March 10th, 2005

Silly Walks by DramaGirl42

"If you ain't got Mojo Nixon your store could use some fixin'!"

Though Nopa is not on LJ, he comments on many and this really does suit our little community well and I felt it warrented posting. ;)

"What does a guy do at this late hour when he's not sleepy? He works on songs. He works on songs until his eyes start to sag, that's how he knows. He sings (quietly, so as not to disturb his neighbors), he writes, he plays, he criticizes himself for his lack of imagination and his lack of lyrics. He tells himself over and over to sing about something else... to sound less like a depressed Billy "I'm So Cool Because I Was in Smashing Pumpkins and My New Band Name Sucks" Corrigan that learned how to sing(ish), with lyrics that are about as creative as Lenny "I Used to Have Cool Hair and Now I have Lost My Culturally-Defiant Identity" Kravitz's Fly Away. And the music, oh Lord the music... It was a wonderful train wreck of dissonance and harmony. Minors mixed with majors mixed with diminished 9ths and raised fifths with just a splash of "add7" for that "I'm in a band in the 90's" flair." - The Nopa
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Meta-meta: tying up dancing Spidy!

A meta-Metaquote from this post, by sandwichartist7.

"awww, everyone is so polite on lj! Not stealing an icon even though... how would anyone know?

Although you might be over-ridden with guilt after stealing it. You'd never know if someone else was watching when you used it. You'd have to peek around every corner of the internet to be sure no one saw. Or perhaps you'd keep dancing spidy icon bound and gaged and all alone in the depths of your computer only to dance for you when you KNOW you are alone!"

(mmm . . . bound and gagged Spidy!!)
la la la...I can't hear you

Two quotes!

The first one's a meta-meta, from this thread on this post. viciousberries waxes lyrical:

If you look like a monkey, you have got to say,
OMG racecar, bling bling that’s the way
If you wanna be teh kewliez, you have got to give,
six year olds are funny, and that's the way it is

I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want,
So tell me what you want, what you really really want,
Iwanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really
really really wanna racecar bling bling

And later, on her own journal:

I think I did it again
I pastede my hed, on bodies of friends
Oh baby
oh emm gee racecar bling bling
But now all your base, are belong to us
'Cause one-three-three-seven
That is just so typically me
Oh baby, baby
Oops!...I did it again
and now all your base, are belong to us
Oh baby, baby
Ooh! Emmgee racecar bling bling
and all your base, are belong to us
I’m not that innocent.
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Horses and Camels and Monkeys, Oh My!

This is from aplaceinthestar's entry here.

So, most people know I'm hearing-challenged (among other retardations). This is my brilliance of the day.

I'm puttering around in my room. Amber (next door) has on her country music real loud. Like, obnoxiously loud. And I hate country. I'm trying to avoid listening to it when some song comes in with the annoyingly over used phrase: "Save a horse, ride a cowboy." But noooo. El brain hears "Save a horse, ride a camel." A camel? I mean, for fuck's sake! That's retarded even for me.

In another totally unrelated thing that I'm sure no one will understand. Teh train of logic for today..."Going to class...eww puddle...god it's cold...boys playing frisbee on the lawn...hey, there's a boy hanging from that tree...he looks like a monkey...OMG racecar bling bling..."

What the fuck, mate? I've been spending far too much time in metaquotes, methinks.
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Doom and Suzi, Outta my hay!, you Hitler!, wtf

(no subject)

rhinecat, in stupidpetowners:

Unicornoodles for sale...

I have one of the rarest mixes around. These are NON sheeding Unicorns, and keep their horns all year round. They have wonderful coats and are hypo-allergenic.

Champion lines and european bloodlines (One of the unicorn's grandpappy's actually won something one time or something like that when yugoslavia was a country)
Designer Breed - so they gotta be healthy right?
I'll be charging $3500 because I want them to go to good homes only.
These are the smartest and brightest around. You won't find anything smarter!!!
These are CKC registered (since the CKC will register anything with four legs)
Raised with kids, cats, imps and fairys.
Grandmother owned by Paris Hilton's cousin's ugly step-sister.

They are GUARANTEED to keep your tweens and teens virginal until their prince arrives. Don't waste your money on the countless badly bred purebreds, and mix breeds... instead waste your money on a unicornoodle and be the envy of the universe.
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From Sand Nomad's Journal

For background, he's a private contractor in Iraq.

I was sitting in me tub, having a scrub. Paying special attention to me toes. And mid way thru "row row row your boat" I hear a not so gently, similar volley of fire coming from down the bloody stream, only this time it was multi directional. Next thing I know this guy is pounding on the bathroom door for me to get him a gun. I'm naked in the tub so of course I have a gun but he's working out at my house and lives across the street, and so is unarmed. So unlock the bathroom and run to my room, pistol in hand and little else. Throw him my rifle and throw on my body armour and ammunition vest. Jump into my boots and go back to the bathroom for me towel.

So, clad in a towel and boots, him with my rifle me with me pistol and the ammo for both we clear the street down to the same corner a block away and asses the situation again.

Read the whole thing here

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In this post, crevette comments that a coworker's fashion choices don't exactly match her physique.

I'm pushing 40 HARD, and if I'm pushing 40 HARD, you WERE pushing it but slipped and it ran over you. Then it backed up. And it hit you on the way back, kicked sand in your face and bitchslapped you face down into the mud. And then it went forward and ran over you again. And then it backed up. And then it ran over you again, this time stopping to spin its wheels on you a few times--no doubt causing those aformentioned unsightly bulging stretchmarks

The whole thing behind the cut. Collapse )

kadorienne speculates: Dorothy's friends as Friends Of Dorothy?

Slash writer mosellegreen says:

"The only one of the Oz books I've actually read is The Marvelous Land of Oz, and it is one of the gayest, slashiest books I've ever read. We've got an all-female army, a transsexual (who transforms via magic rather than surgery), enough male foppishness that Dorian Red Gloria would be inconspicuous among them, and let me assure you, Scarecrow/Tin Man is entirely canon."

She displays the evidence here.

I must say, I agree. It more than rivals George Manville Fenn or the stuff on scans_daily for sheer oblivious gay subtext.
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KOFU Glace

(no subject)

xoverau, in a comment to hammerhead22's post about a client with "hold preaching" instead of Muzak:

I got a call from a guy the other day who wanted to make sure that we were not affiliated with any "homosexual organizations". My first thought was "How can an organization be homosexual? Omg NATO/UN OTP!"

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Professor Deadpan is upset that his silly picture has been taken off the school website. He was ranting about it in chem.

PD: Clearly, they can't make it look like teachers are allowed to have a sense of humor. Especially not in the science department. Oh, no. But I mean, I'm sure they'll put another one back up eventually. Of me, going like this. *makes angry face* "SCIENCE IS SCARY! RAAAAH!"

Poor PD. We tried to cheer him up, but he just started stomping around the classroom like a dinosaur making his angry face and occasionally roaring at Bunsen burners.

- jean_prouvaire
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janesy about the new Star Wars trailer:

The trailer's jammed with ships and 'splosions and Ewan and Hayden and the dude playing the future Emperor (excellent imitation of Ian McDiarmid) and Natalie Portman isn't allowed to muck it up by speaking and instead just looks sad and then cries like the little intergalactic bitch that she is and lightsabering and Ewan looking tres angsty and screaming, "YOU WERE THE CHOSEN ONE!!!!" And then I take a moment to think he's screaming that at me and then we, like, totally make up and make out in the back of a Jedi Master S.U.V. or something.
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