March 25th, 2005

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first post

Excuse me if I'm being lame, but, as you can tell from the subject, this be mah first post. (And no, I don't always talk like that. FYI.)

aurora77 says, here:

What's the difference between "great acts of evil" and "the macarena"?

(The poll is pretty amusing too, if you're an HP fan.)
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from stupidpetowners

nickitty quotes: if your dog is vomiting black stuff and it smells like sewage, is that a really bad sign?...

... dog vomited a second time and there were little worms in it, like maggots.

justinluv replies: No, it's actually a really GOOD sign!

She's going to vomit Lucky Charms next, and then she'll shit out a winning lottery ticket! Congratulations!

(no subject)

purlgurl226, commenting here. Backstory: the discussion is about people who say they "used to" knit or crochet, but cannot tell the two apart.

I got basically the same comment once when I was knitting in the commuters' lounge at college. and to add insult to injury, the girl said "but I never did it in public!" as if I was dancing naked and smearing peanut butter on myself or something.

second time poster *raises photon defense shields*

from the very metaquotable froknowsstuff about his recent visit to girlfriend in Switzerland:

-Everyone in Switzerland speaks English better than I've ever spoken French. In fact, they probably speak English better than I've ever spoken English.

-6,994 feet is very very high off the ground, and feels even higher when you're standing on a ice-covered walkway staring down a shear rock face.

However, the amazing view was worth the vertigo. The kind of view that makes you want to proclaim that all the light touches is your kingdom, then shout, "HEAR THAT? YOU'RE MINE, WORLD!" and cause a delightful avalanche.

-Bears, at least the ones we saw in Bern, are cuddly and lethargic and not at all LETHAL HONEY-FUELED KILLING MACHINES JUST WAITING TO STRIKE. Not at all.

personally, the 'delightful avalanche' did me in
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And another westmarked...

From here:

As I mentioned before (and as most of you already know), this is Holy Week, the last week of Lent. Traditionally, this means this is a week spent in solemn preparation for Good Friday, followed by joyous celebration for the Resurrection. Thus, it seemed fitting for me to engage in an act of purification by abandoning a sinful and unholy aspect of my life.

So I finally ditched Internet Explorer for Mozilla Firefox.

For a purification ritual, it was actually quite easy.
Unicorn power

One of my favorites lj users.

city_of_dis has some comments on marriage v.s. civil unions here.

"I don’t give a flying sea slug what you call it, just give me and my main squeeze the same benefits that a pair of drunken heteros can get from an Elvis impersonator in Vegas, with 10 minute’s notice and a ring from a vending machine at Chuck E. Cheese’s."

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lakidaa on a mind-boggling story:

I got a BSOD.

I had to reboot my brain, and that takes forever, nevermind how long it took me to run ScanDisc.

Aw, dammit, my colors are all wrong.
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In the comments of this post, grifyn and apiphile discuss the best fic that never existed:

grifyn: Alas, I left my fic-writing days with my X-Files obsession. But let's pretend I wrote some, you compellingly rec it somewhere under several different aliases, and then I'll pretend I've pulled it off the net because it was "too controversial." Subsequently, it becomes one of those Woodstockian 'net zeitgeist sort of things that people fervently claim to have read, but find it "too mystical and brilliant to possibly explain to those who have not read it." And then there could be a cryptic comment like, "I never thought a drumstick could be so erotic."

It would be the best fic ever.

apiphile: I agree. Of course, drumsticks aside, no one will ever look at a coffee table in the same way again.
Green K
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From: selkiesiren

Tip for the day...

When your mate buys bagels, don't forget to ask what kind they are if not cearly marked on the package...even if you say directly to said mate; "I'm going to put strawberry preserves on mine". Otherwise, brace for the potential of biting into an onion bagel with strawberry preserves.

That is all.
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(no subject)

euthanize in a response to a tale of kids viewing porn in customers_suck says:

I remember when I was about 12-13, my friend and I were poking around in her attic. Her parents were divorced, and she lived with her father. Her mother had never gotten all of her things out of the house, so the attic was where her dad had stashed them.

So we're digging through boxes, when we uncover her mother's collection of old Playgirl magazines. and by old, I mean really, 70's old. Naturally we flipped through them, when we were absolutely horrified to discover that one magazine contained a dirty scene of people dressed up like the cast of star trek.

I could never hear the words "captain's log" after that without shuddering.
OTP baby!

And to your right, you'll see Okinawa...

From turtlemonkeys in this post of mine, which started out about GIPs and wound up digressing into boggling at weird complaints over Live Action Sailor Moon (PGSM).

Once I heard the actors were too -asian-. Because Usagi had blonde hair and blue eyes...Dude, they shot it in JAPAN which is conviniently located in your nearest ASIA making the people participating in it ASIAN.
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Yet again over at fandom_wank, there is a post of a website where people have obtained the 'real' Ring tapes and watch them so they document the effects of the curse. In other words, they think the curse is real. Yeah.

