May 3rd, 2005

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A finger scanner? Because passwords are so hard. I don't like how it won't work if you sever your finger. Cos seriously, when someone severs their finger, the first thing they do is run to their ThinkPad and try to use the severed digit to put in a password. It's the first thing you do.

-- pigeonoverlord, here.
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A comment in customers_suck regarding somebody who didn't want to give "personal information" as a security question/answer:

Good grief. It doesn't even have to be private information if you are setting up your own personal security question/answer.
If they are asking for your mothers maiden name, you do not have to give the correct answer as long as it's something you remember:

Security Question: What is my mother's maiden name?

Security Answer: DIEdieDIE666IHATEYOUMOM111

(I'm sorry, Mom. I don't hate you.)

(comment originally posted by tinybirds

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It's going to be creepy tonight, walking home from my Shakespeare class. That was a creepy walk just across and a little off campus, but now we have added in the realm of decrepit buildings and rebel hobos! I wish I had mace. Or a mace; really, I'm not choosy.

--said spinooti
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After saying that I had no idea who Daniel was because my religious education wasn't conducted entirely in English, asilvertear tells me his story here.

King's Advisers: ZOMKingJEALOUS1one!
King: *bans praying to anyone but him*
Daniel: *prays to God and not the King*
Daniel: *is faithful*
King: *condemns Daniel*
Daniel: *is thrown to the lions*
King: *is sad*
Daniel: *prays*
God: *godmodes and saves Daniel*
King's Advisers: *have lots of hot steamy sex*
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I made this for the Firefox 50 million downloads contest. More information on the creation of the hat can be found here, including a link to the chart and how I dyed the yarn in the dorm microwave because I'm a freak.

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-- thepresident in knitting, here.

Now, it's probably at least partially because I'm absolutely terrified of the technique that's used to do that kind of design that I'm sitting here in awe, but there's also the fact that the last clause of the description made me giggle (:

[ ... I *hope* this is appropriate; if not, yell at me and I'll delete. ]

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You are careless, young Padawan, and meddle in forces you cannot come to comprehend.

However, though i hold with cult-like belief to my prediction of the end of the world, i am unafraid. You and your kind will be thwarted! As you may see, the forces of good gather around me and comment most drolly and with only faltering attempts at wit! You will have NO meta-meta-meta-meta! And even, even, if some salacious person manages to present you with such material, there can not be another like it!

Bwahahahahahahah! (Oh wait, i'm the good guy)