March 31st, 2005


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In a thread over at my journal in a post about religion in Harry Potter, ellid says:

"For all we know, Jewish staff and students take the High Holy Days off, hold a Purim spiel in the Room of Requirement, and have a nice little seder in Snape's quarters (although the thought of just *where* Severus would hide the afikomen is somewhat frightening)."

*giggles at the thought then runs off to scrub brain*
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Smallville. Recapped by theferrett. Go read.

Sample (it was so hard to choose!):

LEX: Have you ever noticed we never have actual conversations?

CLARK: What do you mean?

LEX: I drive all the way across town to look at your hunky ass, I speak five sentences, and then I walk off as if that's all I needed to hear. Well, gotta go.

CLARK: Wait! I was gonna make espresso!

(Lex leaves.)

More Terri Schiavo

registermonkey, here:

Today, someone asked my opinion of Terri the Pez Dispenser, and whether I thought her feeding tube should be removed or not.

I said, "You kidding? There's plenty of folks out there fully conscious and walking upright who ought to have their means of sustenance forcibly removed."

People are people

arian1 writes about his memories of living in (and leaving) Iran as a child:

What do I remember most? The sounds of speeches of hate guised in religion on the street corners from what at the time were "harmless radicals". You know....protesters. Religious activists.

Then I remember the smell of fires and chaos.

It doesn't matter what the language is, it's all the same.

Full post here.

Long-time reader, first-time quoter.

Upon seeing the link to the Darth Vader lawn sprinkler,
wikdsushi has this to say, here:

"Please don't show that to Stu. Like, ever. We don't even have a lawn. But it wouldn't stop him. No, he'd hook it up to the fountain in the pond outside if he had to. Who needs to keep from being evicted when you can have a Darth Vader lawn sprinkler?

Seriously. Dude. In his hands, that thing would be dangerous."

I swear, the friends of friends page is the best feature of a paid account.. ^_^

More sages_of_chaos commentary.

Over at sages_of_chaos, we've had another Spider-Man show up, and hilarity has ensued. A choice bit of OOC commentary...

drharper: OOC: I offically love you! And I can't wait until spinsaweb gets here and the Mother of all snark-off's begins!

mercurialnature: Mmmm, nothing like good home cooked snark. 9 out of 10 Spidey-s recommend it.

fejijar: Consistently, the tenth spidey is a clone, cosmically powered, or dead.
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Stop being on my side!

Considering that you posted to the wrong community in a snit, refuse to acknowledge that you have done so, have cast aspersions on myself because I happen to find an icon making fun of the third HP movie amusing and are kinda annoying, I want a different side.

--nights_mistress in a now deleted post, responding to a comment by fancy_moses ("I'm a liberal, I'm on YOUR side.").
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From the already-metaquoted post in which pinsand_needles arrives on sages_of_chaos, this exchange must be quoted:

pinsand_needles: any idea how I can get home?

indigoskynet: We've got at least one resident of Earth 616* who has a T-Watch**, so if you're from that one, he can beacon you home.

pinsand_needles: Earth 616? You're numbering them now? Should I have gotten a permission slip before I left?

fejijar: Blame Reed Richards. He invented the numerical system.

pinsand_needles: Hey, if I blamed Richards for everything, I'd have to conquer a small European nation and give myself a plate-mail wedgie.

* The mainstream Marvel Earth, so numbered by Alan Moore in a Captain Britain story for Marvel UK because of the June 1961 (61/6) cover-date on Fantastic Four #1. — Anglophile Austin

** Interdimensional transport wristlet developed by dr_totenkoph. — Annotative Austin
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From spiralstairs
...the Schivao chick is finally dead. I can hear the pens scribbling out her story for a Lifetime original movie.

From chibimaryn
I happened to browse through some old emails this evening, and I found some mail from Mark Kneece about my synopsis. I was curious about what he said, so I opened it. He started the email with, "Yes, perhaps you should spare me the details of your absence... Thank you." I remembered at that point that I had been gone that day, because I wasn't feeling well. I scrolled down to what I sent him, and it read "I apologize that I was unable to attend class last Thursday; I was dealing with craps that morning." I stopped short. I had meant to type CRAMPS. I immediately burst out into laughter.

So... yeah. I emailed him tonight explaining that I didn't miss class because I was sitting on the crapper. At least that way I can keep a little dignity.

Though I doubt I'll really be able to keep any of it, since I titled the email I sent to him "craps".
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stormwind muses about the teams on The Amazing Race, as found here.

Ron & Kelly - You're annoying and dull, so I wouldn't be too sad to see you go soon. But Ron? Nice bod... too bad about the face.
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The insanity never ends at sages_of_chaos...

mirkwoodthel makes a post and poses the question: If you could switch bodies with One person, who would it be and why?

And lust_for_life gives quite possibly, the best answer conceivable...

I'd switch bodies with that guy from those "Dude! You're getting a Dell!" commercials, so I could punch myself in the face.
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tzikeh, on the importance of proper punctuation:
Title of a piece of fanfiction seen on house_slash today: Stethoscope's, Tiara's, Cherries, oh my!

:clears throat, lifts microphone to livejournal, waits for whine of feedback to die down:


That is all. Thank you, and good night.