March 30th, 2005


Knowledge vs. Skill

In this thread, lostidol's musical bravado rapidly condenses:

_skye_: If you can sing "I Am The Very Model Of A Modern Major-General" I may be in love.

lostidol: Psssssshhhhhhh!

Kid stuff! I can sing ALL the songs from The Pirates of Penzanze.

_skye_: *Best Southern accent*

Why, sir! I beg you to STOP! I'm a married woman, sir, and you are positively giving me the VAPORS!

lostidol: Fear not, good woman. Your marriage is in no immediate danger! For, not only am I a man of pure intentions, but if you actually heard me sing those songs, your VAPORS would quickly turn to LIQUIDS and then SOLIDS.
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graffiti crow

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Dear Mom and Dad,

Should I ever, god forbid, enter a persistant vegetative state, please remove the feeding tube and let me die *before* the jokes about me spread across the internet.

Thank you.


Your Daughter

~ bardha, here

Who is that?

From the inimitable misia in this post:
I am the person who eagerly picks up the copy of People magazine in the dentist's office waiting room, no matter how out of date it is, because it will help me match names to faces and figure out who all these nearly-identical-looking skinny people are whose names people flick around like badminton birdies and whose purpose in the universe I am clearly supposed to already know.
me; deep cove

A theory

weaselface, on bitterness and unprotected sex:

Alright, so everyone should know that sperm is surrounded by all that goo for a reason. It's because it shields it from the vagina's acidic fluids.

Then I realized something. I bet my vagina is more acidic that most. I mean, my personality is, why not my fluids? I bet that my incredibly bitter disposition (which increases by the day) has affected my womanly parts. I bet that my crotch is now SO ACIDIC that if I had unprotected sex, that I could melt someone's dick off. CLEAN OFF.
Gianni: We Are Libya

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apartment42b, in a reply to a locked post I made about the bill passed in Michigan allowing doctors to refuse service to homosexuals upon moral/ethical/religious grounds. It made me giggle, but at the same time, it's a good comparison.

"Uh, sorry kid, your dog is gay, I'm not going to give it a rabies vaccine. Good luck with that!"

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elliot geek

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From this post by hellhound_zorr

In the comments from the meme he did, I said this, "OK, a secret: wait a sec - this is public note! What secret could I leave that no one knows but I don't mind everyone knowing?? Hmm... all right, here: I still harbor delusions that I could write something worth publishing, but I can never come up with a decent plot." and his response to me was
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His icon is pretty great too.


ETA: Sorry I had to delete the old post & re-post it, but LJ decided it was going to screw with me.  :)

sacred heart

florida, or the second coming

laguera25 sounds off about the weather in her home state.

The Florida Tourism Department will never make an honest travel brochure. Why? Because if they did, it would be a scene from Dante's Inferno. Seething ant mounds would loom high over the heads of terrified citizens who resemble overcooked beef jerky. Screaming toddlers would be chased by buzzing swarms of stinging insects while sand crabs attached their snapping claws to the testicles of sun-broiled tourists as they hot-foot across melting blacktop, yodeling arias of untold agony.

More in here.
lindsay and melanie

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In a locked entry (posted here with permission), my friend pennywhistle asked for her Christian friends to explain Easter to her, because she did not understand the religious significance.

I mean, I know Jesus died. And he was buried in a cave? And then he came back to life because of a sale at Lazarus?
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ded from laff (fluffy_mun)

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... did I get here first? Damn.

From Neil's blog, here. Because Neil is of the good.

Work beckons.

Actually right now it doesn't beckon; instead it holds up a megaphone in front of its mouth and is shouting "OY!" through it, and then making rude gestures as soon as it's got my attention.