April 13th, 2005

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Sage of Chaos, still bringing the funny

What happens when The Specter meets Ultron?


Choice bits:

Ultron was TiVo before there was TiVo! Tremble before Ultron's amazing powers of laws-of-physics defying!

You dissemble, Ultron the Undying Evil! The Spectre knows that you broadcast plot spoilers for "Lost" to the entre nexus! You will be judged!

Mistakes were made

copperwise voices her opinions on misused words:

"I should not be held responsible for the mistakes of my youth." OK. Dandy. If the mistakes of your youth involved putting salt in your tea and sugar on your french fries, you're off the hook. But so many people seem to want their "mistakes" ignored when they were not mistakes, but conscious decisions.

A handy way to tell the difference? Try the word oops before the transgression and see if it's believable.

{snip lovely examples to get to punchline}

Get a clue, collective asshats of the multiverse. If you decided to do it...if you had to be careful not to get caught...if it ended in a jail sentence...it wasn't a mistake.

Full post here.

evil_genius, on gymrats

evil_genius remarks upon some not-so-diplomatic comments he received asking him to add an LJ-cut tag:

"I would like to especially thank x1ronmaidenx for his colorful Gay bashing.
'Wow faggot. < lj-cut > -Andrew'
Yes Andrew, my absent minded post must belie some extreme homosexual activity. From my rhinestone encrusted gloves, to my feather boa weight belt, and past my Liberace style squat suit(complete with cape mind you) I'm queer as a three dollar bill."
-- source
K: Beaded, K: Eeep, K: *huff*, Red Panda, K: Desperada

Meta Mod Post

Yes, I deleted the furry wank in progress. Oh sure, yeah, I was going to be all noble and impartial about it, but then I realized A) feh, why start now? and B) I'm terribly allergic to bigotry. Sorry 'bout that. No, nobody's been banned. Carry on.

EDIT: Okay, now someone just deliberately reposted the stupid thing. *sighs, deletes, opens comments on this post* Hey, if you're that desperate for drama, here ya go, have fun.
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(no subject)

On Ron Weasley's character in the Harry Potter movies (From spiralstairs):

Mrs Weasley: Well, there's only one place we're going to get all this...Diagon Alley.

::Kate viciously maims her computer screen::

Jesus! Ron's just as bad in the Columbus versions! "Hi! I'm Ron Weasley! My main purpose in the films is to state the bleeding fucking obvious for some poor bugger chap arse who might not have read the goddamn books. My secondary purpose is to show off how much British swearwords Columbus and Kloves know because they're American arsehole wanker yankees and like to be impressive like that! Bloody, bloody, bloody, arse, arse, arse. Pip pip, cheerio, tea and crumpets, dead parrot, wink wink, nudge nudge." Seriously, that's like me saying, "Well, there's only one place we're going to get a pair of jeans...The Gap." FUCKING DURRR.

Veggie Tale thing

Something that kenitsu said in the PBS post further down the page. Thought I'd make my first post here.

Veggie Tales is -awesome-. If all of Christianity were like Veggie Tales, I might believe in God. Because he'd be an ear of corn or a potatoe or something, and he'd sing delightfully random songs about pirates and water buffalos.

Learning how to drive...

from hefty_sailor 's journal, locked entry with permission.

Mom: So, say you're driving and a cat runs in front of your car. What do you do?                                                                                  

Me: You swerve so you don't hit the cat.



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From jellyfishkiss

My parents are insane, and here is a recent snippet of conversation:

P: We're not paying for your prom dress unless you have a date.
A: Wait. You were going to pay for my prom dress?
P: Keyword = "were".
A: I do have a date. I'm going with the beautiful and talented Molly.
P: Molly is not a date.
A: I forgot to come out. I'm a lesbian. Molly is, in fact, my date.
P: You cannot decide to be a lesbian just so you get a free dress.
Deep Red Roses

(no subject)

Excerpt from one of jenni_the_odd's entries (located here).
I haven't laughed this hard all day.

"Gabe and Anne were having a long, convoluted discussion about the saying "You can pick your friends, you can pick your nose... but you can't pick your friends nose" as I cooked. There was a lot of face-poking involved.
Unable to contain myself any longer, I stuck my head into the room and said: "You know, you can pick your battles. You can pick your nose. You can pick your friends. You can't pick your relatives. However, due to an arcane bylaw in the Houston charter, you can battle your friends for the right to pick your relatives' nose."
They were stunned into silence for a full thirty seconds."
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manuscript angel

(no subject)

From a public entry of alpheratz here, which I mistook for being a metaquotes post. B-)
This is a quote from the sleeve my Wilde DVD came in:

"A poet, a playwright, a husband, a father, a genius and a homosexual, Oscar Wilde embodied all that made him the First Modern Man."


I really don't have anything to say except *dies*.
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