April 22nd, 2005


bigbigtruck is in #session.

Part of her "79 Texas Legislature's Discussion of House Bill 16, reenacted as an IRC session:"

> RBCookCorsicana: corte farrar stfu
> TXHouse05: srsly
> RBCookCorsicana: lol
>>// swheatnaral has entered #txlege79
> swheatnaral: hay guys whats going on in this lege
> TXHouse05: get out nub
>>// swheatnaral has been kicked {exit: i'll be outside with a few protesters}

Just read the bloody thing, all right?
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reviresco defends bathroom patrons against SuperGranny

Full text here

Me: "Excuse me, ma'am, but if a guest tells me that she's a girl - I'm not going to question it. If she chooses to use the Ladies' room, I'm not going to question it. In fact, the only thing that might make me think twice about it is if she 'whipped it out and swung it around while lip-syncing I Feel Pretty'. So, for now, suffice it to say ~ we'll honor diversity in our guests. Have a nice day."

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manoosha shares his weekend itinerary -- told in the form of porn dialogue!

Friday -- "Party Favors"
"So ... how do you like big group action?"

"I like it. I like it with a lot of strangers. This Friendster party at a bar in West Lakeview I'm going to is going to be packed."


"Packed. Reaaaaal tight."

"I can tell. The line to get in is really long."

"I like it long."

"Long and hard?"

"Yeah. Say, it's getting hot. Let me help you with your shirt . . . "

the rest...
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The song of the Bisexual revolution, by daromaius:

If I were a bisexual
I'd have sex every day
I'd wear clothes by trendy bi designers
because I'm too straight to be gay
Ohhh, if I were a bisexual
I'd hump everything that moves
I'd make merry with our muscled menfolk
but I still love myself some boobs.
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labluething speaks about Japanese essay style, here

For instance, an essay we read last semester started out talking about the lifespans of various animals and the theory about how large surface area meant longer lifespan, then went into antioxidants, meandered over into how every cell in your body has the potential of becoming cancerous, and then finally concluded with, essentially, 'EAT RIGHT, DRINK TEA AND LIVE LONGER.' It's kind of like a soft, alluring geisha woman luring you into a dark alley so she can club you over the head and take your lunch money.
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runs like a queer
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pornography works at a library. It's been relocated to a church because of renovations.

A Very Imbalanced Religious lady dashes in.

"She was really loud and everyone in the building was staring at her as she ranted on. She came right up close to me and was like, "can you explain to me why you have fouled this holy place with books?!"

Because I am talented at saying stupid things at stupid times, I said, "Maybe God...likes books."

She got escorted out after that. But she gave me the most evil look ever. It was a look that said, I will come back and kill you with my bible. I am slightly worried."
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So I seem to be having a sexuality crisis (triggered by discussion of Gray's Anatomy), and teleute12 took the opportunity to make an observation about fandom.

sadlikeknives: Yeah, seriously. Woo, naked Isabel!

...I suspect bisexuality on my part more every day.

teleute12 The more time you spend in fandom, the more your Kinsey scale ranking swings towards the middle. I swear to god this is some sort of fact.

This is part of Telly's race to a thousand comments, so there's lots more insanity funny to be had over at her LJ.