April 19th, 2005


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My first post here, so yay*g*
Found this in shapinglight's journal.

Was thinking about fanfic in general and realising again that I have only one really hard-and-fast rule when I write it, which is probably not immediately apparent to people; and this is that, the characters in the show having mysteriously failed to give Spike much in the way of affection, or even in many cases to notice him at all, I feel duty bound to redress that balance.

Having said which, poor old Spike might be thinking to himself: "Well, attention like that, I could have done without, thank you very much."

Hmmm, this might be funnier if you know the author in question...
Still couldn't help posting though*g*

From this post
Death - _redpanda_

Remembering the Murrah building

camwyn speaks eloquently on the subject here, finishing with:

Let their names be remembered in the history books if need be, since some people will always need to see the letters in black and white to be reminded that the most deadly terrorists in this country prior to September the eleventh of 2001 were white guys with good whitebread Christian names, but beyond that let the deeds be remembered and the names be forgotten. It's no more than the bastards deserve.

darkeros, in a comment, points out that he prefers to remember Lexington today.
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nifra_idril on the trials of a self-cleaning college student:

I hate laundry maybe even more than I hate meatloaf. This is to say, quite a goddamned lot.

But I've reached That Point. You know the one? Where your room is suddenly a hilly place, with mounds of clothes ranging from 'burn me now, I carry pestilence' to 'hey! look! it can stand on it's own!' and you find yourself squinting at a pair of ill-fitting jeans with a mustard stain on the knee, and a shirt that's two sizes too small and missing a button, and wondering if you wear a tank top underneath it, and ratty sneakers with the jeans, maybe you'll look punk instead of just unkempt.

In my mind, I've swept my room, vacuumed my carpet, cleaned my surfaces, and changed the light bulbs all over. In reality, I've sort of -- waved my hands in the general direction of all of these things and said "Room, heal thyself" and "Clothing, launder thyself."

Shockingly? This is not working.

The whole post is here and well worth a read :)
K: Hey Stupid!, K: The Unholy Duo, Dogmatix, K: Lesbian Again, K: Laughing Out Loud

daniels_pengies: "Who knew Nevada was full of deserts and mountains???"

I decided to check out the controversial technology. Upon going to http://maps.google.com, I immediately COULD NOT find the link to this so-called satellite mapping. Little did I know, however, that google had cleverly hid it in plain view on the upper right hand side of the page. It had been disguised under the link name "satellite," which I understand is actually a German word meaning "I want to look into your house now."

By Clicking on the clever "satellite" link, the normal Google U.S. graphic map that usually decorates the main searching page suddenly disappeared, only to be replaced seconds later by a REAL LIFE image of the U.S. For a few minutes I think I sat in awe, and probably drooled a little bit. Then, as boredom was about to set in, I decided to fiddle with the program. I searched for silly things at first: my home town, pizza places, Bush's integrity...you know, things that you'd think should be easy to find via satellite, but sometimes turn out to be next to impossible to locate.

-- the whole awesome post (in which the OP goes hunting for Area 51 and finds out the Homeland Security is pointless) is here -- with images!

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With permission, from blackperson - the funniest thing I've read this month!!

So Karl Rove, Bush's campaign guy, came to my campus today. I had a class as my official excuse for not going. But all day long, it was all anyone could talk about.

Them: Are you going to hear Karl Rove? Are you going? You gotta go! This is a once-in-a-lifetime thing!

Me: (thinking) Man, they have some sad lifetime monuments.

Them: I can't wait to hear him speak, can you?

Me: Well usually when I want to talk to the Anti Christ, I summon him from a circle of blood. So I might just go to my room, light some candles, and fling some dead cats at my walls instead.

Them: *blinks*

Me: (thinking): I wonder if I'm a terrorist now...
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math hate

beccak1961 Takes issue with math. The whole things is funny but I liked this part:

"Spending time with math is like spending time in a dysfunctional relationship wherein I put in all the time and effort and the rewards are minimal. If math were on my FList I'd defriend it."
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novemberhour's 'If I were a DJ... (which is not the same as if 'I were a Rich man'.)

If I were a DJ...

...I would not be an asshat. If I were so nefarious as to have a morning show, actual music would get played. I might chat a little bit between sessions, but it would be concise, clear, and I would not laugh for hours at my own 'wit.' I would restrain myself from offering current events opinions on which I am uninformed. But I would have Weird News. Weird News is okay in the mornings. I'd say, Good morning, all you shiny happy people. In Topeka yesterday, a Great Dane kidnapped three babies. The children have been recovered safely, but now communicate in barks. Now here's some Led Zeppelin!*

...oh if I were not a barrister, an engine driver me!

a quote to pass along on Compassion!

from seer_eridanus:

"HELLO PEOPLE! WAKE UP! You are not the only one hurting. You are, also, not the arbiter of other's feelings and expressions (believe me, you have nothing like George W). You are contributing to the hurt and pain, making them increase. It may help you (individual) to feel superior and have power over; but, it's not what is needed and, it's making it worse. You're part of a community. Start acting like it. COMPASSION! Try compassion, and then evolve....

