April 5th, 2005

Left behind in the Information Stampede...

thm (most amusing, this fellow) on the vagaries of the English language when it comes into contact with the Internet:

...is it just me, or is 'internet speak' getting more and more incomprehensible? I mean, really; 'omg racecar bling bling'...what the fuck does that mean?! Since when did a racecar come complete with gold, champagne, and hookers? Or did I miss something?

I recommend looking at the entry at his journal site; the icon he used is deliciously apt.
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Stephanie Brown //girl wonder
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viewpoints on a newsletter mission statement (used with permission):
Since no one has actually asked me ‘why a newsletter?’ I can’t start off the first introduction with an amusing anecdote.

The one thing we have in common is an interest in this community -- this hobby that’s as addicting as crack and just as expensive.

And two more, these from dragonfly242:
So, I got out of the bus and attempted to gently sweep it in the direction of the sidewalk. It growled at me and wouldn't move, so I got kinda frantic and nudged it into my Aboveground bag with my mat board. Then I got back on the bus. With this baby raccoon in my art supplies.

And from an older entry of hers:

*holds up thesis like Rafiki with baby Simba over Pride Rock*

Everybody dance!

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Quoted from a conversation between two friends of mine...apparently, the one quoted below was arguing that any topic should be adequate fodder for dinnertable conversation if all parties were mature enough. But taken just slightly out of context...

KnightOfDozel: Well
KnightOfDozel: I suppose it's true.
KnightOfDozel: But I still expect a certain degree of maturity from people!
KnightOfDozel: . . .
KnightOfDozel: Boobies. <3

For my birthday, lietya gave me a wonderful metaquote!

In response to the news story about teachers moving away from using red ink because it's stressful to the students, she says in this post:

In other news, I printed out my batch of work today and corrected my errors with a red pen. I then had to run to the bathroom and sob piteously because I hurt my feelings. I'll check back tomorrow - right now I have to sue myself.
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Knitty Bender


i HATE buying television shows on DVD. It's like having a REALLY GOOD pizza cloned from the leftover bits found in your fecal matter and reconstructed for posterity. It's just NOT as good the second time.
-lesleykajira, here

I feel that way about Red Dwarf.
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phone operator

From: girliejones after the house next door blew up, destroying her windows and roof.

In the middle of the chaos yesterday, a Telstra guy calls me to check up on my satsifaction with my plan:

TG: HI! I'm Cameron from Telstra!
gj: Cameron? Are you trying to sell me something?
TG: Ho Ho Ho... Well I
gj: Because I'm next to the house that blew up yesterday..
TG: A house blew up?
gj: Yes a house blew up yesterday and I'm in the middle of dealing with it and now is not a great time to ask me anything
TG: Well I was just going to ask you to fill in a survey about your satisfaction with your Telstra plan
gj: Cameron? My phone rings and I think that's bloody fantastic!
TC: Perhaps we can do this another time
gj: You do that Cameron
-- end call--
hope is all we have

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kadrin tells of his adventures with spiders. It's the kind of thing you wish you couldn't relate to, but you do.

Maybe I'm overreacting, being arachnophobic and all, but it really does seem that the moment February ends, I wake up and suddenly my walls have gone from white to black and they're moving. There's a letter on my drawer, but I almost don't notice, because both the drawer and the letter are covered with spiders. Finally, one of the damn things hands (legs?) me the letter, and I open it up, and inside it says "Hi! We're moving in. Also don't leave the house because the world has, in fact, mutated into a giant spider. Love, spiders." Also there's a spider in the letter.

"That is not your wall. Do you know who owns that wall? Do you know how many legs the person who owns that wall has? TWO. NOT EIGHT. Eight is a stupid number of legs."

Jurassic Park: coming soon to a state near you!

In this post,sclerotic_rings expresses frustration with dealing with Southern callers at his call center job:

I've now sworn that I'm going to dedicate my entire life to developing time travel, solely to go back to 1861 and deliver neutron bombs and germ warfare to Sherman and Grant. Giving back the Carolinas to the Cherokee after the last traces of nerve agent dissipate is almost as thrilling as looking over the sea of fused glass once known as "Virginia" and now known as "Pickett's Crater". For Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Texas, I'm reintroducing dinosaurs.
Dragon with script

I'm new to the com...

You know you're maybe a little too into lj when (from deesarrachi here):
"It's weird. I'm sitting Chemistry class, and we're starting to learn about the mole (a unit for measuring in Chemistry). What's my first thought? "Hmm, I wonder how I can phrase this in my LJ so that I can maybe get it quoted in metaquotes?" Without a word of lie."