sort of spiteful response to a dead man's selfish ghost wife who appeared to her in her trailer to demand copyright royalties."
Ninja Kitty

HUGE meta-meta.

It started innocently enough...

brouhaha: Do not underestimate the power of THE LLAMA.
active_apathy: Oh, great. Now I want to substitute 'llama' into SW quotes.

Several people chipped in with quotes, so I've organized them into a list. If I missed or misattributed any quotes, leave a comment and I'll correct it in an edit.

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And tears_of_nienna wins at life with:

"Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your llama..."

"He told me enough! He told me you sheared him!"

"No, Luke, I am your llama!"
me brown

Hi, I'm new here...

Over in mock_the_stupid, akujin00 comments on a typo:

Deus Ex Mechanica?

"So what's this item on my repair bill?"
"Well, we were making a diagnostic to figure out what was wrong, so we reversed the polarity on the deflector dish that caused a subspace rift, destroying the shop. One guy managed to get sucked into a time vortex, though, met a civilization of time travellers, got sent back in time to the point before the rift occured, and set things right again. He caught the attention of God, who dropped by and fixed the car for no good reason at all... It was pretty convenient, actually."

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This movie has taken over metaquotes.


The posts are in this topic order usually.


And lately it's been..

Star Wars
Star Wars
Star Wars
Star Wars
Star Wars
Star Wars
Something involving swearing
Star Wars
Star Wars


Man, it's a sad day when Star Wars is better than boobies.

lynbug, from a locked post used with permission.
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in flight

Why Fandom!Snape Confuses My Friend

From a not particularly G-rated entry from mumuchan, on why Fandom Confuses Her. (Read the whole entry. This is just my favorite line.)

- Snape does not ninja. Sorry, I know, the black robes threw me off at first, I though, "maybe he could be a ninja," BUT THEN I REALIZED THAT WAS Collapse ) INSANE.

- Listen to Sid Vicious. Sid Vicious fandom? Sid? Vicious? Snape? Ohhh! Oh, okay. You're retarded. Well, I wish you'd have told me. I would have saved time.
Freaked, K: DW Nine & Rose


In regards to a photo at this link -- the link and photo are worksafe, if creepy. Goatse, obviously, is not, but there's no pics or links :)

christessa: I imagine this is what Goatse's face looks like. Let's start a new rumor, shall we? (If you don't know what Goatse is, PLEASE, do not succumb to your morbid curiosity. Seriously. Consider this a red-alert warning.)

twentytens: I've heard all kinds of net.rumours that the Goatse guy died some years ago. A friend of mine and I were contemplating what could have killed him and we decided that he must have turned himself inside out. [Just] contemplate how that could be accomplished:

Goatse guy: OK, I think I can make it this time! I'm going for THE WORLD RECORD!
Goatse guy's friend: OK, Larry, [positions tape measure]... ok, just a little bit further... OK... a little bit more...


GGF: Larry?? NOO!!! LAAARRRRRRY!!!!!!
Snape's sleeve
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Irresponsible and reckless muse!

eliade has been abducted by her muse of late...

"You know, if there is something to this "muse" stuff, then a muse is like a careless, unpredictable friend who shows up erratically and drags you off to wild parties and gets you trashed so that you stumble home late in the morning and fall asleep until three in the afternoon and lose your job. And then come down with an STD. "</b></a>
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alexiscatherine, on the death of the voice actor who did Tony the Tiger:

On the radio station here they were saying how yesterday it was Fred Flinstone, today Tony the Tiger. The similarity is that they both had cereals. Fruity/Cocoa Pebbles and of course Frosted Flakes.

So if the voice of Cap 'n Crunch is in the papers tomorrow. We know there's a serial killer on the loose. A cereal killer, if you will.
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SP - Ramona

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From sages_of_chaos! Where all the good things in the net lie in wait for you.

engelkith (Adrian 'Alucard' Tepes): It's been a while since I've had anything that truly stumped me, that I should feel a need to consult anyone here. I had a visit from one Colonel Klink, and while we were discussing the finer points of me not joining his little cause, I managed to frighten him a tad. Just enough that he passed out. I've taken a few photographs, and have taken to prodding him with the poker from my fireplace.

What does one do with an unconscious Nazi?

wolffather (Loki): Ear-lie in the morning?
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accio_draco is unfortunately having to retake computer-related prerequisites for summer school even though she won the interwebs last Tuesday.

After a post saying that she could be teaching these classes, she replies to a comment with her credentials:

have concocted devious plan to bring every thing i have ever made on a computer ever to meeting tommorow. will say 'i won't be doing lessons 1 - 3287529857 coz here they are and i even managed to work gay wizard pr0n into it so how do you like that, h0r?' will be immediately expelled and problem will be solved.
[me] edinburgh sunrise

jews and bling.

In a conversation with wordreference and lancination, where we were discussing the lyrics of 'In Da Club' by 50 Cent. lancination thought that when the song went 'my cars, my clothes, my jewels', it was actually saying 'Jews'. The following conversation ensued:

lancination: Well, Jews have bling.
lancination: So if you have bling, and Jews with bling, its like a whole lot of bling.
etoilesolitaire: Yeah, it's cool to walk through the door with a big gold necklace and some classy Jews following you around.
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Dragon Sky -- art by Lisa Andresen

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I know, I know. You're all very sick of Star Wars humor by now. I am too. I haven't even gone to see the movie. I don't know if I will.

This still made me laugh hysterically, and the mental image of Scrooge McLucas will never go away.

silverdragon262 reviews Star Wars III, in Multiple Letters Format:
(spoilers for the ten people who care and yet still haven't gone to see it)

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Fire - phoenix flame
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Harrison Ford to make Indiana Jones 4?!

From lilliah's entry, here:

Allan : this thing could of been used as the whip in indianna jones 4
me/work : HAHA. Did you know they might MAKE an Indiana Jones 4?
me/work : Harrison Ford is a senior fucking citizen now
Allan : ford confirmed he is making it
me/work : oh jesus.
Allan : speilberg was there when he said it too from what i remember
me/work : We'll have another tragic on-set death with that one...he'll break his fucking neck
Allan : Indiana Jones 4- Revenge of the fogies
me/work : Indiana Jones 4 -- GET OFF MY LAWN YOU KIDS
Red Sag

Not Star Wars!

The ever-snarkful nitessine has some choice things to say about the Eurovision Song Contest:

Hungary: Riverdance goes Matrix, except without the skill of the first or the coolness of the latter.

Spain: Am I the only one who's really worried about the fact someone is ripping off Las Ketchup?

Sweden: In the words of Conan O'Brien: Sweden sucks. This time complete with a glow-in-the-dark backscratcher.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Every year, when this country's show begins, I find myself cursing NATO bombers for doing a half-assed job.

Read the rest of it here.

Definitely not åpolitically correct and probably muchly offensive to some.