April 30th, 2005


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Someone over on dragoncon had a question about the (rather pricy) Atlanta Charity Premiere of Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith.

djbnaut responded:

You're telling me that if you want to be the 1st to see the new Star Wars movie, there's a minimum $500 pricetag?! I understand it's for charity, but DAMN! Theater prices are really getting over-inflated. I'd hate to see what they charge for popcorn and a large Coke.

And for the full $1200? You'd better be able to sit in George Lucas' lap during the screening as your 'extra bonus'.

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From grammar_whores, where wardrich tries to figure out exactly what the 'marital arts' would be.

I don't know, but I'm sure if integrated into an RPG, it would go something like this:

*Richard casts level 5 cheat*
*wifebot1 blocks and couters with level 10 divorce*
*Richard breaks sheets of wood on blocks with legal papers* (almost said "breaks wood" there XD)
*wifebot1 casts level 100 take-money-and-run*
*Richard loses*
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j promise paddies

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From a flocked post by rhiannonhero:

This morning I got up at 9 am and farted around on ye olde friends list and listened to The Shins Chutes Too Narrow, which Mr. Rhi claims is an annoying album, but he only says that because I found it first; apparently if he can't be all manly and hunt and kill the new album, tv show, book, movie, comic, whatever first then it shall forever remain annoying, bad, or uncool in his manly hunter mind. *rolls eyes*
Sarek of Vulcan

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deadeyedave gets a bit fed up with a sucky customer:

"I know you. You work here don't you?" she said to me....
"Yes." I said. No point denying it.
"Are you on duty now?" she asks me.
"Oh no." I said to her with a smile "I'm here doing the same thing as you"
"What's that?" she asks.
"Being a bitch on my own time." I reply.
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[donna noble] and i think my time machin

Some Hilarious Smallville Commentary

You may remember I metaquoted spectralbovine and fishinginthemud here for their Reefer Madness commentary. Well, they're back at it again, this time commenting on the Smallville episode "Blank," where Clark loses all his memory. It shorter than the last one (mainly because the episode is only 44 minutes, while Reefer Madness was about two hours), but it still has some hilarious gems:

Spectral Bovine (10:09:40 PM): No, Lana's crotch is protected.
Spectral Bovine (10:09:48 PM): By Al and Miles.
FishingInTheMud (10:09:51 PM): she has a wall like lex's

Spectral Bovine (10:16:43 PM): "This is a door."
FishingInTheMud (10:16:57 PM): this is a lois
Spectral Bovine (10:17:04 PM): "Lois is not a door."
FishingInTheMud (10:17:21 PM): no, that's your brain, clark

Spectral Bovine (10:40:44 PM): Whoa, porn.
Spectral Bovine (10:40:51 PM): Lex/letter slash.
Spectral Bovine (10:40:53 PM): Lex/paper.
FishingInTheMud (10:40:59 PM): Laper
Spectral Bovine (10:41:00 PM): Oh, stroke that papyrus.

Read the entire thing.

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Excerpts from dinner out with the family and friends, from a locked post by osiris_06, quoted with permission:

Brigitte: Luke, you've been chosen by decree of eenie meenie minie moe - or someone's interpretation of it.
Luke: Which consisted of pointing at me and saying "moe"?
Brigitte: Basically, yes.

Luke: One of my goals in life is to make cole slaw illegal.

Glenn: Sometimes you just want to add "bitch" to the end of something Yoda says. "Do or do not - there is no try, bitch."

Mom: So how's that Bergen-Belsen ice cream?
Me: *gives Mom odd look* Bergen-Belsen was a concentration camp, Mom. This is "Scharffen Berger" ice cream.

Large projectile objects

dolfairy173 had this conversation in her LJ today while writing about a LAN party she had attended

Me: He abused me! He freaking attacked me! That's like assult with a deadly weapon!
Him: What was the "deadly weapon?"
Me: *shifty eyes* A PS2 controler.
Him: *laughs*

read the entire entry... it's hilarous.
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Some sort of voodoo potion?

Background: Excerpted from an LJ conversation between two of my friends. It's from a locked post of V, in which she talks about some of the odd sentimental objects she has saved over the years. Collapse )

EDIT: My icon seems to have drawn more attention than the actual post, which I find amusing. :)