This, naturally, leads to snark:

"Hey, after seeing Ring 2, I can believe that there's some kind of curse surrounding the films. I don't think it's possible for a movie to be that bad without some kind of supernatural force involved." -- kerikeri

See teh crazee here.
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An admirable life goal.

When I feel slightly ill, I sort of regress into a still more childish state than usual. Like, I think to myself, "Wouldn't it be nice to be a lemur right now, and not have to worry about these complicated things?" It is my new life's ambition to become a ring-tailed lemur, and just Be Cute and eat things and form social alliances, and not have to go to work or photocall or get tangled in costumes while climbing stairs. Lemurs don't need stairs.

-careena, ever-quotable
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Couple weeks back, roberta_mac mused:

My son has discovered something that will change the rest of his life. I knew it was going to happen. I'd read stories about it, and thought to myself, this'll never happen to my son. Yet it has.

I'm gleefully calling it: Collapse )

Source, with a pretty amusing comment, as well.
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Just too funny to ignore...

petertorker illustrates reason No.437 why you should never post to cockrockers when drunk, here...

Hello, I'm new here. So does anybody else like to drink a coors light* or 2, strip down to the tighty whitey's, drop "three lock box" on the turntable and pose if front of the mirror pretending you're Sammy Hagar? Oh the joy... the sheer joy of being Sammy for a moment.

*coors light subject to availabilty from stingey mom.

Wonderful, no?
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Bah. Batman could successfully genetically engineer a kitten/cobra/giant death robot crossbreed whose saliva cured AIDS and cancer while being serviced by Nightwing, Commissoner Gordon, and Batgirl simultaneously.

Add Alfred into the mix, though, and it all goes to hell.

From:raisedbymoogles here
Cartoon me

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On the tv programme 'Most Haunted':

Sometimes I find myself watching that show in horrified fascination. "Oooh! We're so SCARED! Isn't it scary? What? You can't see anything happening? But you can tell by our reactions! See us react! And the spooky lighting, that makes it even scarier!

--phoebesmum, here.

It's alive.... ALIVE!

twfarlan muses on the nature of god**:

"If he's so Almighty, how come he's always getting everyone else to do all his work? He still tuckered out from that whirlwind Creation gig, then? He works for a week and then kypes off the next five thousand years. Yeah, good work there, Dr. Frankenstein, now if only your creation had an off switch.".


Whoo boy, am I gonna be buying that man drinks.

**Said, in comments, in reference to the Schiavo case: here, in my lj.
another flying dog

and I pop another metaquotes cherry, as someone said when I posted another one!

Or else, I think this is her first! <3

From fe, in a submission of Something That Sucks in a locked post on my journal (the Things That Suck List, which I've gathered from all sorts of communities and things and people who offered them to me -- more contributions always welcome):

"About the people that stand behind you in line that are agressively impatient for you to do something because they feel they have a right to the particular apparatus you are using. This bothers me in reference to bathrooms, copiers and computers. It's like... OMFG, you're taking too long to take a dump/copy those papers/scan that object, why don't you get your ass out of the way because I am so much more important than you and need to use the scanner/copier/bathroom more than you ever could, because I have to fix my hair/copy just one small thing/be somewhere 5 minutes ago."

... fe is one of those people who lighten up my days with little things like that, y'know?
And I could be visiting her and another friend right now but I have to have SCHOOL. Er. Sorry about the strikedoutrant.

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shinga, on love:

Girls in high school who fall 'head over heels' tend to be absolutely stupid, instantly. They let grades slip. They ignore friends. They become sparkly and write poetry and notice how beautiful the leaves outside are. Because they're just sooooooo in looooooove. Except, as they'll hopefully someday find out, that's not love, that's illegal substances.
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o mighty bean

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kishi says, in a comment in bad_rpers_suck:

I once wrote a whole long rant about how it's *so* obvious that Star Wars is a bad RP session. I mean, you've got two mid-level characters (Han and Chewie) who suddenly get thrown in to the background 'cause the DM's in love with the player off this backwater planet, who's got a high level mentor, and then is allowed to play a base class that isn't even allowed in that era, normally!

Then, second movie, whoops, the li'l guy wanders in to a fight that he can't handle, and the GM frantically backpeddles- "Uh, he's your father! He won't kill you!" And, the worst, when Luke's player and Leia's player started getting a little flirty? Had to cut that off quick, too jealous- "you're siblings!" That just makes it creepy.

I swear, George Lucas is the worst GM ever.
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"thats kind of like this girl that goes to my school who's now ex boyfriend was like, "im a vampire, let me suck your blood!" & after a while, she finally gave in. after sucking some of it, the guy said, "hmm.. your blood is thin, you need to have more iron."

quoted from _meetmetomorrow in this bad_sex post.
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