March 4th, 2005

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Fandom, beware!

ldyknight comments on the dangers of introducing your college roommate to the Buffyverse:

"I think my roommate has hit maximum Buffy capacity. She declared this afternoon that she is a vampire, and spent 5 minutes standing in the hallway trying to convince me to invite her in. When I wouldn't, she announced that she heard a stuffed animal invite her.

So it would seem that the vampire she turned in to is Drusilla.

Not quite sure how I feel about this development."

Quoted with permission, but the anal-retentive meddling with typos is all mine. I need help - they say admitting your problem is the first step toward recovery.
dear me
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Me, I don't care what the bathroom says. Male, Female, Women, Men, Carbon, Silicon... I just want more of them. There's never any public bathrooms in the city. Pain in the... well, you know.

--conuly, here.
Internet ridiculous

When you start making real life adventures into an assassin roleplay...

From this post by andromedashun, where she's turned a real-life episode into a Weiss Kreuz roleplay mission as Kudou Yohji. The rest is pretty good, especially if you understand the references to the anime.

So then we started seeing random semi's parked on every off ramp we passed. Creepy as fuck. Yep. We began to suspect a conspiracy. Especially when a pack of four wild semi's boxed us in at one point. One pulled in behind us and Siberian freaked. So yeah, we booked it. And the mission was a total failure. Besides, ya getting high. Entirely *not* our fault.

Oh, and just an extra comment, they were getting high on whipped cream and double shot espressos.
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By emkatc in this entry:

I had a weird crochet dream last night.

It involved some people sitting around playing a weird hybrid Dungeons and Dragons crochet game. They used stitches to battle and in their "fight" they were actually making something.

"2 double crochets does 4 hit points to your 3 single crochets!!" and so on. It was very odd.

Yes, I dream in crochet.
stewie- fuck you

drama withdrawl....

jameth makes a post explaining why is being redirected to his blog. Turns out shares a box with frienditto- which is being overloaded due to a rumor.

batmoon replies with: "I shared the same box with this guy once. It was kinda hot, but I think we killed her."

I dunno, maybe I'm easily amused, but it got me laughing pretty good.

or maybe I've just had too much to drink :)
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versipellis, in reply to my post complaining about Hewlett Packard's (or 'HP' as I was calling it as I didn't - and still don't - know how to spell Hewlett) absolutely crap 'on-hold' music:

Harry Potter's on-hold music sucks?
"Hi. You have reached the Potter Hotline. If you are reporting a sighting of the Dark Lord, please press one..."
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