March 7th, 2005

26th birthday

Messing with the Moms

revdj and his wife are expecting:

Yesterday, the L. got an ultrasound. We found out Collapse ) I left identical messages on my mother's answering machine, and my mother-in-law's.

"Hi, this is Doug, I hope you can hear me okay, the cell-phone has *kkhhhkkt* been giving problems. Anyway, Laurel and I just got back from *kkhhhkkt* having an ultrasound. The lady told us the gender of the baby, but said it is a little too early to be positive. But it *kkhhhkkt* looks like you are going to be the grandmother of a beautiful ba-" and I hung up.

Ho ho ho. I am a bastard.
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Big-Eyed Spook

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In a post by caribou:
What's the world coming to?
Britney Spears got a Kabbalah tattoo. And the dumb bitch got the four letters of the Name of God (YHWH) backwards in Hebrew.

Comment by blackgarden:
If she tattooed herself with the name of God backwards, does that mean she's a tool of the devil? Or just a tool?

caribou's response:
If she's a tool of the devil, then Lucifer may want to reconsider who's in charge in the hiring departments of hell.
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posted by my buddy </a></b></a>demonicman. for reference, Kohin and Bailey are his cousins, Susan is their mom, and miles is bailey's friend.

Michael: kohin, my mom, and i are all standing in the dining room
Michael: susan too
Michael: my mom asks where bailey is
Michael: susan: oh hes at miles
Michael: kohin: hes always at miles
Michael: me: when you see him ask him if hes always at miles because they are butt buddies
Michael: kohin: ok
Michael: my mom and susan: dont teach him that!
Michael: i may only see them like once a week but i leave a lasting impression
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Butterfly: Blue

(no subject)

seals memorized a long time ago, I just want the sequences needed for jutsu.

all I can do is frog summoning and Sasuke's fireball. it makes me sad.

but no one at school knows the difference so I just Chidori them with a frog ;P

From cup_kun on this post about the wonder of knowing how to do naruto ninja hand seals. XD
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The Mysterious Cat Hunting Mandate

From a post by nihilistic_kid about Wisconsin allowing the hunting of feral cats:
...who on Earth is chomping at the bit for this? Is it the put upon hunter who after years of laying away game sits down at the dinner table, stares down at his plate and sighs, then says "Venison again?" Dog people, or perhaps dogs themselves, who recently dressed themselves in midget and/or puppet suits and staggered, two-legged, into a Wisconsin CCC meeting to pack it? "Root ruh rats!"

I think I can understand this

paisley_ca and metsubosnap in a discussion in this post on bad_sex

paisley_ca: What's up with men lately? Is there too much estrogen in the water? I've noticed that the vast majority of them would rather watch TV or play Halo than have a fuckfest. I would say my drive is average to high, but what the hell? Most of the guys I know are so disinterested, it baffles me.

metsubosnap: Maybe it's because over the last forever women have been telling guys they don't want it, and they finally took the hint, and then "OMG WE WERE JUST KIDDING YOU GUYS COME BACK :("
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From the "Because it's true department"

From the journal of teareaux
A Short History of Medicine

I have an earache:

2000 B.C.

Here, eat this root.

1000 A.D.

That root is heathen. Here, say this prayer.

1850 A.D.

That prayer is superstition. Here, drink this potion.

1940 A.D.

That potion is snake oil. Here, swallow this pill.

1985 A.D.

That pill is ineffective. Here, take this antibiotic.

2000 A.D.

That antibiotic is artificial. Here, eat this root.
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CATS, rock on

For Great Justice

In wtf_inc, I make an assertion that the Internet thought that it had seen the last of the "All Your Base" phenomenon.

nachtritter proves me wrong with this lovely rebuttal:

What you say!

Cats is never going nowhere no time!

Cats is rule!

All your base are belong to us, all your base have been belong to us, and all your base WILL are remain belong to us! All time!

You hear.

Good now make your time because you have no chance to survive.
aladdin - pretty jasmine

(no subject)

starkodama describes a trip to Ninja Akasaka, a "ninja restaurant" in Tokyo:

I had an adventure when my ninja bladder became full and I had to go to the ninja restroom. I asked a friendly ku no ichi where it was and she directed me to a mysterious hall with two doors: one had a shuriken on it, and one had a slightly more decorated shuriken on it. I had no fucking clue which one was my bathroom. I felt like Indy in The Last Crusade. So finally I chose the door with the more decorated shuriken.

I chose........ poorly. The guy at the ninja urinal was not happy.

Birds of a feather . . .

As I was leaving, I looked up at this sign for the burger joint on the corner...they have one of those owl statues up there, to keep the piggins away. Well it doesn't work, cuz there was a piggin sittin right next to it, just mellowing out. I could hear the conversation in my mind..."You know what I like about you Fred? You are always there to listen to me, never judge."

--arielography, taking in the sights here.
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I am unreasonable

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mkvl3, in a friends-locked entry, with permission:

i don't know how many times i've said this but ..

odio a personas!!
odio le persone!!
odeio as pessoas!!
je déteste les gens!!
Ich hasse Leute!!
jeg hater folk!!
Ik haat mensen!!
я ненавижу людей!!
i be hatin' on peeps yo!!
iay atehay eoplepay!!
mu' motlhqu' 'oH i'e' 'ej vaj wIpolHa'!!