March 5th, 2005

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Stay Crazy! I Will Find You!

The week in WEIRD.
DISCLAIMER OF THE WEEK: I have never used Frienditto. I have never inhaled. I have never caressed the fingers of enemies, lazily, while smirking at pissed-off lovers. I have never knowingly been part of a Marxist Revolution, or a neo-liberal commie organization. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but I thought I should put it out there, in case you all are losing sleep about this. (I've also never worn aqua, Honorificus. And I know you're proud of me for that.)

-- butterflykiki, at the beginning of a "Why I love Fandom Even Though We're All Insane Manifesto here
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darkrosetiger cuts right through an entire fandom debate to get to the most important point, here:

If the authors who write gay men as the worst sort of weeping, swooning Victorian caricatures of women start writing lots of fic with black characters, my "to be bitchslapped" list will get too big to fit on my Palm.
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natwwal: What would happen if Harry fell in love with Buffy but she was in love with Frodo but it turns out that Frodo is gay and really loves Spiderman who is secretly smitten by Hermione?

Ever wonder that? No? Me neither.

ari_o (fiancee of above): I never should have explained what slash was to you.