April 15th, 2005

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shiroi_chi in the very random comments to this entry, while contemplating her upcoming exam for a series of lectures about the Holocaust and Hitler's Germany:

I'm sort of tempted to write 'Godwin's law. You lose at the internets' as my answer to every question, but I don't want to get kicked out of the university.

On milwaukee and beer

In a recent post reminiscing about the past, my father (bjbass) and uncle (loose_lug_nuts) discuss working at the show back in '73 where George Carlin got arrested for doing his "7 words" routine:
The crowd got a little rowdy that night and liberated a bunch of untapped beer barrels from the beer tents. Not having tappers with them (must have been outside agitators, any good Milwaukee radical would have had a tapper with him, you just never know when a barrel of beer might come your way), they tapped them with screwdrivers.

From where we were, it looked like whales in Lake Michigan spouting beer.

Which I thought sounded like a great idea. Why didn't God think of that?
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Bills game

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The always hilarious negiplease in her syndicated website, shinytacky imagines what Mr. Spears must be thinking now that he has his pictures in L'Uomo Vogue and Britney is pregnant.

Awright, y'all. I'ma go get a beer, drink it in front of Free Ride. Ha ha ha ha! That's fuckin' funny shit right there, y'all. Mmmmm, maybe Jamie Lynn'll come over for a visit later. Awwwww, yeah. I wouldn't mind being against her music, y'amsayin'? I think she be likin' the K-Dawg. When I showed her the pictures she be all, 'When and how did Uncle Fester, Vanilla Ice, and a greyhound have a baby?' You hear that? You hear that?! She be thinkin' about having babies with the K-Dawg. Awwwww, yeah. I still got it.

found here.
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SELF Typing King of Cosmos
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Xhad? You may still be drunk, buddy.

xhad has an interesting morning.

So this morning I'm balancing my bank accounts/credit card when I come across a receipt from a restaurant. I didn't recall having eaten there anytime recently, then I notice the date and time. My honest-to-god gut reaction was, "Wait, did I buy her dinner? Was I that drunk?"

In my laughter at how bizarre that thought was, I make a typo in which instead of a closing parenthesis I put "9". Which would mean I didn't hit shift and hit one key to the left of where I meant to. Except I balance my checkbook using pen and paper.
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I post a one-word entry, because I'm obnoxious like that, and the one word is "Mmmmwaffles." People comment. People comment on the surprising number of comments a one-word entry has garnered. And then:

aperrin2: In the beginning, there was the word, and it was "Mmmmwaffles." Then we had comments about waffles. Then we had comments about comments about waffles. This comment is our first comment about the comments on the waffle-comments. Anyone care to...comment?

P.S. I'm curious to see how many levels of meta we can push this to.

jedilora: I'd comment, but I'm waffling about it.


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From commanderd

Error messages
That does it. I want a computer operating system that gives error messages even end-users can understand, e.g.:

'Your computer is totally fucked yo. Reset the damn thing before I go postal on yur ass'
'Starting too many programs too quick makes TEH BABY JEYSUS CRY'
'Dude, like, get them magnets, like, away from the computer, like'
'This email address is invalid - you totally spelt it wrong you prick'
'Trying to get a new computer game to run on this pile of shit is like trying to get YO MOMMA to run along behind a train'
'This site is blocked because your IT department are not fucking stupid and KNOW you try to look at porn'

primeoffense is my hero.

On the subject of George W. Bush being a Jedi (after I got a meme result with george_w_bush in it):

He's a cowboy jedi master! OMFG!! Just imagine that.

Ahh, I got you now you damn Aladdins! I bet y'all didn't know I had all these miniclorathingies in my blood. My daddy gave'em to me cause he was the best Jedi ever! Even better than Samuel L. Jackson!

And i bet y'all didn't know that my Uncle Dick's daughter's a Jedi too! And she got one of them th'ar Rainbow Light Sabers!

Draconis Mortis

D&D Geekery

From magp:

"There was a woman standing out on the front steps of the courthouse today; mousy-brown hair, 40s, with a Bible in hand. She said, "May the Lord's blessing be with you," to everyone who walked by, including me.

I wonder if this means I get +1 to hit and to my AC for the next hour or so..."

First Time Quoter

(Quoted from this protected entry with permission)

thieving_gypsy says, of late-night television:

That [watching women have their girlybits sculped into the perfect vagina] aside , it's actually fascinating. But I've got a good stomach for this stuff. I was hooked on the live autopsy series, too. *sick* (ETA: Live as in filmed, not as in 'corpse is still breathing'.

...which killed me because that was precisely what I thought of :)

(also, apologies for the personal journal entry that ended up here. Bloody Semagic. SORRY!)
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From the ever ever funny and quotable noxnottetorrent from a locked post

Dear arse,

See that? THAT, my friend, is the treadmill. We will be using it again now that it s unpacked and set up. Even if the kids do need to be walked to school and home, I'm afraid we both need to do more. And the mockage, where you don't do as you're supposed to and get smaller? It stops, yeah? Oh, you are SO going down!
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snow white & cinderella
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How about a color blind four year old?

From annakovsky, I offer the trials of dressing yourself on laundry day.

I had to do laundry and get my car fixed, blah blah blah, and it being laundry day, I just grabbed whatever was clean and put it on. It wasn’t until I was actually at the car place that I realized I am wearing a bright orange shirt with a picture of a brontosaurus (and the word “brontosaurus”) on it, gray track pants with a pink stripe, green sneakers with yellow stripes, and a bright turqoise windbreaker. So basically I look like either a colorblind hobo on a bad day, or a four-year-old whose mom let her pick out her own clothes. Yay.
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Highly lucrative business / great eyecan

He's the best at what he does.

Following a flamewar over a NSFW scan at scans_daily...

bensanaz : It's the flamewar that annoys me, not the actual post. I find gay porn in comics less objectionable than Crisis Of Unlimited Dissassembled Bloodripper 3000.

wal_lace: I find gay porn in comics less objectionable than Crisis Of Unlimited Dissassembled Bloodripper 3000.

You mean Wolverine issues #166-175?