May 19th, 2005

Jesus loves a whore


wendyzski in the comments to this metaquote. (It's actually two of her comments smooshed together, but I'm sure you'll forgive me.)

See, the Irish went to Wales sometime in the 5th Century AD and stole all their vowels. This left the poor Welsh having to name their kids things like Dfydd, while the Irish began tossing them about with wild abandon (like Aoife) . . . My other theory is that written Gaelic is a joke the Irish played on the Romans.
"How do you spell that again?"
The Keyhole
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Christian Punks at "Revenge of the Sith"

My friend kakiphony was expecting a peaceful showing of "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith." Instead, she encountered that strange creature known as a "Christian Goth":

Can I just say how much I loathe the whole Christian punk and Christian goth movement? Talk about not getting it. These children should be locked in a room with a copy of Sid & Nancy until they are deprogrammed. When the moral majority usurps the counter-culture, I weep for our youth.

You can find her excellent review of ROTS here.

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From a post by proper_noun:

The funniest thing about being with someone who doesn't really have a firm grasp on the English language is that everything is meaningless to them. For example... She got first dibs on the towels, so I'm stuck with the ones with "Hers" embroidered on them.
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jokesonyousheep makes sure she’s got it all covered re: Star Wars here.

This one had better be good! I hope that George decides that starting three new movies at 71 isn't the best idea, because he'll die and then someone else will take over and I'll be forced to take violent action (just kidding, in case the FBI is reading this, I would never harm another human being [and by another, I mean other than me, not other than the person I already hurt]).

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Beast facepalm

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You may need to have some HP fandom knowledge for this to make sense, but it was so good I just had to share.

thieving_gypsy saw the Batman Begins trailer at the cinema, and this is what she heard...

Car: *is not black*
Christian (<3!): Does it come in black?
Random girl across the room: No, but Remus does!

(Taken from a locked entry, with permission)
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Not A Star Wars Quote...well, not much, anyway

From osiris_06 (locked entry, with permission):

So I was compared to a nicotine-addicted cat today. That was interesting. How exactly does one respond to that?

Oh, and I knew there was a reason I like my UFO pants: the pocket is just the right size to hold an ewok.

Brief explanation: UFO pants = extremely huge pants with many pockets, ewok in question = one foot tall stuffed toy.
Mad Stylin Yo!

Regarding online apps

caragana_leaves is talking about her experience with filling out an online job application for Borders over in her locked journal (QWP)

And can I just say... Holy CRAP what a stupid, stupid, STUPID lot of personality questions! And no cool quizgraphic at the end!
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