May 11th, 2005


Of jaws of death and cute dead kings

Once upon a time I met a man who had two rows of teeth attached to his upper palate just like a shark. You couldn't see the second row when he smiled. Smiling, he was a sweet old man but when he laughed you knew you were staring into the gaping maw of insanity and death.

There are some mornings when I'd really like that second row of teeth.

-- inkysweet

brazenbells: ...Am I the only one who thinks King Tut was kinda hot?
angel_of_olore: Must... resist... necrophilia... Eh, screw it. (Pun intended.) *puts on her dominatrix gear and runs off to the Valley of the Kings*

-- full conversation here

Judas/Jesus OTP!!!1!!

In response to the news that Anne Rice will now be writing novels about the life of Jesus Christ, torificus writes in her journal today:

Dear Ms. Rice,

I do not allow fan fiction.

The characters are copyrighted. It upsets me terribly to even think about fan fiction with my characters. I advise my readers to write your own original stories with your own characters.

It is absolutely essential that you respect my wishes.


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stupiddumbpanda comments on Erasure after seeing my Andy Bell icon, from an older friends-locked post in my journal.
Have you seen the video for "Take A Chance on Me?"
It is the single most gayest thing ever. Gayer than Richard Simmons riding a My Little Pony over a rainbow to Liza Minelli's latest broadway show while stopping at Barney's on the way.
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barrysarll departs a piece of absolute wisdom, from this post, quoting Brass Eye at the end, but the original bolded part is the important part.

I love those 'change your playlist' ads for the gay dating website which have sprung up all over the Tube, mainly because I love how incandescent with rage they must render every homophobic asshole who uses the escalators. And homophobes are more likely to stand on the left, you know. There's no actual evidence for it, but it is a scientific fact

Emphasis mine.
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Wow Neat


It's EEEEE spring, and there's a EEEEE group of birds outside the EEEEE window, probably EEEEE because it's EEEEE spring. They're all going EEEEE crazy, which makes for an EEEEE interesting situation, EEEEE being that the EEEEE neighbours are EEEEE noisy at night, and the EEEEE birds are noisy in EEEEE the day.

The EEEEE roommate has placed a EEEEE fan at the window, to EEEEE cool the place down EEEEE a little. This EEEEE seems to have scared off EEEEE some of the birds, at least EEEEE for the moment.

EEEEE I wonder what a EEEEE bird sucked through the EEEEE fan would EEEEE look like.

-- dkellis
Pitfall, YATTA!

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Christian fundamentalist Jack Chick was featured in tws_support, for creating yet another tract designed to convince people to accept Christ. In this particular tract, the underlying message is apparently, "Choose Jesus, not your hot Asian wife."

In the tract text, Jesus says:

I died for you. Kim Lee didn't.

ironychan responds:

"Yeah, but I'll bet you're not as good in the sack. And she makes pretty darn good ginger beef, too."

Today on Soooouul Train: Darth Sidious!

More crack from sages_of_chaos today. If you don't know, sages_of_chaos is LiveJournal's premier advice column, where anyone can jump in and offer words of wisdom, bon mots, etc, although "anyone" might be characters from various fandoms (who always insist that they are real).

The Death Star (yep, that's right, the Star Wars DS) offers Greg Sanders from CSI a job. Yes, a job. This prompts Greg to seek the wisdom of the community at large regarding whether or not to accept, you know, gainful employment from a sentient Death Star currently commanding an army of Nazis. He doesn't see the down side.

Then this exchange happens:

sandersrocksit: ... I can't decide whether that's good or bad. That guy SAID that Sith don't get down and funky.

death_starr: You know, you're right. Sith move like a white band on Soul Train.

This place is going to kill me, I swear it is going to cause me to have heart failure from laughing.
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