March 23rd, 2005

like fabulous yellow roman candles

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sparcck on people's inevitable reaction after one of their posts appears on Fandom Wank:
This is my favorite kind of post that comes after someone has been fandom wanked. The "I've been Fandom Wanked! Isn't that awesome? Let's talk about how crap they are and how smart I am cos one time I went to grad school! Now you all comment about how they're all sanctimonious assholes and how I shouldn't let them get me down! DAMN THE MAN! SAVE THE EMPIRE!"

Or somesuch.

Thanks for not disappointing. Especially about the grad school part and the "writing the thesis about some [insert impressive word here]". I was desperately hoping for that, and then whammo! There it was! *relief!*

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Adam Moo, something that I'm convinced would only ever happen to him..

Today as I was driving to work, I heard on the radio "caller number 8 to (whatever number) will win..."

so I picked up the phone and dialed the number.

The phone picked up and the girl goes "congratulations you're caller 8." She asked who I was going to take with me, and I said I had no clue. She said she'd go with me if I couldn't find anybody, so I said it was a date. She goes "what's the only station that gives away great prizes?"

I had no idea what radio station I was listening to. I had to look down at the radio and go "uh...89.1?"

Apparently I won two tickets to the Rochester Nighthawks game on Saturday night. I don't even like lacrosse.

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blazingmoogle deals with the world's blandest players.

"So, here, an inn. with people inside. Let me tell you about them. This is what's happening. Oh look, stuff that way! What do you do."

"I sit down and have a drink."

"... I see. The party continues. Stuff happens. You're addressed."

"I sit down and have a drink."

"A dragon sits on your head. Roll me system shock."

"I sit down and have a drink."
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From my fellow geek westmarked:

Like most geeks, I get obsessions. Mine mostly involve computer games or a long book series, and for some odd reason, science fiction and fantasy doesn't come in any other variety but 5+ book trilogies. The problem is that when I get an obsession, it is an obsession--I wind up putting off absolutely everything non-critical (like eating) for long periods of time in order to satisfy said obsession. I've developed a term for this: "eating my soul". Thus, "Rome Total War is eating my soul" means that I find it difficult to do anything not absolutely urgent when instead I can go show that arrogant Senate who's the true Son of Mars.

(Full context here. Quoted with permission, etc.)
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nervous96 has an interesting way of expressing himself:

An old friend from High School asked me if I was going to the upcoming 10 Year Reunion.
I laughed, urinated on his shoe for asking such a ridiculous question, and laughed some more.

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nikari has an exciting mail suprise!

I got home and checked my mail and I saw that I got a credit card.

I thought "Yay! I get to have my first credit card!"

then I opened it and read it. Some bullshit "first national" card that only applies to their catalouge and has like $200 activation and $200 minimum payments.

Then I thought "Yay! I get to cut up my first credit card!"
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In this entry, perfect_beaker introduces us to a night out at Perkins, a trip to Wal*Mart, and her new Superhero name. While the trip to Perkins was the highlight of the entry, the entire thing was.. well, damned funny.

Some highlights:
I *accidentally* nailed rmars39901 in the mommy-daddy button with a ball while we were horsing around playing dodgeball in the house. I was aiming for his chin.

Then this table of 4 got set next to us, and it was these little teeny-boppers who kept comparing how many felonies each of them had, the girls talking about resisting arrest and having to go to court this week, the guy saying, "they were like, all talking attempted murder, but the bullet went into the mattress, I missed her.

The man proceeds to pull up his shirt and say, "I don't know what she stabbed me with, but these Band-Aids should be okay."

At this point, the twink that ran outside with the pie came back in with a pretty wig on, and we decided it was time to get the fuck out of dodge.

...and let us not forget the troll that's precipitated many rather amusing comments to this entry. Obviously he hasn't been trolling all that long.

i feel like lovecraft in brooklyn.

"Hnnn... pop!"

I couldn't resist quoting this gem of insanity. Courtesy of anniku (I played a part in concocting the theory too, but shhh)- from a locked entry with permission:

"You have all been fooled! Birds are not what they seem! They are Aliens! Unidentified Objects! Extra Terrestrial! Out of this world!

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Cut for one instance of profanity.
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