May 21st, 2005

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Of Egyptians and really bad puns

It all started in caragana_leaves's flocked and QWPed post about being in a bad mood, and being willing to trade a significant portion of her soul for a backrub.

active_apathy: I wonder if Gmail accepts attached souls.
scarybaldguy: As long as they're under 10MB, why not? (is this what the Egyptians were talking about with all that soul-weighing business?)
caragana_leaves: The Ancient Egpytians got emailed into the afterlife? So... I might have the spirits of the Pharaohs haunting my computer?
scarybaldguy: Maybe. Is it a KAmpaq?
caragana_leaves: Oh, very funny. I'm laughing my throat Ra here. I'm getting Horus from all this laughing.
scarybaldguy: Only Bastards make puns this bad.
active_apathy: There's no need to keep going until the puns get Ptahetic.
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In a locked post (quoted with permission) discussing this thread...

Why can't we sterilize people through the internet?

dolohov: You can! Except we call it "Giving advice". Such as, "I heard that you can use Liquid Plumber, applied vaginally, as emergency contraception!" or "There was this one study that showed that you can make your penis larger by scraping radium off old watches and painting it on your scrotum!"

On a related note, the first reply to this comment on that thread is pure gold.
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Slutty young women

Over in customers_suck, veeee comes up with a novel term for young women who dress like whores in a rant on parents minding their children at his job.
I'm ded ;-)
You'd feel differently if it were your child that had escaped because of some inconsiderate, full-of-himself teen father. And tell your little Prosti-tot girlfriend to stop calling me a bitch like I can't hear her.

OP is here, it's worth a read:
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Over at fanficrants (right here, to be exact), nightwalker questions the sanity of people writing fan fiction about overly patriotic turtles...

Okay, so you want to write a fic dedicated to the soldiers fighting in Iraq. That's... admirable, I guess.

But is Ninja Turtles really the best fandom for this?
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klepto_malfoy is not happy with Ewan McGregor's behaviour:

"Dear Mr. McGregor,

I would like to tell you that I find it highly inconsiderate and genuinely conniving and evil of you that you suddenly decide to pop back into my life. Just when I had nearly forgotten that you exist, you prance right back into my comfortable existence. What do you think you are doing?
It is highly unfair to remind me of your absolute and total hotness. Please consider running around with a paper bag over your head for the next half year.

Thank you very much for your consideration.

Cheers Cass"