March 17th, 2005

The Keyhole
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A little of HP, a little of LJDrama . . .

After reading my entry on Nickolaus Pacione's vanity-published epic, aerden had this to say:

You know that Death-Eater character of mine? He volunteers to possess Mr. Pacione. Why? Because, as he puts it, "I can at least construct a grammatical sentence in the Queen's English."

You can find the entry here and see the post that inspired it here.
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He is Risen!


(I know that I'm in it, but I don't really think it's against the rules because the response to what I said is the good part...)

uglinessman: Oh, and I'm not gay.
bastmoon: *pets you* It's okay. We can't all be perfect. You make up for it by being polite and sane.

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ticca suffers an embarrassing misunderstanding:

Máire: *walks up to the daddy who is standing next to his car*
Máire: Hello, darling. Wanna take me for a spin?
The daddy: ...Er?
The daddy: *is in fact NOT the daddy, but a total stranger*
Máire: *FLEES*

We all have different ways of talking to our fathers. I think that I need to redefine mine.
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Under the cut, you will find a protected entry made by my dear friend terulia. I found it funny, and the irony of me posting it here makes it even more amusing for me. I assure you, I did get permission from her to post this in it's entirety.

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From locked post with permission. Thanks Tim. You're the star of my all my dreams. <3

This is what happens when you watch E! Tim is talking about the Michael Jackson trail reenactment thing:

This isn’t a car wreck. And it’s no train wreck. It’s not even a plane crash.

No, this a plane plummeting from the sky and crashing into a passenger train, which runs off its rails and flips end over end onto an insanely busy freeway, where the railcars slam into a school bus full of developmentally delayed children, which then smacks into a limo carrying the Nobel Peace Prize winner, which veers into the bike lane and crushes a pregnant biker, whose fancy spoke-less bike flies into the air, over the railing, and smushes a little old woman pedestrian.

Who falls on her blind dog.

That’s the level of disaster we’re talking.

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Over in baseball, we're taking a poll on favorite teams. Obviously deathbytamarind, one of our mods and the one who posted the poll, was having trouble with its creation, as the final, free response question was: "Why is the poll feature on LJ such a jackhole at times?" The responses cracked me up. Some of the best?

tbone -- LJ prefers the term "non-compliant dillweed"
tomveil -- Sorry, this journal is in read-only mode.
thinkbluegreen -- Purple monkey dishwasher

*clears throat* Well I thought it was funny, anyway.

[Some of the funniest ones, though, are probably only funny to the baseball community members. (ie: making fun of other teams and their fans, and of course, Bud Selig)]
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I know I quote her ALL THE DAMN TIME but she's funny.

Another from dramaqueenbee (again from a f-locked post, quoted with permission):

"So, I know you all have been pining away and anxiously awaiting my return to our hallowed halls. I should be back tomorrow, after a fun filled three days. During this time, I became intimate friends with my toilet bowl. I have decided to name him Charles (pronounced sharrl)... Collapse )
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Quoted from locked friends page with permission: arghyblargh

total and complete unconsciousness, you mean.

like a coma.

OMG, that makes me want to sing "Like a Prayer" or "Like a Virgin" or something. Just two syllables. My poor brain can't take any more than that.

*walks off singing "Like a Coma"*