March 22nd, 2005



noxnottetorrent is at it again with more rules....

Dear Arse,

No! Just because the treadmill has been folded away and surrounded by boxes, it *doesn't* give you permission to expand once again! Other parts seem to have gotten the hang of it. Why can't you?


read the rest here...
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Primal Scream

thebratqueen in this post says:

You know, I'm starting to lose count of how many times I think something on The Daily Show is a joke (because surely reality could not be that absurd) only to find out no, it's true.

Case in point: last night's ep, in which Jon referred to how Bush, when Gov. of Texas, signed a law that allowed for life support to be ended even without the parent's permission. Such as for example the case of a six-month-old baby. Jon then added words to the effect of how, to be fair, this was only in the case when the patient couldn't pay.

I swear I thought he was kidding. But no, no, he wasn't.

Pardon me while I join Jon in taking a moment to have a primal scream.
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Kittens, sarcastic refrigerators and sex toys...

ginmar in a hysterical post here.


The JBK sniffed at the chute door, then tapped around its edges and then looked back at me calculatingly, obviously wondering if I'd be suspicious if she broke out a set of lock picks or something. She pulled it open with one paw and then jumped inside. From there, events proceeded very quickly and disastrously.


No, a certain battery-operated possession of mine-according to agentsculder hers is called her 'battery-operated boyfrined"--had gone missing, and we speculated over a couple bottles of wine as to its fate. (A sudden urge to hop a train? A kidnapping? A desperate quest for adventure? A desire to see the world? Did it hop down the road toward the railyard carrying a little overnight bag?)

There's way too much amusement to effectively convey here. Go -- and be sure to set food and drink aside before you read it.
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white folks and dreadlocks....and polo shirts....

while in debunkingwhite, there was an interesting conversation about white people and Dreadlocks, which eventually lead to this comment by </span>epilady . it kinda made me rethink the whole evolution thing.. lol


This is not to say that I don't completely agree with you about appropriation, especially when we're talking about dreadlocks or Asian character tattoos, for example. But it's extremely problematic to imagine that white European-origin people all arose from the primordial ooze wearing polo shirts and carrying cell phones.



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Did you have your goth vaccination as a child?

This reminds me of something Hallis said - goth is contagious. Monika shared a pop with me, once, and she got infected with it. (Shawna's immune cos she had the goth when she was little.) So don't share pops with people, you never know what subculture you might pick up. Imagine, you just want a sip of coke and you wind up infected with like, white-suburban-rapper-wannabe.

...from the eternally entertaining mama_fortuna.You may know her from infamous Nice Hair, but she's every bit as funny on her lj.
Book of Mormon - spooky Mormon hell drea

"What More Could Go Wrong: A Play in One Act"

What More Could Go Wrong?
A Play in One Act

Hideous Digestive Upset: :strikes Your Heroine::

Your Heroine ::walks to the bus stop::

Too Much Cologne Man: ::billows cologne:: "I come in many guises, and in many varieties of scent. But always, my overpowering nature lets you know without question that it is I, Too Much Cologne Man!"

Rain: ::pours::

Crazy Homeless Stalker: "Remember me? I stalked you last year and sang you showtunes! Here I am again, to ask you out to coffee. You will not do that? How about marrying me in Mississippi where my father is a Pentecostal preacher? No?"

Bus That Will Not Go ::arrives::

Read the entire thing. shawk deserves a Pulitzer. ;-)
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This entry convinces me that yubsie has been spending a BIT too much time on the internet.

"Is it bad that when I see a headline "Slash your income tax!" my first thought is "Income Tax/HST OMGOTP!!!!!!1!!"?"

(Since this silly Canadian doesn't know if Americans -- or even other Canadian than the province I'm in -- have such things, HST is Homogenized Sales Tax, the sales tax we pay on goods, 15% for most merchandise and 7% for books and a few others.)
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fallwind's musings on his latest cold:

"An open letter to my sinuses

Attempting to explode out the front of my face is not part of your job description. Please stop all high pressure activity immediately, failure to comply will result in disciplinary action being taken in the form of a 1/8" drill bit.

thank you for your time."
hedge maze

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violetsocks gets back an English paper:

Anyway, as I flipped through the thing I noticed that the only comment she made on the paper was a single "Yes" inserted randomly on one page. Sarah, my fellow Potter obsessed friend, however, had written a book thirteen pages long despite the fact that the assignment was only 5-8 pages. [....] Anyway, Sara's paper was littered with individual "Yes"-es and nothing else so I suggested by way of an explanation on our way out of the building that Sanyal must have been in the throws of one heck of a literary orgasm when she read it ("OH BLAKE! OH WORDSWORTH! GIVE IT TO ME HARDER! YES! YES! YES! AHHHH!"). I told her to check for traces of a post-coital cigarette, but she told me that I was insane.
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