May 15th, 2005

K: Eeep, Eeep
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doroc_sabah: For that, I'm going to go to your house and I'm going to eat you. Then I'm gonna eat your family, then your family's family, then your family's family's family -- your entire extended family, their families, their family's famiAND YOUR LITTLE DOG TOO.

pikakao: NO NOT MY DOG! ::SOB!::

-- from here
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penm bakes in her usual eloquent style.

You, yes, you! Are a failure. You, lacking in egg yolks, must wait for your father to dash across town to buy more eggs because apparently no one bothered to check if there were any eggs remaining. Also, you used most of the other eggs in your failed attempt at hand-whisked batter, you loser. You, lacking in egg yolks, must wait to make your miserable pastry cream. Ha. Hahaha.

Let us now imagine the disasters to which the chantilly will turn to.

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After mtffm dyes his hair, things get silly:

mtffm: It looks like I killed the Diva from The Fifth Element in my bathtub.

saying_things: I wish you had. It would be a neat story.

mtffm: Wouldn't it though?

After Fifth Element, she became a trans-galactic prostitute, and tried to kill me when I couldn't pay, and well, things came to a head, and blamf! Blue all over the bathtub.
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This explains so much

From khukuri:

After a week of stress and self-doubt, I woke up the other morning in an awesomely good mood. Obviously, my subconscious had worked things out in my sleep! I had achieved inner peace! I was going to take my new confident self out and fix all the ills in my life! Nothing could stop me!

Then I found out it was just because my brother was drying a stack of marijuana in front of my heater, and I spent all day eating cereal instead.

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dufresne says:

I think GWB's the lead Ewok: cuddly, stupid, mysteriously effective in war, unable to speak proper English, leader of an easily impressed and pious populace, and known to say "hallelujah" when it's probably not appropriate.

Taken from this post about President Dubya's closest match among Star Wars characters.

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Said the_hedonist as she quoted a friend's approach to dealing with missionaries who call help desks with no intention of actually purchasing the service ...

Sir, I appreciate your concern, but hope you will appreciate where I'm coming from when I tell you that I am an employee of ThisCompany, paid by ThisCompany during this time period to discuss the accounts of ThisCompany's customers. For me to have a long personal conversation with you on their dime would be very much stealing from them, and that makes me feel very uncomfortable as well as not speaking very highly of you or your faith. Such a conversation would also get me into a great deal of trouble with my employer, because there are legitimate customers waiting to speak with me while you are forcing me to misappropriate my company's time and money. You should also bear in mind that my company pays for each phone call it receives, and by calling us when you have no account and no desire whatsoever to get one, you are forcing them to pay for your "witnessing" efforts. That unethical behavior really makes me feel uncomfortable as well.
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(From almost a year ago) ticca in robyn_hode, here
I mean, I just find all these tales of Robin Hood fascinating. Who was he? When did he live? Did he really have a band of Merry Men who beat the crap out of nobility on their way into London? And how the hell could a fox and a lion be related anyway?
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Squee Kitty

Sages of Chaos strike again

This community is just crazy. There's a little back and forth commentary going on in this thread whereupon death_starr (who is the RP incarnation of the actual Death Star) says:

Oh, come on! We're the Galactic Empire! We like our people to be cunning and ruthless and forcing people to go along with what we want. It says "management material" like nothing else!

Galactic Empire: You don't "have" to be a manipulative evil genius to work here, but it helps!
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Regarding the Family Guy commentaries:

cerulgalactus: Gotta love the FG commtracks - they are just a big drunken pillow fight waiting to break out.

(For the confused, the picture and caption in this icon are from the commentary. Seth Macfarlane was trying to tell a story and Lori Alan started laughing hysterically and asking, "where's his penis?!", referring to Peter. If you've listened to one of the tracks, you'll know EXACTLY what he's talking about.)
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