March 27th, 2005

Someone give the man a Sudafed! *eyedart* And a couple of tissues!

tarpo ain't feeling too good tonight, but still manages to almost get across some good, solid TMI...

"I'm Sniffles McSnortsalot tonight. Fighting the leftovers of my cold.. Still have my familys trademark cough that I have quite obviously inherited from my parents.. and the runny nose of death that only decides to run when I am having a conversation.. or doing something where both of my hands are occupied. (decide what that could be amongst yourselves.. I personally thought of rescuing a kitten from a drainpipe..but i'm heroic that way)"
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Warning: geeky meta- normal people flee.

3scoremiles_10 answers to this questionnaire in atgstories about Hephaestion, Alexander the Great's boyfriend regent, general and closest friend. And she blends historical accuracy with hilarity. as you may reckon, you ought to be quite nerdy in order to get teh funnieh


Q: What was Hephaistion's duty in Sidon?

3scoremiles_10: Woohoo, Sidon! One of my favourites. First, he got to hunt lions. No, seriously. Then he got to go appoint a king. Almost as dangerous as lion hunting. Macedonians did enjoy their blood sports.

Q: Historically, what do we know of Hephaistion's feelings about Bagoas (the eunuch/lover of Alexander)?

3scoremiles_10: Historical evidence regarding Hephaistion's feelings about Alexander's pet eunuch is nil.

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becs1024 posts in scans_daily about a comics-style advertisement for an early computer:

Supergirl teaches a classroom of Metropolis children the magic of the earliest form of the internet (think War Games). Then she talks about a futuristic utopia in which people can read the newspaper off a screen. Now, wouldn't that just be the bee's knees?
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For the six of you who haven't seen this yet...

qwantz discovers a much better way to deal with music. The real fun here is more than 250 comments....

Here is the Ghostbusters theme song in list format.

* Things I ain't afraid of:
* no ghost
* Strange things in the neighbourhood (partial list):
* seeing things running through head
* invisible man sleeping in bed
* Things that make me feel good:
* bustin'
* Who you gonna call:
* Ghostbusters
* I can't hear you
* Louder

It's funny 'cause it's true

In this entry, orangutan summarizes the causes of the American Revolution:
English: You know, colonies, we just totally went into debt defending you from the French. Hows 'bout we tax you a little to make up for it? Just a wee bit! Nothing like what we tax people in England!
English: Seriously, JUST A LITTLE. We're just going to enforce some laws that have totally been on the books anyway, and -
English: . . . Okay, seriously, we're not trying to be -
English: ._. Yeah, whatevah, bitches, WE'RE COMING OVER THERE.
English: . . . You kids are psycho, seriously.
English: !!! Did you just fire on His Majesty's soldiers? Oh, bitches, IT IS ON.
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From ohnotheydidnt

There's a new ickle girly band on the scene called HUCKAPOO. It is composed of five weird-looking ickle girlies: Joey Thunders (The "Punk Rocker"), Twiggy Stardom (The Prep), PJ Bardot (The Gangsta), Angel Sparks (The Biker Chick), and Groovy Tuesday (The Hippie Chick). If you don't already want to vomit, check out the rest of the article here.

In the comments, avez_kuleshov expresses my thoughts in a manner as pithy as any: "I want to huck my poo at them, personally."

And I really do :(
je mets du rose

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thaitea in dykes2watchout4:

I'd been debating buying this book [a Dykes To Watch Out For cartoon collection] for a while, but it was a news story that finally made the decision for me. A pharmacist in a downtown Chicago Osco refused to fill a perscription for the so-called 'morning-after pill'. Some people were protesting this ridiculous incident, as well they should. I was so upset that I bought a comic book.


Okay, it wasn't the bravest, most meaningful act of all time. But better to read a single comic than curse the darkness.

This is a first for me... be the one quoting apocalypsos, I mean. Usually I get to that party late.

She's talking about writing the closing chapters of her most recent work of fiction:

I swear on my grandmother's grave, I did not start out this ending sequence with the express intent to give the hero and the villain incredibly hard-to-miss slashy overtones. Jesus, it's like the Gay Writing Gods made me add in, "And then, gigantic homosexual anvils rained down from the sky."

No further comments are necessary.
Beast facepalm

Possibly the best Easter tradition ever

Taken from a locked entry on thieving_gypsy's LJ...

Easter-tradition in my family goes thus:

1. Buy lots of eggs. Also buy wool, felt tips, and plastic googly eyes.
2. Use aformentioned artsy-craftsy items to turn the eggs into Humpty-people.
3. Place Humpty-people into the microwave.
4. Turn microwave on HIGH.
5. Watch. Shout. Sing uplifting, encouraging football-songs. Wave flags.
6. Be a smug git for the rest of the day when your Humpty-person is the last one left alive.


Happy Easter!

misterj explains Easter to those of us who just can't quite make sense of it all (from a locked post, with permission):

today is the day we celebrate the miracle of Jesus being rescued off the cross by magical chocolate bunnies who in turn hid Jesus' body parts from the Romans in 7 separate colored eggs and on the seventh day, they combined the eggs together and sacrificed a 7 yellow Peeps to form Uber-Jesus who then flew into the heavens to lay the smack down on all sinners who didn't enjoy candy. And you thought Easter didn't make sense, for shame.
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"Your Balloon Animals Sucked! Anyone Can Make A Giraffe!"

From the ever hilarious fox1013, posted with permission:

That's it. I'm no longer going to maintain this facade.

I am not a writer. I'm not ever going to be a writer.

I am going to be a midget in a circus car.

I can't even drive the clown car. I'm going to be just another midget passenger in a SEA of midget passengers, all pouring out of the car, while I wonder if I can stay in a tiny corner of the back seat reading YA lit, or if I'm going to have to get out and have cream pies hurled at my face.
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