April 8th, 2005

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From the journal of
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From the journal of <lj-user="lillian_t_d_u"> comes this brilliant account of <a href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/lilian_t_d_u/2650.html?view=1626#t1626">just an ordinary day</a>. Linked only for length and a little bit of naughtiness.

Shakespeare was a.... WHAT?

dramaturgy comments on a Shakespeare calendar-of-the-day entry here.

Just something interesting from my Shakespeare day calendar weasleyluvr sent me...

The lack of known facts about Shakespeare has led to a myriad of theories about the man, including that he was black, Jewish, Catholic, female, homosexual, Francis Bacon, the Queen of England, and the Earl of Oxford.

...So, was that, like, all at once, or did he rotate?
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maeritrae, in response to a discussion of grilling on my LJ:

Do you have one of those hammer things for tenderizing the steaks?

We have one with a kind of axe-head at one end and a hammer covered in bumps at the other. It means I have to prepare steaks before people come to visit cause otherwise they tend to think I'm going to kill, dismember and tenderize them.
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etoilepb comes to an understanding of the entire layout of American communications media in the early twenty-first century.

Network News: OMG! The Pope is STILL DEAD! We now bring you 24/7 hagiography, with the occasional break to our man in the Vatican, just to certify that the Pope is STILL DEAD!

The Blogosphere: OMG!!1! The Networks are TOTALLY MISSING THE POINT! The Pope was NOT AS GOOD AS THEY SAY HE WAS!

Click to see the rest of her insights.

Playing to Win

twoflower posted a rant about people who Play to Win in video games. In this particular thread, bsmart comments:

I watched the PTW guys at AoE when they started to lose, cursing, yelling, slamming keyboards, it was sad. Their enjoyment of the game rested exclusively on winning it. These are the kind of people who when they play an RPG they don't care about the character they only care about making them as absolutely powerful as possible.

To which some anonymous poster replies:

So to sum up: it's not about the seduction, the foreplay, or the sex. It's about the ejaculation. :D

rantinan advertises Goth Flakes

kellogs goth flakes
we take the freshest emo kids
sundry them
grind them into tasty pecimin
and then infuse every kellogs goth flake with them
to provide you with the angst you need to be depressed all day

cause angst is part of my complete breckfast
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Mistful Dreams

Lit Geeks ahoy, I have subtext for thee!

In this post, tiamatschild watches the Disneyfied version of Twenty-Thousand Leagues Under the Seas. The film isn't as good as she'd hoped, and she has this to say about the A./N. subtext and the fact that those two get nearly cut out of the film to make way for action!hero!Ned:

Actually, I think that decision probably went something like this:

Producers/Scriptwriters: Okay, Professor Aronnax, Captain Nemo? This is a Disney movie, so we’re really going to have to ask you to tune down the romance novel vibes, understand?

N & A:...Yes.

A Little Later

N.: Bah. The harpooner is pretty but also clearly stupid, and the assistant is just an obstacle… Professor Aronnax, though… Yes. You I’m keeping.

A.: …Squeak.

Producers/Scriptwriters: Dude, what did we just

N. & A.: Sorry?

Producers/Scriptwriters: You so totally aren’t. Okay, we’ll try this again.

Still Later

N: *rescues Ned and Conseil from a shark*

A: *reaches out for N, almost as if making sure he’s not hurt*

Producers/Scriptwriters: Darn it, this just isn’t working. We’re writing you two out.

N. & A.:...How?

Producers/Scriptwriters: We’ll think of something.

This is so totally what happened. I believe it. I believe it.
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