March 26th, 2005

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secksetera says:

And my milkshake does, indeed, bring all the boys to the yard. La la la.

...but really...they're all gay boys. and they kiss each other. and as fun as it is to watch, sometimes your milkshake has got to stop being like gay catnip.
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Saving the time-wasting meme from itself....

the always quotable uglinessman, whose last answer made memorable out of an otherwise pedestrian poll:

1. What kind of toothpaste do you use? Arm & Hammer "Sensitive" (my teeth are very sensitive to cold)

2. Do you take vitamins? Hardly ever, but I know I should.

3. Which over-the-counter drug can't you live without? Generic acetametophane (Tylenol) and ibuprofin (Advil). I see no need to pay extra for a name. We always have a supply of both because there are different kinds of headaches, and neither of the two is always the best choice.

4. What kind of soap do you have in your shower? Dollar store "shower gel".

5. What is the most unusual item in your medicine cabinet? Emmanuel Lewis.

here-ish, along with some pretty fun comments.
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But if [God were a U. S. citizen], I'm sure He'd pick the best guy for the job. Which would probably get interesting...

"Okay, we've got 51 million votes for Bush, 50 million votes for Kerry, and one write-in from God for some guy I've never heard of in Indiana."

--cmzero in this thread
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Language Nazi

From JournalFen...

Quoted here because it's so damn appropriate. :)

pokecheck: I'm starting to think that jurisimprudence law about fucking up spelling, grammar or punctuation in a post pointing out someone else's bad S/G/P goes far beyond jurisimprudence. I'm starting to believe that it is A Universal Truth.
ashenmote: I've heard it is an ancient curse.
pokecheck: Painted in grammatically incorrect hieroglyphics in a temple in Egypt.
ashenmote: Eye, jackal-headed guy, coil, norse, eye, vulture.

My Undergarments Are Plotting to Kill Me

In which mentalhygiene discovers stalker!underwear:

"I have the sneaking suspicion I'm going to be awakened in the middle of the night by my undershirts, duking it out with my (fruit of the loom) boxers, an evil cackle emanating from my trembling dresser: "JUST WAIT TILL WE GET OUR HANES ON YOU!" "

From a locked post with permission.
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