March 9th, 2005

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pilarcruz is very happy about coming back to the States after living in Korea:

That being said, I'm coming back in June so throw open wide the doors of your liquor cabinets. The streets will be awash with my vomit!

I am going to eat as much American food as I can. Oh, I will stuff myself with steak and Mexican food and gain back every single pound I've lost here in Korea. I will be fat fat fat. And happy.

When NBC and TDS collide

(from a conversation in my locked LJ post about Brian Williams' appearance on the Daily Show last night. Summary of their exchange by sparkofmyteens:)

Jon: OMG WTF j00 suxx0rz!
Brian: stfu n00b you = WRONG.
Jon: We = fake. j00 r teh n00b.
Brian: *pithy remark*
Jon: stfu, we still pwnz j00.
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Heart of glass

Getting the point across with teh funneh

"Far be it from me, the original Crackfic Queen, to dictate to anyone what they should or shouldn’t write. So please don’t think I’m doing that. Go right ahead and write whatever pairing, scenario or universe you want and have fun. Write mutants, vampires, wingfic, orgies, first-times, hobbits and mutated vampiric hobbits flying to their first orgy (please) but don't expect the rest of us to swoon over it. Not because that's some far-out shit right there, but because YOU haven't sold us on ANY of it."
~ singeaddams, here, on fanficrants
He is Risen!


epi_lj pays more attention to his local temperature than what it says on the calendar:
I've seen a number of "Spring has sprung!" and "Post the signs you use to tell it's spring!" posts lately. I'd just like to note for the record that during my walk from home to the subway station this morning, it was -25°C (-13°F). Thank you. (I will now return to attempting to search for the remainder of my face.)

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From mock_the_stupid, by m31andy link here.
Someone was described as being so far in the closet that he can see Narnia, and a side discussion was begun as to the difference or similarity between a closet and a wardrobe:-

"And, of course, whereas gays come out of the closet, it's transvestites that come out of the wardrobe."

Which I think sums it up nicely.
atu by <lj user= "antonella87">

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bobbola on this article in a friends-locked post (quoted with permission)

Eaten raw, the human digestive system will convert part of it into cyanide. Two cassava roots contain enough to be fatal. That makes me wonder... How did they figure it out?

Person 1: "This plant looks interesting, I'm going to eat it... whoops, I'm dead"
Person 2: "That dude died eating that plant. maybe if I beat it with a stick, then eat it... whoops I'm dead"
After like, 20 people died, it became a quest to digest this plant, for it was tasty, then someone decided to cook it but then it was undercooked, so they're like, "whoops we can't cook it" and then some dude is like "let's try cooking it MORE" and everyone is like, "what are you? retarded?" so they made him eat the final product then he became batman.

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It all begins with setsuna losing her faith in humanity because of bad writing.

"A fantasy that’s based on ancient Greece should not have characters swearing with “Jesus Christ!”

No. I refuse to believe it. I don't have enough faith in humanity left to be faced with the reality of that."

Which leads to wanderingbhikkh saying this bit of genius:

"*takes out his pointer*

This man, class, has never heard of Xena: Warrior Princess.

*points to sesana*

Now to review:

El dog. *points to a puppy*
El crazador. *points to a writer*
This man has never heard of Xena: Warrior Princess. *points to sesana*"

Teh legal stuff: From a f-locked journal, posted with limyaael's permission.

Paging Dr. Al Cohol

Get a cold beer. Press against sore area for five minutes. Take a drink. Press against cold area for another five minutes. Take a drink. Repeat until sore area is numb or until you are too drunk to care.

~nerd_cake's advice on how to soothe my sore ribs, here.
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