March 6th, 2005

Automotive desires.

thm expounds on the subject of what he wants in terms of transportation:

"What do you want to find in a sports car?"

The keys, mostly. And a Victoria's Secret model with loose morals. And a wad of cash. And an Apple laptop. You know, the usual extras. Not that much.

A worthy dream.
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Professor Oak

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Quote from creednick who was, in turn, quoting someone else, in what is likely an endless cycle of credit-giving that I stopped caring about a while ago.

“In the crease of my pants I found little pieces of Pringles, and I ate them. It was a shameful thing to do.”
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Internet Pregnancy

I assure you, my apathy about contraceptives in fanfic will not get me pregnant. No e-sperm will swim down my lusty internet connection, pierce my throbbing firewall, and violate my personal copyright.

Sorry to disappoint.

xero_sky</s> here.
B&amp;W Splash

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Shoot me if this breaks the rules to the point where you feel the need to shoot me...or just delete the post...that works too...

Not on LiveJournal, but extremely funny none the less...

Found on the forum, in this thread:

Moderator posted March 06, 2005 10:20 AM
what i really mean to say is, shut up you dirty elitist communist.
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soimpossible414, in a post in mock_the_stupid mocking an idiot who spoke up in a health class discussion about birth control, adds at the end:

In case anyone was wondering, the product in question was not effective against STD's, and thus would only be useful for preventing pregnancy, which (except in some fanfiction) gay men do not have to worry about.
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the background hum
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Marauder finds an article about yaoi...

These mainstream press articles really amuse me; having been in fandom so long, it's almost like reading an article that talks about Fig Newtons, a new trend in snack food. What is the psychology behind why people want to eat Fig Newtons? What do they say about the nature of human appetite? Do Fig Newtons accurately represent real preserved-fig and bready-covering relationships?

--marauderthesn, with commentary on the magazine article here
in flight

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Wrote fictualities, in a post in hp100:

Rating/Warning: R? Cut for sex of the most distantly implied kind. You won't even know it's there without an Innuendo Divining Rod. In fact, the drabble is so delicate and refined that it makes people vaguely uncomfortable.

First line of the fic?

The sex wasn't perfect.

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spidersilken_ai rants about religious wristbands.

So, I was at the store the other day and saw these biblical plastic wristbands with religious messages on them. Stuff like; "Keep The Faith", "Jesus Saves", "Jesus Loves Me!" One wristband just had one word on it; "Push" and I thought; "Push what? Keep pushing your religion down the throats of those who could care less? Push my buttons? Because that certainly did the trick. Push your progaganda so sweaty-faced television preachers can open God's Amusment Park and buy a new diamond-studded collar for Miffie?"
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erinpuff, in a locked post, about the effect her music might produce on her brother and his girlfriend:

I hope if they're in his room they can hear my music. Because making out to the Verdi Requiem... "OMG DOOM DOOM DEATH LATIN DEATH DOOM!" "Whee, let's make out."
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what&#39;sthat--by me

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Over on southbend, the mod has to get involved:

But 10_96 how do I know if something is offensive? Well, if a devil and an angel show up on your shoulders, you get a chill down your spine, an eye twitch or you sneeze after completing the post, or even a gut feeling, you might want to consider the L.J. cut.

To which sgpr701 replies

In regards to the "gut feeling" lines.

What if I have a sudden fear of Armageddon when I'm contemplating hitting the "Post" button?

What if a sudden urge to make some Ramen hits as I am about to hit the "Post" button?

What if I feel that everyone else should think like I do and thus conform to my standards and create my own utopia of thought and action as I am about to hit the "post" button?

What if I think to myself What a wonderful world as I am about to hit the "post" button?

What if I thought this comment was nothing more than a way to say you're welcome and a minor annoyance to be taken as a complete joke and a rather half-assed attempt at I am about to hit the "post" button.

Which I just did....awwwww yeah....