April 9th, 2005

from a public entry by corn_child013...

Chris: "Um... Is that Lance Bass?"
Me: "*turns around* Yes. Yes it is."

AHA! Of course once I realized Lance was there, I just had to stare at him the whole time. I mean... ITS LANCE BASS WATCHING ASHLEE SIMPSON. It's like a train wreck and a jewel heist all in one. You can't help but watch and giggle. It's weird giggling at celebrities and then realizing they can actually hear you and you have to hush up. But he moved in front of us so I could watch him PERFECTLY.

you should read the rest here because the story is amazing.
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Dude. He'd almost, ALMOST be cool.

akhmed on the ongoing overwrought "breaking news" over every single step of the ongoing royal wedding...

It's a pity that the Prince of Wales doesn't really need to be on-call. If he was, I could wish something dramatic would happen at the wedding and he'd have to rush off to command his fleet or whatever.

"I must confess, on this, what should be my most happiest of days, that yes, some of the National Health Service funds have been diverted to the construction and maintenance of a clandestine fleet of armored exoskeletons so that I and various other members of the nobility can defend these isles from the extraterrestrial threat. I would answer more questions at this time, but the Xel'nar battle pods are almost out of the troposphere."

(sound of power suit slamming shut)
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My apologies for the OT! Kielle, please go ahead and delete this if you want to and because it probably would make sense to -- this is being posted mostly so that people who run other quote communities and for you to see it and add it to those Other Quote Comms lists.

But, introducing muquotes: by request, Overheard on MOOs/MUSHes.


If you comment with drama, the songs are coming. Seeeriously.

ETA: Loving every moment of everyone's fantastic drama. Now this post is no longer OT, because it is a meta-meta thriving ground within itself. So, without further ado:

Meta-meta ... the entire thread. There, it is done. :)

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From the ever love-able Neil Gaiman's blog (officialgaiman:

Small proud family thing -- Mike's been accepted to Brown for his computer science grad school stuff. (So it's only another six years until it's "Dr. Gaiman", I suppose. How odd and nice.)

(And Holly told me to let the world know that she will be one of the people showing visitors around at Bryn Mawr this year, walking backwards, explaining the college traditions and telling them how many books are in the library. So if you're thinking of getting a tour of Bryn Mawr, you may get Holly.)

Maddy, looking over my shoulder as I type, just said "Ohh -- ooh. Say something about MEEE." So I shall: Maddy just flew out to the place I'm working with Roger, and we get the weekend together. Which makes me very happy and unstressed, and she seems to be enjoying it as well. She is also now eating a bagel and wearing Capri pants but not in that order. ("Yay!" she just said, still looking over my shoulder, "MY paragraph is longer than Holly's! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!" I am raising a breed of demons.)
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vaspider in response to this quote:

Charles and Camilla chose a civil wedding because the Church of England ... frowns on divorcees remarrying. [Italics by poster]

I mean, seriously. What the fuck? If there are earthquakes in England anytime soon, don't worry. That's just Henry VIII rolling over in his very ample grave.