March 11th, 2005

Hurrah for the ferocious Mirror Kitten!

cadhla entertains us with her description of her new kitten's response to a full-length mirror:

Mirror Kitten had the audacity and the unmitigated gall to come into Lilly's hotel room, and into the presence of Lilly's people. Mirror Kitten clearly had to die.

Lilly stalked Mirror Kitten with great seriousness and patience. She lurked just out of view of the mirror, then charged for the glass, hoping to take Mirror Kitten by surprise (she never did). She puffed up her fur and growled at the mirror (it didn't help). She literally
leapt into the air and beat at the mirror with her paws, showing claws. Again, to no avail. Mirror Kitten was unperturbed.

The entire post is delightful.
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Anxious, Klaus Baudelaire

Survival of the Snarky

From a customers_suck comment here on a post about a senior girl who apparently needed an explaination of the difficult and painful concept: book.

Survivor: Library.

"The doors have been sealed and will not be opened for a month. On the shelves, distributed randomly among normal tomes, are hollowed-out volumes containing food, weapons, and supplies. Some will contain riddles which, when solved, reveal coordinates leading to other caches. Your first coordinates are 312.5, 717.36, 450.30, and 889.92. Three of them contain beans, one of them contains a Madagascar hissing cockroach which you will then have to eat. Some of you may not even make it out of the first round, for the realm of Dewey is treacherous and requires cunning and endurance. Go."

Thank you powerrad.
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the cookie still crumbles

From a post by charles on the politics of premixed versus handmade

Cookies: an Interior Monologue

“There. Forty-eight chocolate-chip cookies, all ready for Chocolate Friday”

“Forty-six. You ate two.”

“They were only small ones. Quality control.”

“Isn’t forty-eight a lot of cookies?”

“Well, yes, but I’m hoping that I can make up in volume for my total lack of effort.”

The rest of the post is here
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Terrors of a Techie

overkated replies to my post about being a stage manager and saying that I'm on my way to "Actorsarestupidville":

Actorsarestupidville is 40 miles west of Bitcheswithegosthinktheyarerulelife. Not a nice town, but they have a Cracker Barrel.
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Tony works (by matilda7)

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j_guda is having an argument with herself.

Brain: I want to read ____.

Logic: You just read it three weeks ago! Find something new. Or something you haven't re-read in a long time.

Brain: I want to read ____.

Logic: No. STFU. Here's a book you bought a year ago, because you really wanted to read it, and you haven't read yet.

Brain: I'm going to read ____. And next I'll read ----. Even though I've read it a million times and I just re-read it a month ago.

Logic: MFG. Why do I even bother?

Brain: I don't know. How 'bout some Cheetos?

Logic: Fuck off. But leave the Cheetos here.