April 16th, 2005

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So. True.

fileg, after a friend types "goggle" instead of "google":

....we found it funny out of all proportion and continued to play with the concept, passing through google goggles (which I intend to call his reading glasses from now on), and several other bits of sillyness, untill Jim invented the concept of "Beer Googles."

This is for people who troll the internet for pr0n, instead of bars for pickups. Instead of lowering your standards as you get drunk, you lower your expectation of good pr0n hits as you get tired and punchy, and though you may start out looking for specific celebrities or a certain level of talent, you end up in a puddle in the recliner with the massage function on, drooling and typing plaintive requests like "noooooky" and eating popcorn with a spoon.

Brevity is the soul of wit?

The fair helenish describes her attempts to inform Revlon of her dissatisfaction with their Light Makeup:
I wrote a very cogent letter to the Revlon people, wherein I explained that I normally liked their products, however, this one was very, very orange, and that I thought their formulation was off, and that the lightest shade they had was still much too dark... Unfortunately, the little reply box on the Revlon website only lets you have 225 characters (CHARACTERS, not words) to express your feelings, so I edited it down until it resembled a complaint that had been translated into japanese and then back again: "Put on Makeup! Makeup BAD! Orange, oh so orange! Dark! Dark bad! SCARY MAKEUP! Bad! Ugly sad girl! Angry GRR! Money! Bad orange bad!"

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"And by the way, my book collection would swallow yours without a trace. Actually, my book collection would swallow your bookshop without a trace."

-- from an entirely wonderful post full of kvetching from brisingamen, which may be read here.
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tamnonlinear, in a delightful post about Aurora the Octopus and her newborn babies:

*note: I love making plurals of the word 'octopus'. It's 'octopuses' if you treat it like an English word. It's 'octopi' if you treat it like a Latin word (which is isn't, but a lot of people treat it like it is, because the Latin language stole it from Greek). It's 'octopodes' if you treat it like a Greek word (which it is, but it's been a long time since we stole it, so there). It's 'octopods' if you're just being a little bit geeky - it's derived from the taxonomic name- and it's 'octopussies' if you're being a lot silly. I admit to making up octopuddykittens.

The replies are hilarious too.

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ms_cucumber explains some of her grammar pet peeves in grammarpolice:

1. Not knowing the difference between the construction I'm an X of X/it's the X of X versus I'm an X of X's/it's the X of X's.

The book of Job = the book of the Bible titled Job
The book of Job's = the book that belongs to Job, possibly titled Coping With Grief for Dummies
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