May 6th, 2005


BWA ha.

librarista, on ordering a keychain device that "can turn off nearly any television"…

I've just ordered a TV-B-Gone. Now I just need a Furniture-B-Levitated, Small-Objects-B-Flyin-Around-Room and Lights-B-Flickering and I'll have my own poltergeist.

full post here.
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runaway wolf

Corndog technicality

Found on a locked post, used with permission.geonncannon decided to have a corn dog on Cinco de Mayo:

In a traditional Cinco De Mayo celebration, I just flung a corn dog across the room.


What do you mean that's not traditional?

I was microwaving two corn dogs (State Fair corn dogs, for those detailed-oriented among us). The instructions say to keep the corn dogs in their little individual packages during cooking. So I did. When I took them out, one of them was SO FREAKING HOT that I flung it towards the plate. Unfortunately, the stick was not exactly... stuck... inside of the corn dog and the actual corn dog part flew across the kitchen.

This incident did serve to prove one point. If our kitchen is ever invaded by small, projectile corn dog creatures, my cats will be totally on top of the situation. Tigger (the boy cat) looked like he'd been shot from a cannon. Sahara just stalked it until she was sure it was dead.
Wow Neat

Fen. Go fig.

Genre-specific, but I think it's smileworthy to anyone who knows ANY fandom...

Further News from Outpost Gallifrey:

- The ongoing "OMG! THE DOCTOR ISN'T A SEXUAL BEING!" wank is continuing to echo around the multiverse like a cry of fear, pain and splooge.

- There's a thread which has descended into a slanging match. The only thing which is in anyway unusual about this is that it was conducted entirely in Morse Code (with one interjection in dwarven runes). Well done Doctor Who fandom. You win something.

-- ellielabelle
health status

What will we eat?!

So according to the news reports
Can't eat Beef, Mad cow....

Can't eat chicken . bird flu

Can't eat eggs ... Salmonella

Can't eat pork ... fears that bird flu will infect piggies

Can't eat fish ... heavy metals in the waters has poisoned their meat

Can't eat fruits and veggies ... insecticides and herbicides


I believe that leaves Chocolate!!!!!!!!

Well, if I gotta......

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First time poster. *waves, then ducks back behind the lurker curtain*

davechicken on morality (the post is here):

Morality: The act of wearing socks. Thus: Moral person: One who wears socks.
Amorality: The state of one who has no socks.
Immorality: The state of one who has socks and chooses not to wear them.
Weakness of Will: The state of having socks but being too lazy to put them in the washing machine, thus ending up with no socks to wear, despite having them.

On HHG Bemoaning

It's kind of sad that The Hitchhiker's Guide has become such a nerd phenomenon. An older fiend of mine pointed out that the movie was actually very good at capturing the mood of a group of young people hitchhiking, removed from home and out exploring the strange universe around them, carried only by the strange whim of fate.

Of course, since nerds tend to be highly insular homebodies, this aspect of all versions of the series (in all forms) was lost on them, and they went on complaining about how the movie didn't include as many of the humorous asides as the other forms.

At a master class once, the playwright Eric Ehn relayed these words of wisdom to me: "art should inspire a person to do, not to mimic". In The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, in any form, inspires you to go out and see the world, to recognize the strangeness all around you, then you've gotten a lot out of it. If it inspires you to memorize the jokes and asides by rote, then you are getting very little out of it.

-lancehunter, here
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Meta goodness on my own post.

I made this post on damnportlanders about art nuts who are oblivious to trafic while attending First Thursday. Given that we all live in Oregon, a fight erupted about ex-pat Californians who have no driving skills. A discussion erupted and logruzed called a Californian out for his/her/its hypocrisy:

So the california attitude means expecting others to obey the laws while you do not ie: "hey yes I jay walk".

Dumbass Californian. har har har. I got your ass! zing!

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warrior_cat describes her dream.

[skip to: A large school... In a park]
Alex: Why yes, I am Alex Cabot, here to investigate a crime.
Children: *play*
Alex: Apparently there were serial murders.
Children: *fall over dead*
Alex: Just as I thought.

Nazi Darth Vader alliance wars against albatrosses.

Does genius in combining text with pictures count?

Over on the consistently fantabulous sages_of_chaos, Darth Vader throws down the gauntlet and declares war against Namor the Sub-Mariner and his sub-standard wedding planning skills.

sub_mariner, convinced it is 1944, declares war against the Death Star with albatrosses, and declares:


Followed by a series of priceless images, as don_darth retaliates. Click the links, it's worth it.

The place is genius.

Edit: It also appears that the Punisher is actually the Red Skull. Who knew?
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Foreplay redefined

c_jyd, in a genius rant about his apparently possessed CD player, describes the apogee of his day:

"Granted, I did get the highlight of my day out of this- when asked what was up, and going through the quick explanation of 'broken cd player', a co-worker mentioned that 'blew goats'. And of course, per my previous explanation, I felt it did not, indeed 'blow goats'. Blowing goats would, to the best of my limited knowledge, require some sort of sustained activity, wheras this is nothing of the sort. So my cd player, like our former Internet connection, is better described as being some sort of perverse goat cock tease.

Seeing as how the sex life of farm animals doesn't interest me in the slightest, this situation has only served to frustrate me, and, presumably, the goat as well."
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"When's the pirate king come in?"

So I've just re-watched Shakespeare In Love, and am waxing ineloquent about how I'd forgotten how good it was.

In the same entry, I bring up the teaster poster for the next Harry Potter movie.

e_clare replies:
Word -- on the Potter joy, but also, especially, on the Shakespeare. "Love, and a bit with a dog."

(Which applies equally well to GoF, now that I think about it. :) )
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