April 11th, 2005

Heart of glass

You, OUT of my fandom!

Over on fanficrants, pikacharma's reached wit's end over fanbrats and 'ficcers who attempt to get away with the "It doesn't matter if I suck. They're only video game characters, so they don't count!" quote-unquote argument. In summary:

For the last goddamn time, get your canon-raping, character-butchering, language-mangling, spellcheck-lacking, reviewer-flaming, point-missing, headache-inducing, CAPSLOCK-loving, functionally illiterate sorry little emo ass out of my fandom.

And STAY out.


My sister sasscat wakes up after a drunken night, still recovering from the flu, to wonder in bemusement at the state of her room. One of the things she noticed was:

One of the suit jackets hanging up had been taken off its hanger and strewn on a chair, which led me to wonder in a moment of bizarre panic if I'd tried to wander down to the Riccarton Mens Club in the middle of the night with no pants.

It's a f-locked entry so I won't bother linking.
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oh splendor

PC Hell

seraphic_slayer is not having a good PC day:

When you're forced to restart your computer in Safe Mode where you think that this is it. This is the time where everything comes crashing down around your head and everyone will look at YOU and accuse YOU of murdering the computer.

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taken from here
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Wife swap?

leanasidhe says, in a locked post (QWP):

last night, dan was napping on the couch next to me while i played "the urbz."

he suddenly said, "the folder is defective."

"what folder?" i asked, not realizing he was asleep.

"the folder," he replied.

"which folder?" i asked.

"the folder!" he replied.

"that makes no sense, dan!"

"shut up; it makes perfect sense."

not very many people have conversations with someone who's awake while they are sleeping. my husband says the nuttiest things when he's sleeping. one time he told me that he'd transfer me to an elephant. i kid you not.
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2. The illusion is broken when a man asks a woman about her genitalia, before the first date.
(. . .)
Tender is the moonlit night when a strummed guitar should accompany a voice beneath my balcony, intoning" "What are the current results of a full panel MRI scan for Fibroid and were you able to opt for an Endometrial Biopsy?"

From an essay on transvestism by cd332.
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Everquest is evil (Microsoft too *g*)

I've been complaining in my journal about trying to do 5 years worth of patch downloads on Everquest, on dial-up, no less.

worldmage summed it up perfectly for me -

Sounds like installing Windows. "Now installing hardware drivers." "Now installing soul-sucking spyware." "Now installing Aunt Bertha." It. Never. Ends.
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blueporcelina has an addiction

i both adore and despise ebay.
there's nothing better than spending your parents' money on random, mostly useless items that you really really want, but don't actually need. now, if you'll excuse me, i have a pirates of the caribbean poster to bid on...