"That last paragraph is an important message. I hope it spreads."

Spread the compassion!

Lookit the pretty pictures!

Ok, ok, so it's not a "quote" per say. It's more of a "everybody involved is going straight to H E double hockey sticks, only this time it involves cartoons."

It started out innocently enough on camwyn's journal. The Latin nitpicking was flying fast and furious. Then, vivian_shaw got involved. And when she's around, you know it's going to be damn fine comedy. Then, I had to go an encourage her to do this. And she did.

We're all going to hell in a brightly colored, festive hand basket. (That matches our shoes, no less!) Who's with us?

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From fudthebiker:

However, am I the only one who thought the crowds in St. Peter's Square were a bit too rowdy for such an occassion? A few flares thrown and it would have been an Italian soccer match. From now on I'm going to say "RATZINGER!" instead of "TOTTIGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL!"
Not!Fandom: Autumn Bench
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Beatles get the munchies too

apartment42b here in response to a post about someone writing a book about Beatle's manager Brian Epstein having a sexual affair with one of the Beatles but not saying which one.
I'm hoping the Last Beatle Alive will do some sort of tell-all book. But also hoping that it wouldn't have to come that far. Maybe they'll get together and get high and write it together... >_>... *dreams*... *g*... and hopefully edit it after writing it high, because um, then it'd probably be mostly about... "the most delicious twinkie".
The "most delicious twinkie" part is what got me. Hahahaha. She wants me to note that it was not an original expression but one she took from a stand-up comedian. Whatever, first time I heard it. :D
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bitch please

Oh, god, had to do it. I'll leave you all alone now. *dies*

Seriously, eimran, funniest. Person. Ever.

I don't know what's going to happen, if anything... but I have the distinct impression that the very thing that woke me, then shook my foundations this morning is what seems like the inevitable approach of The Four Drama Llamas of the LiveJournal Apocalypse. Angst, Misunderstanding, Bitchiness and Spite--all bleating ceaselessly in the muggy morning air. Thirsty for the sacrificial blood and tears of the average LJ user. Hungry for their shadiness and drama. With Frank the Goat as their GOD... the Drama Llamas await the Coming and the Judgment Day of all of Live Journal. They're busy, of course--as most users tend to keep separate clock times on drama...so the Coming and Judgment Day occur all over the world, virtually at any and every given moment.

From here with permission.

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Squee Kitty


As stated before, scott_lynch is the master of teh funneh.

Over here, he posts a picture of an Aye-Aye (a type of Lemur, just click it and see) with the subject line "I Will Intake Caffeine or Millions May Die"

twentytens: Well, it definately figured out the child-safe cap on the No-Doz.
scott_lynch: Build up their tolerance early, and you can feed 'em coffee when they're older!
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attack_bunny said, on the subject of classmates:

</i>I was taken aback at the stating-the-obviousness of my classmates, though. Three times.
1) I was standing outside the pool, with my swimming kit.
Acquantaince: Are you going swimming, then?

2) Actually in the changing room, one girl said, "Oh, you guys are wearing your swimsuits?"
"Yeah, what the hell are you wearing?" quoth I. It's a pool. We're wearing swimsuits. I'm sorry, the lesbian skinnydipping orgy is on Wednesdays.

3) I go back up to my classroom, sopping wet and with my hiar dripping dowm my blazer.
"Oh, did you do swimming then?"
No, sweetpea, I just tipped a bucket of water over my head.</i>

Highlander humour

thepouncer, here.

The Immortal Sinus Infection has roared back and even mega-doses of Levaquin aren't helping. When this thing finally dies, I'm half expecting to experience a lightning storm in my nose as it releases its Quickening.

(Warning, the original post is image heavy)
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Lifted From saturn_gumdrops

Yes, this is an IM post--but, since it appears in her journal here, I thought it would be okay. It's the last bit (and the entry subject line) that made me laugh the hardest...but, to get the last bit, you need some context (or... I think so, anyway).

**Edited for offensiveness--cut for language.

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So gay

Yeah, yeah, it's about the Pope

spunk_rock had this to say about the new Pope's views on homosexuality:

"In honor of the elected new pope and to cater towards its more conservative consumers, McDonalds introduces a new breakfast sandwich, Benedict Combo XVI; egg yolks and egg whites kept separate, because, well, thats just gay."

It's all: here.
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