March 20th, 2005

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I am soooo tempted to write in asking questions about the use of PCP as a "combat drug," such as:

  • "If a character was afraid that a psychic being could be infiltrating his mind and altering his perception of reality, do you think taking PCP would make that better or worse?"

  • "How does PCP affect sexual function?"

  • "Could you taste PCP mixed into chocolate milk?"

I assume the FBI already has me on a list for something.

~akhmed gets himself in trouble here.


from iadmitimcrazy

"You know how the Pope blesses people, what if Paris Hilton sat at a chair all day and blessed people with her "hottness"? That would be awesome. It's like: "Please Paris, my child is ugly and nerdy. Help her."
and then like she says "You're hot." and the kid magically transforms into a hot chick.

That would be awesome.




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    Take heed: Every time anyone says something along the lines of "You're an electrical engineer/computer scientist, why don't you fix the broken cable in the lab phone/the burnt-out lightbulb in the lab/my misbehaving printer?" to an electrical engineer or computer scientist, God kills a kitten, baby Jesus cries, Buddha gets unserene, Ilúvatar starts singing out of tune and I get seriously irritated.

    Just saying.

- by the witty and wonderful silmaril (card-carrying member of the IEEE), reposted with her kind permission from the entry here.

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From mylildementor here

Lo there do I see my fanfic.
Lo there do I see my picspam.
Lo there do I see my quizzes and my memes.
Lo there do I see the line of my friendslist back to the beginning.
Lo they do call to me: they bid me take my place among them in the Servers of LiveJournal, where the geek may live forever.
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After the saying the 'Our Father' in church, does anyone else get the mad urge to swing your arms (and the arms of the persons on either side of you) and yell "Red Rover Red Rover, send Jesus on over!"?

Jesus would probably win at Red Rover. -ninjaloki

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First community post. Go me.

From scorpi084 on sluts4choice, on the subject of her living will:

If I can't tell you to shove a tube down my throat to feed me, or put a pacemaker in my body to regulate my heartbeat, or any other number of life prolonging activities, don't do it. Yes, there is a *chance* that I'll wake up tomorrow and start tapdancing. There's also a chance that driving really fast up a steep mountain would cause my car to take flight. I'm not banking on either. Say your goodbyes, and let me go.

Not exactly funny, but it touched me.

Edited to provide a link
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Long time lurker, first time posting.

From stoney321, here:

My cat is on the prowl again, which means today I found THREE dead bunnies in the backyard.

I want to take the kids' Easter baskets I bought today and put them next to the carcasess, candies and plastic eggs scattered about.

I won't, but I thought about it. For an hour.
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Quoted with permission from thedarkbear

"I feel no need to mock your religious beliefs or your love of Jesus. On the same token I hope you will not try to annihilate the love and admiration I have for the one and only Mr. Peanut. Let's face it, the peanut man has been willing to continue wearing his monacle when there are contacts of even Lasik eye surgery that he could turn to. He also is overly fashionable in his top hat, not trying to bring himself down to common day standards by wearing those nasty Von Dutch trucker caps. If I was female, and a peanut, I would easilly marry Mr. Peanut, or have his love child. That is all."

The rest of the post, dealing with Jesus, Mr. Peanut, and why people should not email him with weird messages.