April 1st, 2005

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So THAT's why ...

_aiji_ comments on the recent wave of commentary and insultedness spreading across this particular weblogging facility:

Just like with the November 2004 Presidential Election, scroll buttons across the internet cease to work.
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This comes from the latest post on babb_chronicles (a journal maintained by agatha_s, where she goes to ff.net, reads through a lot of HP badfic, and then posts the most godawful lines for the general amusement of the fandom).

In response to the snippet:

~Draco PV~
Its been 2 months and I’ve changed quiet a lot. I ve achieved a exquisite tan and I’ve been playing a few mortal sports.

mmulberry: I myself prefer immortal sports: Elysian Fields hockey, rowing on the River Styx, Mount Olympus biking.

volandum: Don't forget swimming down Lethe.

And moving on to our latest celebrity on a feeding tube....

A while ago, I looked over a coworker's shoulder and saw CNN declaring that the Pope was dead, but they seem to have taken that back. Sheesh.

Then I had this thought; so we're going to go through weeks of speculation, when the time comes to choose a new Pope, about who will be picked.

And then I envisioned a site called popeornot.com, where there are pictures of all the cardinals and the faithful can rate them.
~digitalemur here.
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misc: haysoos is LAME

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makesomelove is teh funniez, etc&c&c&c!

'You know what would be funny?

If the Vatican was like, 'LOLZ APRIL FOOL'S! The Pope is not dying!' And then the Pope did a somersault out of his papal apartment à la Willy Wonka.

Well, I think it would be funny.'

adding to the papal humor...

I posted a prayer request for the Pope, to which radiolassie82 replied,

I think it would be fun to watch him finally get on up to the Big House. The Pope & St. Peter are homies and stuff. Giving each other knuckles, "Yo, Pope... what up dog? Took you long enough." "Hey Petey. I know man. Damn hethens down there, and I'm only talkin bout half the bishops. Good to see ya man. Notorious G-O-D said John the Baptist was having poker at his mansion tonight." "Yeah, I'll give you the low down on J to the B's tells. Ever since Matt & Paulie lost a fortune to him last month we've been watchin him to strike back at just the right time. You in?" "Only if Jesus miracles us some holy juice!"
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bsg - said the joker to the thief
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oh noes the pope?!

I had to do it, since we were talking about it before...

tears_of_nienna: I can't decide what would be more conducive to making my day less-sucky: curling up in the comfy!chair and watching bad television, or going up to the Athena to see if I can even get a ticket to Sin City for tonight.

Either way, it's got to be better than constantly refreshing the Yahoo homepage to see if the Pope is still alive.

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