March 21st, 2005

Neener Neener -- art by Lisa Andresen

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Two from kickouttheiambs, since I meant to quote the one a while back and sort of forgot.

Lately Steve has been wandering around the house singing the theme song to "The Price is Right," and I've countered by singing "The Battle Hymn of the Republic," except I can't remember anything after "he is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored," so I've been inventing lyrics. For example:

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Steve
He has frightened all the trees so that they've dropped all their leaves
He is so tall that the birds have built their nests upon his eaves
His truth is marching on


the score
  • gave away at least 13 pairs of cheap shoes - flip flops and Target brand flip flops - to Goodwill
  • set aside at least 21 pairs of not-so-cheap shoes to sell on eBay
  • purchased three new pairs of shoes yesterday as a reward for getting rid of so many shoes
  • seem to have failed at life

And all I could think of was that scene in History of the World, Part I...

Apparently, testaclese is a little concerned about his neighbors:

"My neighbors chant. Actually not just them - they invite lots of other people over every week or so, and do chanty-singy stuff for about 3 hours. First it was just creepy, now it's kind of soothing - except when I'm trying to watch TV. I haven't asked them what it's all about. I must guess it's a religious thing, unless it's just a really long vocal warmup since at least one of them is a singer-type. But there's a lot of harmony, and continuous tones. Kind of like (in fact a LOT like) the scene in 2001 where the monolith is uncovered on the moon. OH GOD THEY MUST HAVE A MONOLITH.

/moving immediately."
alert the medic

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dahchi is handling the End of Semester Stress with both style and grace:

"In the two years that I've owned this computer chair I never put together that wood floor + spinny wheels + boredom = whee! look maw, no hands! My roommate just burst in on me giggling like a twelve year old and completing a perfectly executed triple sow chow from within the comforting confines of my leather executive seat. Roomie thinks I should add some nice chrome spoilers and flame pattern down the back."

- from a flocked post here
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jmchocolategirl just got back from spring break. Her mother came with her for the day.

My mother has been in my room know, ten hours or so. A LONG time. And then, just out of the blue, she says "Why is there a stick on the ceiling?"
Me: Don't ask.
Mum: But I just did.
Me: Forget you asked.
*few minutes pass*
Mum: it a sacred stick?
Me: Ignore her and maybe she'll go away.
spidey movie slashers

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Over on fanficrants, they just had one of their regular OMGSLASHNOWHY? kerfluffles, and of course if you've read one of these you've read them all--but I did find this little sequence from the comments delightfully worth sharing.

      Bisexuals don't exist then?
      Oh drat. *disappears*

      Would clapping our hands and believing help?
      I believe in the many facets of human sexuality, I do!

      Somehow that tempts me to start yelling, "I do believe in fairies!"

      Well, at least part-time ones.

On a particular rabid fandom...

defamer_atom delineates the box office numbers of last weekend:
4. Ice Princess--$7 million
If we fail to mention that star Michelle Trachtenberg once played a pivotal role on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, we fear that Joss Whedon fans might burn down our blog. So there, we mentioned it. You can now put away the Molotov cocktails and return to discussing how awesome the Wonder Woman movie is going to be.

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nightshade316 is rather pissed off at life in general right now:


::Ear piercing roar and goes Super Sayan 4::

Then, in comments:

megumichan6902: awww... I feel luved.

nightshade316: Stand back. I got some ass-kicking to do.

megumichan6902: but... but... I'm not just a pretty face, you know.

nightshade316: I know. But I'm glowing gold, have giant hair, and can blow up planets by looking at them funny. I think I can handle this one. ;)

And in the next thread on the same post:

booffiegirl need help?

nightshade316: Nah, I'm good. I'm glowing gold, have giant hair, and can blow up planets by looking at them funny. I thnik I can handle this one. ;)

From here

Something about the repetition made me giggle. Maybe it's time to stop taking literary criticism classes.

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cefirus is on the loose again! In this post she protests recent BMI (Body Mass Index) results:
I just can't figure out where the body fat is hiding. I thought about weighing my boobs on a grocery scale to check how much I could blame on them, but I decided that would be a bad idea. Nothing like being evicted from Harris Teeter.

As if that weren't enough, in her response to a comment in the same thread, she followed up with this:
My ideas of trying to measure my ass were just as odd. I was thinking of finding a seesaw and putting my rear on one end and a bunch of Crisco on the other to see how much I needed to counterbalance.

The whole post is worth reading, really...and for the record, I think she's the most physically fit person I know.

Another reason to have short hair

maryavatar, in this post.

At 5am I woke up, and I knew something was horribly, terribly wrong. UG was drooling. On my hair. But the worst part... into his beard, which appears to be absorbent. So I was lying there, unable to move, because my hair was trapped under his shoulder, and there was beer-scented dribble being rubbed into my head by a beard which has all the abrasive properties of a toilet brush.

Being the calm, classy, ice-princess that you know and love, I immediately started flapping my arms and legs about, while squealing 'Gerroff! Get off! GET OFF MY FUCKING HAIIIIIIIIIR!'

UG's reaction was to roll over onto his stomach, wiping his foul noxious beard all the way to the ends of my hair. At which point he woke up enough to complain, 'Bloody Hell, woman, you keep getting your hair in my mouth'.
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necrophiliac underage S&M tentacle gay exploitive chocolate pudding pr0n

I did the Desktop Screen-capture Meme in my LJ, and penquinn2 linked to his own screencap. On his desktop is a folder labeled 'Stuff', and I asked him what was in it. Another friend, l33tminion butts in to interject,

l33tminion: Probably pr0n.

... I am a horrible person...

_skye_: Uh, it had better be necrophiliac underage S&M tentacle gay exploitive chocolate pudding pr0n, or we're ALL bad people!

And that's when the horrible truth is revealed!!1one!OhNos! (SO not sure if I should label this link 'Not Worksafe')
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from deleterius, about the already ridiculous fanfiction story summary of: "Harry Potter/Law & Order:SVU crossover. Olivia and Elliot have to work with Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny to find a magical rapist."

but the poster typo'd it as Law & Order:SUV.


this_here_girl - "When are people going to learn, you can't just have cross overs because you feel like it. I've got to spork this, it's my duty as a lover of Law & Order: SUV."
nildrohain - "the gas-guzzling bad for the enviornment fandom..."
b2wm - "They're victims of the special unit of Humvee drivers."

Tom DeLay and Ethics

In a discussion of the Schiavo case on liberal:

tsarrio: LOL, undoubtedly Tom DeLay cares more about a woman he's never met than her own husband. Nice one.

chad_etc: Tom DeLay only cares that justice and ethics are served!! He loves ethics! He takes huge ethic showers before going to Congress every day, washes himself with ethics soap, and then eats ethics n' honey for his morning breakfast!

tsarrio: I think Tom DeLay should run for President.

chad_etc: And he should make Ethics McEthicson his VP!
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Book of Mormon - spooky Mormon hell drea

queerducky says I have to have heard this song, even if I don't know it

Okay, that "Mothers" song by John Mayer is really starting to annoy the hell out of me.  It is so unbelievably overplayed.

I also can't stand listening to that chorus over and over again.  The chorus is like listening to a "comparison" SAT question:

A)  Girls:Lovers
B)   Lovers:Mothers
C)  Fathers:Daughters
D)  Live like you do:Be good to daughters

And all i can think of is PLEASE GOD,