March 18th, 2005


Ain't lj grand...

From a discussion in a locked post by Meyerlemon, quoted with permission.

I've come to the conclusion that there are just entirely different circles within fandom with entirely different tastes and standards, and the less they overlap, the happier we all are.

I know. It's like some horribly odd sexual fetish. You like dressing up like Legos and having sex while dangling from exotic ferns? SO DO I!
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bang bang you're dead
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summerwolf has been playing one of the Legend of Zelda games...

...............oh, and a note to every architect in the world. When designing places of religious worship, Do. Not. Hire. Anyone from Hyrule. Ever. You'll regret it if you do. (Seriously, what sort of temple are those? FUCKING MAZES WITH BARBED FIRESPITTING TRAPS AND MOVING BLOCKS)
Red Sag

Renovations, anyone?

From the LJ of _audrey, with permission since it is flocked...

There are workmen stomping on the roof (they're installing a surface-to-air mega!laser of DOOM solar hot water system), and it's making the whole house shake. I have no idea what's going on up there, but from here it sounds like a heavy metal version of Riverdance. :o

*cowers under the table*
He is Risen!

feline meta-meta

Thanks to this thread, phoebesmum gets stuck looking at an endless array of pictures of cute kittens:

Many more cries of "Awwww!" and "Oooooh!" and the neighbours will be banging on the walls asking to borrow my shampoo.

Must ... move ... away ... from ... the cuteness ...

edit: fixed the tag, sorry 'bout that.

had to meta the entire thing...

from lwoodbloo in a public entry

"Oregon State Football Player Caught With Stolen Sheep".

So, my first question was "Is he a scotsman?".

Then...the following line destroyed any possibility of my day going at all well.

"The 200 pound ram lives at the university's Sheep Center (they have a sheep center?-ED.), and is part of a study on homosexuality in sheep..."

I'm done. Finished.
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In worldofwarcraft, capheine questions the use of LOL. Some suggest it's like the internet manner of forming sentences and grammar, but capheine suggests:

"It's like the old-timey telegraph... instead of "STOP", it's "LOL".


God speaks.

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From busychild424's pretty pretty car picture and comments today:

Ordinarily I sneer at silver cars for the sole reason that silver is the #1 color of choice for cars purchased in the U.S., but this is a Ford GT. It can be any color it wants to be and I'll still get hard for it. And the tungsten silver just looks SO SEXY on it.

and OHHHH does it ever. Don't believe it? Clicky for pic, and please for the love of god CLEAN UP YOUR DROOL.
i bit them

If I wait, someone else will do it.

From Neil Gaiman's eljay feed.

I mean, there are no Neptunian Brain Parasites. And if there were, what would one want with me? What you see in the photo is definitely not a parasitic alien brain-slug. No. Why would you possibly think that? Here, come into this small room with me while I press my hand against the back of your neck... See? Now we are united as one in the slug overmind. Is it not wonderful?
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slammerkinbabe's reaction to the ubiquitous giving of bath products as gifts:

"Here, have some super-femmey things to make your skin soft and your hair shiny and your SOUL STRAIGHT AS STRAIGHT CAN BE OH YES THIS WILL MAKE YOU HETEROSEXUAL SEE THE SHINY PRETTY BUBBLES FEEL THE FEMININITY FEEL IT DAMN IT! ...I mean, doesn't it smell nice?"

This discussion began when I made this comment here (the entry itself and previous comments are irrelevant to this), and the remarks were made here.
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And also, "Why doesn't your boyfriend drive you to work?" is a ludicrous question. If I had a boyfriend who could drop everything to fill his gas tank in this economic environment and drive me back and forth from work, I would not have a boyfriend, I would have a pussywhipped independently wealthy walking sex toy with a driver's license. And if I had one of those, do you honestly think I'd be working on anything other than getting more bendy? -- apocalypsos
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He's got a point. Or two. Or several.

Reacting to the news that Lucas is about to start messing with the original trilogy Star Wars yet again, theweaselking says in a comment thread here:

I have a scarier thought:

Lucas is, just as he claims, finally getting to make the movies he ALWAYS WANTED to make. . He wasn't satisfied with Star Wars - he was stuck with limits of technology and acting and budget, so even though it was resoundingly considered great, Lucas has always felt it could be BETTER if he could just get it the way he wanted it in his head. Now he's got money and Phenomenal Cosmic Power over the new ones, and he's able to make the movies he wishes the original three were.

You know, like how "Saturn Devouring His Children" would be even more awesome if Goya had been able to add an animated 3D hologram to it, and show the mad chewing-and-pooping action that you know has gotta follow that.
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agent may is unimpressed

On the subject of male hurting

However, the fact that you also wanted to knead your sharp pointy claws into my Manly Parts (tm) was not conducive to improving our relations. Please understand that my very sudden jumping up and, in doing so, accidentally tossing you sideways was in no way a declaration of hostility, but merely a reaction of shock and discomfort that will not be repeated again as long as you follow one simple set of directions: NO CLAWS ON MY ROCK OF GIBRALTAR, THANKYOUVERYMUCH.

chaosvizier writes an open letter to his cat (at least I think it's his and not his roommates').

(I hope this makes up for me not being able to do the LJDQ for the last two weeks.)


From the journal of noxnottetorrent,Who It Seems, Is Related To Someone Called "Murphy"...

The Laws

1. If Nox is wet and/or naked, the phone will ring, or there will be someone at the door.

(1.1) If it's the telephone, the caller will have called a wrong number, or be a telemarketer. Not someone worth getting out of the shower for.

(1.2) If it's the door, the caller will be a Jehova's Witness, a Mormon, or someone selling cable television installations. Not someone worth getting out of the shower and/or dressed for.

read the REST here
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theferrett discusses why some comics suck, in this case Doctor Strange:

DOCTOR STRANGE: "I cast a spell!"
VILLAIN: "Hah! I am stronger than you!"
DOCTOR STRANGE: "My gosh! He is stronger than I am! My only hope is to cast a spell!"
VILLAIN: "Hah! That spell only distracted me!"
DOCTOR STRANGE: "But now that you are distracted, I will cast a spell!"
VILLAIN: "Ah! I am defeated!"
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Accept no substitutes...

I wonder if they spin while they ride them...

The always entertaining khukuri laments the silly questions of American zoo tourists here.

Dear American tourists at the zoo:
No, you can't cuddle the Tasmanian devils.
No, you can't scratch them behind the ears either.
No, I'm not just saying that because you're not Australian.
Fine, because you're not Australian, yeah. After you go home we're going to leash 'em up and ride them around the park.

I've seen footage. It's amazing. Dang Aussies get to have all the fun.
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An interesting story from deesarrachi (she originally told me when we were at a café, but she then wrote it in her journal as well).

Interesting thing of the day: While we were at the mall a few days back, my brother spotted a Jesus figurine. So, to call me over, he says, "Hey, Beth Ann, look, it's that guy."

Of course, I'm not psychic, nor can I see the figure, so I ask for clarification.
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