April 24th, 2005

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First post

spectralbovine and fishinginthemud watched the Showtime movie Reefer Madness and AIMed each other during it. This was the result. It is entirely and completely hilarious and includes such gems as:

Spectral Bovine: An apple?
Spectral Bovine: WTF, mate?
FishingInTheMud: get thee some sun chips
Spectral Bovine: Mmm, Sun Chips.
Spectral Bovine: MORE COWBELL!


FishingInTheMud: heh
FishingInTheMud: he bleated
FishingInTheMud: oh man
Spectral Bovine: It's the BONG OF GOD.
FishingInTheMud: crotches
FishingInTheMud: orgy
Spectral Bovine: MY WORLD IS A CROTCH.
Stephanie Brown //girl wonder
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The problem with angels.

From a recent comment thread in kaelyon's journal, after he posted a picture of himself with giant white wings:

viewpoints: Did you know you have giant wings on your back? You should really get those looked at.
kaelyon: Well, the doctors said that I really shouldn't over exert myself! But hey, if I have wings, that way I can show you stars and the moon up close and personal within the gorgeous night sky!
viewpoints: Oohhh! There's nothing more romantic than suffocating in the upper atmosphere with the guy of your dreams!
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lost in spaaaace.

While explaining how every conversation she has finishes with the tv series Lost in Space, the_grim_wombat contemplates her autobiography:

Anyway, as I see it, my autobiography would look something like this: [blah blah blah] dinosaurs [blah blah blah] Bonanza dubbed into Japanese [blah blah blah] mini-pizzas [blah blah blah] harpooning whales [blah blah blah] I had to wear an eyepatch to school in second grade leaving indelible scars upon my tortured soul [blah blah blah] Lost In Space.

Later she expresses rage toward the movie adaptation of the aforementioned.

It's like a message from God telling me to kill Gary Oldman!

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from kespernorth

"She's... what's that new word for being a slut? ...Oh, yeah: polyamorous."

-- anonymous gutterpunk beggar on Broadway


edit: Yes, I'm making fun of the anonymous gutterpunk for saying that. Being a bisexual, I feel like I have no room to judge anyone. The quote still made me giggle.
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On the NFL draft...

"And then they only get 5 minutes when they're down to pick #254 or something and they're looking at East Middle Whosit State's third string tailback versus Northwest Albuquerque Tech's punter and trying to make a comparative decision.

I mean, not that EMWS might not have a really killer tailback contingent."

florahart in this post on the stupidness of the 15 minutes between picks in the first rounds of the NFL draft.

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"What a lovely warm sunny day it is! What a perfect day to spend indoors on the Internet!

I've spent so long indoors now my eyes are hyper sensitive to daylight. In the summer if I don't have sun glasses my eyes fucking stream! I blame the internet and all of it's joys. By the time I'm 50 i'll be in a wheel chair, i'l have rotten stumps for fingers and i'll be completely blind but it will be SO WORTH IT! I'm sure my hands used to look less like claws before I got the net. Anyway the new version of Opera reads webpages too you so it's obviously preparing for the fact that the net has blinded quite a few people"

You know you're exactly the same stfu!


(From a locked post, but it's my locked post, so it's all right.)

Background: I'm in the middle of a pianist crisis (go ahead, laugh), trying to find someone to play a piece I wrote in a concert this Friday. (I had someone, but he bailed the other day.) Posting about it, I decided that what I need to do is suddenly get super powers that allow me to play the piano with amazing skill. There's been a spider crawling on my ceiling for the past week, so I figured maybe if it bit me (no, I'm not really going to let it do that.)

So captainsblog Collapse )

well, it made ME giggle.

From a post on campus crime in cwru. The crime in question, which happened at 1:00am, is as follows: The suspect ran up and grabbed the victim's wallet, which was next to her on the sidewalk, and fled.

nein09: I think crime gets worse in Cleveland every time the weather gets nice, just because nobody wants to go outside and be a thug when there's a windchill factor of -3.

tygerdsebat:it's a common example of correlation != causation:

Rates of murder and ice cream sales go up together.

e_notimpl: Maybe the po' folk see everyone buying ice cream and are enraged by their inability to buy their own, thus: crime!
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From chaosvizier (aka one of the ljdq people):

I really do feel badly about the fact that some thirty Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies were so overwhelmed with despair and worldly sorrow that they felt the need to commit mass suicide by leaping into my all-consuming maw. I did not want to be proxy to their fate, yet I had no choice but to chew and swallow in self-defence, lest their incredibly minty goodness choke the very life from my body. Requiescat in pacem, little ones. Your story will live on forever.
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Wishful Thinking

The fantastic fclef in comments on a post I made the other day about celebrity sightings...

"Susan Sarandon, Robin Williams, Kurt Loder, Adam Duritz, The Harry Potter Cast?

please be the next cast of surreal life... please be the next cast of surreal life..."

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