April 17th, 2005


energy star

From canis_ridens in this thread on this post regarding "hot bi babes wanted" in polyamory:

Additionally, many of the ads soliciting someone to date a pair of melded souls equate finding a third with picking out a dishwasher. There are a list of requirements, and, if the couple finds a suitable fit, she's expected to move in and begin her function relatively quickly. (Look, honey, this one exercises! Check out her Energy Star rating!)

When Two Pagans Fight -

magick_lindsay had this to say about the convenience of language in a fight:

"I find it interesting that someone who "Worships the Goddess" would tell someone else to "Go to Hell", when neither of us (supposedly) believes in it. I guess it's harder to sound resolute and mean by saying, "Die and be Reincarnated!""
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agent may is unimpressed

The things you learn on LJ...

So my friend laylalawlor lives in Alaska, has a coal-burning stove/heater, and it snowed recently. This is causing her worry, because she also recently learned that piles of coal can be subject to spontaneous combustion:

Apparently this was a common problem on steamships. Big pile of coal sitting in the hold ... coal bursts into flames ... not a good situation. The Titanic, for example. I never knew this until yesterday, but the Titanic was on fire pretty much from the time it left port. Coal doesn't burn particularly fast, and moving coal by hand is, well, impossible to do quickly if you have a lot of coal and nowhere to move it to ... so the Titanic's No. 6 coal bunker was smoldering for the whole trip. The usual remedy for this is to increase the ship's speed -- i.e. shovel the coal into the boiler as often and quickly as possible, so as to get down to the burning layer and get rid of it. There is one school of thought that the sinking of the Titanic was caused, in part, by this ship tearing at unsafe speeds through iceberg-infested waters because they were trying to get rid of a burning pile of coal.

*stares at pile of coal again*

Why is it so much harder to get the damn stuff to burn when you WANT it to?!
Kushiel's Legacy: Rainbow Love.

Computer loff

cheezdanish waxes eloquent about her love for her new computer:

Holy crap this new computer rocks on like 18 bajillion levels. It rocks so hard it's screaming "HELLO CLEVELAND ARE YOU READY TO ROCK" and sweating on the groupies. (me) It rocks so hard it's made entirely of igneous, metamorphic and sedentary rocks. It is the epitome of rock, rock is in its soul, it's got an entire bus full of roadies divvying up the m&ms because it ONLY WANTS THE GREEN ONES.

It is sexy. It's sexier than two redheaded women having fake lesbian sex on some black sand beach in Hawaii. It's sexier than a really cut and built man wearing nothing but coconut oil and a smile. It's sexier than David Bowie's pants in Labyrinth. If I could, I'd fuck this computer. I'm lighting candles and chilling the champagne even as I write this.

It's beautiful. The screen is so crisp and clear it's like a button hook in the well water. The hum is so relaxing that I'm swaying slightly. The disk tray moves like a buttered cat on ball bearings.

Yeah, it's ok.

I particularly like the 'buttered cat on ball bearings' part.
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virgin sacrifice

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From a f-locked post by iibnf, quoted with permission.

On the latest issues
The sky is falling, the sky is falling! It's the end times! Fandom is imploding! We are all going to die! Our rights, my rights, all the rights to everything! Gone! Oh, woe! Woe! Woe, I tell you! Oh, the evil, oh, the inconsideratation, oh, the nouns into verbs! Oh, the horror, the nightmare, the terror! Exclamation Marks aplenty! A plethora of exclamation marks! Oh my panties, they are so twisted! As twisted as the deep dark soul of this terrible issue! *

* Not really. I'm just joining in. Just because I don't care, doesn't mean I want to be left out!

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Doctor Who

I just want more Hand Porn, and arm in arm. And joyful snuggling over chips. Hot, hot, tasty chips. Possibly with the curry sauce of snoggage. Would die happy with snoggage.

paratti on the Doctor/Rose relationship (Doctor Who).