March 14th, 2005

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First time posting of quotage *waves and smiles*

The ever so delightful rex_dart says this about Episode 3...

I am, however, still angry that Lando has not made it into any of the prequels. I mean, dude, he's Lando. He deserves to turn out to be some sort of immortal deity that single-handedly saves Yoda from certain peril and whisks him away to safety on Dagobah.

The rest can be found here and just must be read :-)

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ellid discusses extremist religious comic-book tracts:

Reminds me of that awful Jack Chick comic where a girl was invited to join a coven upon reaching 8th level in a D&D game. I was terribly disappointed since I started playing D&D in 1979 and never once was invited to do more than go in on a pizza delivery....

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Happygl7 wrote:

"Like what the fuck can I do with my rebel without a cause personality? herhm..... Go to a Hot Topic buy a bunch of hair products, clothes and a bunch of other overpriced items,color my hair red and stand in front of a GAP and talk about how much I hate it....? Oh wait...GAP is the same company that owns Hot Topic! NEVERMIND!!!!"

Aw. My first ever metaquote...

From metaquotes regular apocalypsos in the second part of her blow-by-blow review thingy of Deadly Harvest:

Properly chastised, Dad says, "My daughter's just reminded me of something. We raised her to be a human being." Well, God, I hope so. Could you imagine if they'd raised her to be a llama? Sure, there'd be spit everywhere, but think of all the sweaters!

Read the whole post here:
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Headdesky Trainwreck

It's not the newest post on LJ, but I came across the following in a post that consisted off poorly-researched etymology in a post about having sex with animals.

if everyone was on the exact same interlectual leavel, then we'd all be the same. there'd be no use for further education, talking, storys or livejournal comunities

I'd comment on the several layers of innate irony in such a statement, but words fail.
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On the joys of graduation

My friends who're still in high school got their caps and gowns today.

From faithsdemon in this post.

So I tried on my graduation gown's like shiny, blinding white. I've got cap/gown pictures tomorrow.

...but yeah. Shrugged it on, and was suddenly seized by the undeniable and completely overwhelming urge-

To sing some gospel and shuffle side to side.

So I did.
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poking fun at Star Wars

dangermousie, in response to this picture, one of many from her foray into the many costumes of Amidala.

Ahh, the symbolism! Do you not weep at the depth and meaning of this? For she is in White and he is in Black. Ahhh, the mystery, the sophistication of it! No wonder she gave the kids away. Can you imagine explaining the wedding photos? "Mommy, where is Daddy and why is he wearing a mullet?" "Oh, honey, Daddy is away destroying the Universe, but I have no excuse for the mullet."
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Another from the always-lovely dramaqueenbee (Locked post, quoted with permission):

BTW: synopsis of my SAT essay.
"You should not follow the crowd. Don't let the majority tell you what to do. Think for yourself. Like Abraham Lincoln! Lincoln is cool. He did lots of things. He thought for himself."
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how happy is the blameless vestal's lot

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from a public post:
niarbehtnozyob on that annoying "pretty khaki" commercial & Sarah Jessica Parker:

And let's not forget the Shit Brown hair color she's sporting in those godawful Garnier Fructrisse commercials, with real grapeseed and avocado extract of course. If I wanted to wash my hair with food, I'd fill my Pert Plus bottle with apple juice. Just give me chemicals please.

the rest is here.
Book of Mormon - spooky Mormon hell drea

Quoted with permission but with a request for anonymity

Since he took the bus to the concert I said I'd give him a ride back to his house since it wasn't that far away by car. We talked for a bit and at some point I mentioned the term "rice queen." The conversation follows:

J: What's that? (I was a bit surprised to hear that since he's gay and asian.)
Me: You don't know what a rice queen is?!
J: asian guy who is queeny?
Me: Not's most commonly known as a white guy who is exclusively attracted to asian guys.
J: Oh...I guess that makes sense.
Me: Yeah...

What I wanted to say but didn't, "You are an asian guy who just moved to SF. If you don't know what a rice queen is then you'll find out soon enough."
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