April 12th, 2005

[Text] Feminazi

You! Out of my fandom!

In this thread on deleterius, about the hideous internet abuse Katie Leung is going through, harpsiccord gives a quick preview of what a Deleterius-run Katie Protection Brigade would be like.

"Kaite," Mark Nwell said, gesturing towards the seven girls in front of her trailer, "These are the girls of the elite sanity preservation group Deleterius. They're here to protect you... so if you need ever to go---ACK!"
A spork narrowly missed flying into his arm.
"Sorry," one in the back said, "But you split an infinitive. Force of habit, sir; it won't happen again."
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First post yay.

An anonymous reply to ldysorrow's search for a goth roommate:

Tips on finding a goth roommate:

1) Mount loudspeakers on your house and blare "Floodland" over and over until it has a Pied Piper effect.
2) Put up flyers on poles advertising the completely black room you have for rent.
3) Hang out in more cemeteries.
4) Put a bottle of absinthe under a box held up by a stick with a rope tied to it.
5) Ignore smart asses replying to your LJ post.
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What mama wants

stuology is hoping her currently breech baby turns in time for delivery.

Twerp has been moving all day long. I think she is trying to ram her head up under my ribcage. I want to breathe normally. I can't get comfortable. I need a jacuzzi tub. The labor rooms at LMH have jacuzzis in them. The operating room does not. I hope all this moving means she is trying to turn around. Go Ada, Go! Mama wants the jacuzzi!
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Quoted with permission from the lovely elethe from her journal, after she was bitten by a friend's pet rat:

I wonder what [supervillain] powers I'll get. Maybe the power to develop suppurating sores, scabies, tetanus and mange.

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chaosvizier, in a discussion here about the pronounciation of Charon. (You should all join ljdq and get in on the fun!)

One day I'll finish this song...

"Going to the Underworld,
Other World,
Ridin' down the River Styx with MY CHARON-A!

Pennies for the ferryman,
Scary man,
Pennies in my eyes to pay MY CHARON-A!

Passing Acheron,
Hope I don't end up as food for Cerberus
In Tartarus
While I'm riding down with MY MY MY MY MY MY...
Mad Stylin Yo!

Occupational Hazards

Over in this rambling entry, zolota is talking about last night's Jiu Jitsu practice, and practicing some throws with another student, when she has an unfortunate mishap.

Also, he's still learning how to break properly, so between his reflexes, my problems taking his balance and my bad habit of leaning forward as I drop him, his knee kept coming up to brush my chin as he hit the ground. Oh, that's okay, so long as he doesn't actually really hit m-- crack!

Let's just say I finally got my tongue pierced that night. >_<

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angel bubble

My two dads are scary!

In response to this comment I made about my recent adventures in hair coloring:

"staring in the mirror, I realize that if Sideshow Bob and Ronald McDonald mated, their offspring would have this color hair"

willnjli had this to say:

Would it be so bad living in their house? i can see the book now... "Rebecca has two reality-impaired carnie-based flamboyant daddies"
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Spotted here
(Posted with permission)

As heard in my office a few minutes ago:

Cindy (staring at the company website): How do you do a Viking?

Me: Well first I take his helmet off...


To clarify, deliciouspear writes insurance policies, one of her companies is Viking Something
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Somebody's probably written this.

From today's Pottersue, jetamors has this to say:

she also thought he didn't think of her as a potential girlfriend

Because a princess in the 1600s, even in the Sue's wacko-world 1600, would have any concept of being a 'girlfriend', or seriously consider being courted by a steward's son at all.

Ah well, at least it isn't historical RPS. 'Mary was the bestest princess ever, and someday she was gonna be queen. But then her Daddy King Henry VIII divorced her mom and married a horrible other woman. Can Mary get her parents to reunite? Or will her baby sister get in the way? And what about this hot Fitzroy guy? R&R!!!"

Quote from a comment of a quote

bassist, in the comments to this entry:

During 7th and 8th grade, I attended a boarding school in upstate New Hampshire. I always got along well with my roommates and appreciated such an interesting repore. The only thing I couldn't stand was being woken up in the middle of the night.

One evening, shortly after going to bed, I heard my roommate Tyler loudly whispering to me...

"Ben!" I didn't respond, a little confused. "Ben!" With this second call, I sat upright and looked across the room. "Hey Ben!"

"What?" I said in an exacerbated tone.

"Quickly, come this way!"


"Come on! Or they'll get you!"

"Who'll get me?"

"The Monsters! Dammit, Ben, they're almost here!" By this time I had realized it was a dream, so I was slightly intruiged but still annoyed. "Come on, Ben! Let's go!"


"Watch out for the cliff! Don't get too close or you'll fall!"

I paused for a moment, a smile breaking out over my face. This was my chance. "Ahhhhhhhhhhh!" I cried out, tailing off as if I had fallen.

"NO! BEN!"

He didn't say anything after that, but the next morning he told me he had a weird dream where I fell off a cliff while running from monsters.

The comments for that entry were so numerous and hilarious that I started a community for sleeptalk anecdotes: the_color_wheel. Please join and post!
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From doom_bees

On liking comics, and the stereotypes involved...

Comics, like roleplaying games, carry with them a stigmata, an oozing red trail created from the perception that comics are a) For kids, or b) For sweaty overweight nerds who still live with their mothers and buy 4 of each issue to keep forever sealed in airtight plastic bags. While these two statements are indeed true, the Venn Diagram of comic readers does not and should not be comprised of just these two groups.

I think he makes a valid (and slightly amusing) point. :D
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