May 2nd, 2005

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from ctudball, here, subject: I'm not sure how subtle an error this is

The error of the day goes to the following sassy message from a mainframe application:
The screen has abended with the status code FU

That's one app with attitude.
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Meta-meta-meta-meta, meta-meta-meta-meta, mushroom mushroom?

vinegartoast, in our delightful spamfest:

"I wonder how long it is before they start making sleeper bots. It creates a journal and updates every other day with angst, and leaves voyeuristic snarky comments as to not cause suspicion and then after a few years... SPAM!! out of nowhere and nobody expects it. Who knows maybe one of your friends is a sleeper bot... maybe I'm a sleeper bot... maybe YOU are a sleeper bot... maybe this whole damn community is a sleeper bot!!!"
dark goat

Dr. Wha?

from ladyjillian:

I'm sitting in the front bedroom with the window open number-crunching some statistics, and I'm hearing people out on the street strolling by and such. I just heard a small child's voice shouting 'Exterminate! Exterminate!' Warms the cockles of my heart.
agent may is unimpressed

On learning too much about random people

From the ever-funny ljdq, I bring a classic illustration of how LJ can make you blurt out the weirdest things about your fantasies:

4. What is the title of the classic science fiction novel that was the basis for the 1982 film Blade Runner?

"Do Androids Dream of a Threesome with Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer Like I Do?"

For the record, my answer is no. Read the rest of the answers here, and don't forget to participate this week!
Daniel History Geek

Tee-hee. This Is Why I Don't Miss Michigan.

From singingllama, and I think any of us who have been in/lived in/currently live in Michigan can feel her pain.

"Dear Michigan Weather,

It's May flowers.

The little poem we all learned in grade school is not, "April snowstorms bring May icy-pellets-that-become-embedded-in-your-face storms." The poem that I recall goes, "April showers bring May flowers."

Please update your records and keep that poem in mind when you are planning future courses of action with regards to weather.



*Please Note: the ironic use of the word warmly"

Found here.
Mighty Boosh: B! JULIAN SAID B!

Friends-only, with permission:

Do you know what annoys me? When air-headed teenage girls with severe cases of NEFS (Not Enough Fabric Syndrome) say "OMFG, he's HOT" in that "I wanna drop my knickers and get bred" kind of voice. I'm just like "Do you even know where your clitoris is? Learn how to give yourself an orgasm before you start planning on getting your cork popped." I hate the virginity culture almost as much as I hate Suburbia. It teaches teenagers (and especially girls) to pay lip service to sexual desire without even understanding it. And we wonder why there are so many teenage pregnancies. That's conservative form-over-function for you.


Ahhhh... finals.

From medievaloracle:

Dear Welch 302.

I know this is a difficult concept to grasp, but during finals we are on 24-hour quiet hours. This means that for the sake of all of the rest of us who must study, or who could really use a goddamned nap after their 8:30AM Saturday final exam, you must shut the hell up. Yes, even during sex.

No love,

PS. If it takes that long to get her off, you're doing something wrong.
Mad Stylin Yo!

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caragana_leaves is in a foul temper today, for she has had to face Stupidity of Biblical Proportions, and shared it with us over on customers_suck

- - -
"O Customer, rejoice!" said the Bookseller, "For thy book is not like to be far off. But I must warn thee, this demon hath a wily and vicious nature, and has oft been known to mislead me as to the whearabouts of books. Even so, fear not, for by the grace of Alexander Graham Bell, I have the power of far-speaking and can ask of the merchants of the White Avenue if the book is indeed where Komputor claims that it is. If ye do not accept my offer to far-speak, I can offer you no promise that the book will be where the demon says that it is."

"Bookseller, waste not my time!" cried the Customer, stamping her feet and gnashing her teeth, "For I have many a place to go this day, and I'd fain be about my way and not hear thy idle chatter upon the far-speaker!" And the Customer departed the store in great haste, with many a curse upon her tougne.

And the Bookseller thought no more of the incident.

But lo! Not an hour had gone by when the selfsame Customer returned unto the Bookseller, and cried out in a loud voice saying "Foul and Treacherous bookseller! Thou hast most greivously misled me, who did you the honor of being a Customer in thy store!" And lo, the colour of her face was like unto that of a fuschia flower, which struck fear into the heart of the Bookseller.

"Woman, why art thou wroth with me?" asked the bookseller, "For I have endeavored to aid you in all ways, and have done nought but seek to assist you in your quest!"

And the Customer did approach the Bookseller most precipitously, so that the Bookseller feared for the safety of her toes. And the breath of the Customer put the Bookseller in mind of her occaisional quests to the Dumpster to remove refuse from her store.

"Thou hast not aided me, fiend, but thou hast send me upon a futile errand, and I have returned that I my vent my wrath upon thee! For behold, I have traveled the space of ten whole minutes to the Bookstore of the White Avenue, where thou didst bid me go, and behold, my book was not there! And the booksellers there did bid me leave their store and not return, for I did tell them at length of the failing of thy company!"
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because I want to ensure the end of the world...

Hem. If something from the outside is a metaquote, and something being metaquoted from metaquote's comments is a meta-meta, a meta-meta-meta-meta would be someone who has been amusing in the comment section of a meta-meta's meta-meta-meta quote. As this has not happened to my knowledge i can only assume that it is a very rare occurance. For one to have two meta-meta-meta-metas in a row would likely mean the end of the world is fast approaching, hence the double mushroom cloud at the end.

Quoted from siruskajirus on the "Meta-meta-meta-meta, meta-meta-meta-meta, mushroom mushroom" entry (

okay, so its not THAT funny, I'm quoting it anyway XD
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All for you

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capnnick shares one of his many flashes of brilliance:

I was making some Tuna Helper when the thought occurred to me: "Is there such a thing as 'Tuna Inhibitor?'" If not I shall be the first to invent it by filling a cleverly labeled box with road gravel.
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