April 23rd, 2005


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Text from a cut-tag in thieving_gypsy's journal: (friends-locked, taken with permission)

( Random, because we only have SKIMMED MILK and no syrup and no jam and no strawberries and porridge made only with skimmed milk is the dullest thing on the planet, duller even than driving through the fens in the fog, and duller than Roll of Sodding Thunder and duller than the Financial Times, so I have to do something while I'm eating or I WILL LOSE MY MIND in the Bottomless Chasm of Dull. )

pornographic flora?

twine42 expounds on the hazards of working as an unsuspecting delivery driver here.

"I feel like I'm involved in some porn movie for lonely Japanese businessmen who get off to hot tree on tree action - "Silver Birch Bukakke" maybe.

Now that, my friends, was a "totally organic experience"."
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There are some signs that should not be ignored.

Is the world trying to tell me something?

Is it that I should be a retired Republican veteran who is over the age of fifty?

'Cause that's what my mail has been telling me for the past year.

from swashbucklr, a young, liberal, and generally cool guy.

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from glittersavvy:

Realm of the Stupid [teaser trailer]

Middle Finger: *itch*
Sam: >_<
Middle Finger: *itch*
Sam: *scratch*
Middle Finger: *itch*
Sam: *scratch*
Middle Finger: *red*
Sam: O.o
Middle Finger: *burn*
Sam: Ehhh-hhh...
Middle Finger: *pain*
Sam: *scratch*
Middle Finger: *scarlet*
Middle Finger: *itch*
Sam: *nailstab*
Middle Finger: *sting*
Sam: O.o
Sam: *nailDIG*
Middle Finger: *rash*
Sam: *bite*
Middle Finger: *bleed*

Religion and Stoners and Hippies, Oh My!

jabberwokky and sylvercatt in a thread on mock_the_stupid which originally was a discussion on anorexia, but it turned a bit to celebrities and religion.


jabberwokky: [...]like Buddhism, which if you ask any high school girl or middle age pilate goer, they will tell you "has no absolute rules and laws like those terrible western religions". But if you bring up the four noble truths, the eightfold path, the five precepts and the three marks of existence, you're "just making those up... cuz Buddha was all like 'do you own thing, man'".

sylvercatt: Apparently they confuse Buddha with Buddy, the old hippy stoner that lives down the block from them.
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vonnie_k posts that generic entry thang

ETA by request to share the funny a bit:

[froth at the mouth about pointing a staff-weapon at/sic'ing a man-eating tiger on/crushing the heads, Kids in the Hall-style, of people who irritate me at work]

*insert generalized expression of apathy at world-at-large; fail to convey fashionable ennui, instead coming across like an annoying prat*
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X-Box: 360 degrees of HUGE!

[Unknown LJ tag] shares his thoughts on the X-Box 360 here.

"Ok, so Microsoft released some pictures of its next generation console, and I took the liberty of making the obligatory "OMG THE XBOX IS HUGE SO XBOX 360 MUST BE EVEN HUGER!" or something."

Read the original post. It's really funny.
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Recently I've been enjoying my friend nixve's masterful coverage of Ecuadorian politics (she's living on the Galapagos Islands right now).

Now, you can too! (click on each Part for the whole entry)

Part 1:

Ecuador's President: *acts like a dictator*

Quito: *goes crazy with riots*

The Galapagos Islands: Anyone want another cerveza? How 'bout some surfing later? What riots?

Part 2:

Quito protestors: *march on Lucio's palace*
Military: whoa, now, stop that.

Part 3:

Guayaquil protestors: Screw this, all you government people are corrupt. *storms Congress's temporary meeting hall*
Congress: Dammit, now we have to find a meeting hall that's not right next to the beach.
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From Batagur

"My husband complained about the keyboard on my computer. I already knew that half the letters have worn off and you can no longer see W, E, R, T, O, A, S, D, H, N, or M. I told him that means I write with a handicap. He informed me that creative writing *is not* the same as golf. :D"
Mermaid, K: Mermaid
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Two from derryderrydown

Today, I have lived life according to "What Would Batman Do."

I didn't get up until the afternoon. I then stayed in my room and brooded. Now it's dark, I'm going to sit on my roof and brood for a bit. Then I'm going to go and look for cowardly, superstitious criminals to beat up. Regrettably, I live in a very respectable surburb, so I don't think I'll find many criminals, although I've heard rumours the plumber over the road overcharges. And the mayor lives a few doors down, so perhaps I should root round his house and see if he's crooked.

Tomorrow, I'm going to live according to "What Would Kid Flash Do." I've got a lot of interesting books to read and plenty of junk food.

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