March 16th, 2005

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violetsilence, in a friends-locked entry, quoted with permission:

The more I work with web sites, the more I think that people that don't know what they're doing or even know the limits and capacities of the currently available technology shouldn't have web sites.  I mean really... what I have to deal with every goddamn day... 

I want a visually dynamic web site, with four million artfully arranged images that give you instant orgasms in different parts of your body when you roll over them.

(Javascript is not equipped to handle orgasms.)

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ariastar's father needs to be educated in the proper care of books:

Thou shalt repair the book's binding with clear masking tape. Thou shalt not even begin to consider using duct tape. It may bind the universe together, but it's really ugly.
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From oenone_borealis:

'Dammit, June, the pagans followed us home again. Bring the rifle!'

From Here.

Suffice it to say, we thought we were following our friends, but accidentally terrified an elderly republican couple by following them all the way home until we realised our mistake. Huzzah, the day is complete.
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silver_u_glass, in a comment to pottersues, explains the Catholic Heirarchy of Heaven (thank you, jassmahn and phoebesmum):

Angels are the lowest ranking members of the heavenly host and act as the messengers and agents of God, divine Fedex but with better uniforms.

Dead people get to chill out on clouds, listening to Lennon and Hendrix jam and getting ready for the annual Heaven/Valhalla tiddlywinks tournament (they used to play softball but it turned out giving big sticks to Vikings isn't the best idea, it's heavenly tiddlywinks, though, so it's actually really good fun).

Saints are dead people who can intercede with God on behalf of the living, like a spiritual lobbying group. So they have to work in the afterlife but you get to chat to God which I suppose is meant to balance it out.

I'm not entirely sure how martyrs fit in, they probably just get a room upgrade or some coupons for halo polish.
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[c] hark! a vagrant! - eat a dick
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i wouldn't have thought of it if gidja hadn't said anything:

I've got the painters in - and no that is an euphemism for the monthly purge of my girly bits - I really do have painters in.
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From a discussion in twinpeaks:

Me: I read that Ben Horne wasn't supposed to die after Doc Hayward hit him - he was just supposed to go back to his old evil self.

cassielsander: Wow. Between that and Nadine changing back after being hit by the sandbag someone on TP definitely subscribed to the Gilligan's Island School of Neuropsychology.
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Northern Exposure to Literature

fantomas71 is looking over his brand-spanking new copy of Writer's Market.

And I reserve the right to make fun of individual publishing houses, which I will be able to do a lot of. For example:
EcceNova Editions. "...this company is founded on the idea of creating a unique library of human knowledge emulating the library of Alexandria..."
...but they only take Canadian submissions, so apparently they want a unique library of human knowledge that is comprehensive in its treatment of backbacon and moose.

Entire post here.

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sea_of_tethys (with permission, duh), on the Universal Nature of Wank:

[The] Parents have decided our synagogue is so full of annoying people that they refuse to be buried with the rest of the community, and are going to get cremated instead. Possibly the ultimate version of 'leaving the fandom'.
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From fanfare, who sums up my thoughts on assholes quite well (From a locked post, quoted with permission)

EDIT: Dear GOD people... way to overreact. As if none of you have ever made a mistake of generalizing before. In any case, fanfare did a follow-up post here to give a shout out to all you gentlemen out there we all know and love. You know who you are. ;) And for those commenting in this thread who WEREN'T assholes about it... you have my love. Thank you and have a nice day, smooch smooch.

Dear Male Population,

I have a few bones to pick with you guys.

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Lion II


From a locked entry with permission and request for anonymity:

Memes are computer viruses that can be transmitted to humans. Please make sure you use a good firewall, thank you!
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America's Next Top Model 3/16/2005 by orbitalocularit

"Since it was revealed earlier that Rebecca would be the lucky lady making out with the better part of the Deliberation Room floor, I couldn't properly fake excitement while jumping out of my seat hooting and hollering "Oh snap! Oh shit! Oh, baby did you see that? Oh, rewind my Tivo." Well, that and I don't have Tivo. But I'd like it. And an HDTV so I can feel like I'm actually sprawling out on model ass and Tyra head. It must be assmazing</q>"

It's an awesome read... better than Television Without Pity's episoditorials! ;-D
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