May 16th, 2005


more Gaiman goodness

Neil Gaiman is coming down with a cold, and was less than excited when his houseguest spotted an unusual (to her) bird outside in their back yard:

"Besides feeling a bit under the weather, I also found it hard to get excited about a bird I saw outside my window every day of my life growing up, that's just in the wrong place, and is probably just puzzling about where to find a decent cup of tea, or, more probably, half a coconut."

(The bird in question is apparently a blue tit.)
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Mad Stylin Yo!

On job interview jitters

scott_lynch never stops with the funny. Ever.

Having recently finished Firefighter training, he's now looking to join a local department. He has a job interview shortly.


Whew. Okay. Twenty-five minutes from now I sit down and get grilled by a pack of fire officers from the New Richmond FD.

Topics of conversation will probably include my reasons for wanting to join the fire department, the nature of my training at Anoka Tech, and Jesus shitballs, boy, why the hell aren't you wearing any goddamn pants?

Okay. Maybe I'm not that nervous. But I am nervous.
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Red Sag

Nobody expects...

ariskari was a mite bit surprised today:

So, I was writing up some stuff for my archaeology and didn't have that many words. So, to try and make up a few more I decided to do a little research. Due to the success of the spanish conquest of the area, and their efforts ad converting the Moors, there was relatively little conflict between the two religions after a while, Islam having pretty much disappeared from the area. So, I decided to see if there was any conflict within the religion. Namely, between the catholics and any protestants that might be about.

Go onto Yahoo, and the first thing I find? Spanish Inquisition. Which I hadn't actually expected.

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xsstorm2k4 on the christian rights

thats why this country is turning out the way it is-- racing down the interstate faster than Burt Reynolds with a giant rocket engine strapped to his black trans-am.

and the much more thoughtful

[christian rights] are stuck the way they are, and in order to break free from being different they want to make everybody the same.

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cmere wrote this brilliant Harry Potter fic that you should all click and read. Here are some highlights:

* “Yes, my very platonic friend Padfoot?” Remus returns, looking up from his very favorite book that he is constantly reading and pulling out a bit of chocolate from his pocket to sink his teeth sensuously into it, savoring the taste and smell of his most favorite, treasured food that he eats all the time, even though it is not canonical in the slightest.

* ...and it is very good and you may think this is a run-on sentence but it’s actually not.

* And they lived happily ever after (until Sirius got carted off to Azkaban).

Just read it. It's fantastic. (Blahdy blahdy mature-theme-and-whatnot, don't click if you're under the legal age in whatever country you might live in. And such.)
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britta guns - shelightsupwell

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Why Did I Cosplay
No apologies whatsoever to the Backstreet Boys


I feel on fire
Like I could die here
I learned the hard way
Why did I cosplay?

Though I have showered with soap
I ain't got no hope
Old spice spray
Why did I cosplay?

Tell me why
Two hundred dollars down the drain
Tell me why
'Cause sewing's always such a pain
Tell me why
I wish I wore my jeans today
Why did I cosplay?

They want my picture
I can't go nowhere
Hear them say
Dude, I love your cosplay

Tell me why
I worked until my hands were sore
Tell me why
I feel like a camera whore
Tell me why
I had to put on this display
Why did I cosplay?

Now there are fangirls following me
And it's starting to creep me out, yeah
No matter how tempting
The prizes, prestige
Next year I'll go without!

I did my be-est
When I got dre-essed
I did, I did, I did, I did
Why did I cosplay?

Ain't nothing but a headache
I think I made a mistake
No one said it would be this way
Why did I cosplay?

Tell me why
Everybody wants a closeup
Tell me why
I've fallen and I can't get up
Tell me why
My pants are gonna give way
Why did I cosplay?

Tell me why
I entered in the masquerade
Is this the reason I prepaid?
Tell me why
I'd rather go nude next May
Why did I cosplay?

Oh, why did I cosplay?

- ironychan
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nakie joe

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From sarah_1985's rant on conducting phone surveys for class...

So...I'm begging you guys...if a STUDENT calls you, asking you to complete a survey for a NONPROFIT organization....DO IT!!!! It's not like they're Big Tobacco wondering what time your kids' playground opens in the morning!!
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