March 3rd, 2005



murasadramon says, in this entry:

Kim Jong Il is the kind of guy I expect to see at Anthrocon walking around with a shirt that reads, "I am a yiffy foxxxy. Ask me how!"

(For those who don't know, Anthrocon is one of the major Furry conventions, and 'yiffy' is obnoxious fandom slang for, well... you know...)
Old Eye-Lazers


By sclerotic_rings, here:

The lesson for today: There's lies, there's damned lies, and then there's statistics. Straddling them all like the Colossus of Rhodes is the information gleaned from LJ quizzes.
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faerieworlds be read aloud...

from meowse in a public post... the comments are worth a look too.

I was talking to my boss today about eXtreme Programming, or "XP", one of whose core practices is what they call "test-driven development." And I hate doing test-driven development. So my boss and I were discussing test-driven development, and how much I hate doing it. And I said,

"Well, I've never liked doing test-driven development. I guess it's just a failure in my XP-ness."

Fortunately for the social awkwardness index in the room, we both started laughing at precisely the same instant, while he said "Your what?" and I said "That did not come out at all the way I meant it to..."

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Says I in a locked community post:

Edited for clarification. I originally posted only what I felt was pertinent to the meta-quoted comment.

Original post from locked community post:

"After a lovely [note sarcasm] stressful morning, I'm standing on the bus headed back to the office.

"NO FAT CHICKS. I'm gonna get that printed on a t-shirt so I don't have to look at tubs of lard like her."[this was not said by me, but was directed AT me.]

Gee, thanks.

Some people should have their tongues cut out at birth, so they don't speak the stupid thoughts they think. As if just not looking wouldn't solve the problem."

Quoth crayon_goddess in a comment thread:
Right. Because tee shirts solve problems.

I'm gonna get one made that says "NO CANCER," and all the free radicals will just disappear. Chemo will be obsolete. Can't wait. I'm getting out my iron-on transfers now.
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pacific ocean

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merulina in pottersues discusses a disease many of us are forced to helplessly watch as it takes its course.

I see that this Hermione suffers from "Constant Flashback Syndrome", or CFS. CFS is a serious and debilitating problem, one that is often seen in Sue-fiction. The more common strain is known as "Labeled Constant Flashback Syndrome" (LCFS) in which the reader often encounters text reading "***FLASHBACK***", or something similar, warning them of the on-coming attack. The type of CFS seen here is known as "Indistinguishable Constant Flashback Syndrome" (ICFS), in which the Suethor mistakenly believes that s/he has flawlessly woven flashbacks into the narrative. However, these flashbacks are often indistinguishable from the normal action of the story, until the reader is already immersed in them and thus trapped. The symptoms of one exposed to a character suffering from ICFS are confusion, revulsion, nausea and the unquenchable desire to spork.
sacred heart

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I know, I know, another meta-meta, and I've given props to this one in-thread already, but I couldn't resist. STILL makes me giggle.

demented_pants, re: Emmy Rossum's singing voice, from this thread:

Until she hits the first low note and segues into "If I were the king of the forest."
Kyouya - Outside the Lines

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In this post about horrible typos:

bpcslave: hormaones = When Fanficcers portray Harry Potter characters as tarts.
differenet = An alternate web connection.
fololowing = Having a group of people who find everything you say hilarious.
betwee = To make annoyingly cute.
boidy = New York pigeon.
bolld = To be made into a crap film from a good video game.

samimnot also comments: Fololowing. It's like lmaonade.

As a funny sidenote, I accidentally submitted this to mock_the_stupid at first. No wonder it told me my post would be moderated...

EDIT: Yes, ahahah, I spelled 'accidentally' wrong.
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neev brings the closest thing the internet has to a moral dilemma (well, apart from 'to slash or not to slash') in this thread:

Actually, I think f_w would implode if Hitler had a webcomic. I mean, how do you deal with Godwin's law when it IS Hitler?
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When primatology studies clash with a love of Harry Potter...

Me: I've pretty much decided on what I'm doing for fieldwork - I think I'll study captive gibbon social behaviour. Which I could technically do in a zoo here, but Borneo will be much more exciting. Have just realised that this will entail being in a jungle hut when "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" comes out. Must hope that the nearest village has an English-language bookstore, ha ha ha.

jennyanydots21: There are many reasons why I prefer civilisation to jungle huts (plumbing being the main one) but I admit it sounds like a larf, so I'm sure I could put up with it. But missing HBP would be the last straw. I'd run amok with straws in my hair, trying to get the primates to write fanfiction for me.
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When Ferrets Cry

"...if I hadn't heard the oven meow..."

In this hysterical cooking story (that's a bit too long to quote) by cleolinda, ewacat comments with her own hilarious story:
In my time, I've burnt pasta, accidentally let a cat into an oven (it wasn't on, but if I hadn't heard the oven meow...), put my hand down on a hot hob (I knew it was hot, I'd just used it, there's nothing I can say in my defence), put bacon into a toaster because I got it confused with bread (and when I tried to get it out again I broke both the toaster and the fork I was using -.-;), set my hair on fire when I lit a match for a gas stove and forgot I was holding said match, tested to see if instant coffee can burn with another match and ended up setting fire to myself and a tea towel (but not the coffee), boiled cheese to find out what happens, made hot chocolate that turned out green, almost put a mouse into a cake mix (it was sitting in the sugar), sat down on one birthday cake and two christmas puddings (not all at once) and best of all, made unbreakable cantucci that we dropped one by one from the roof of our house onto the road without breaking any. My dad called them Mutantucci. I get no respect.

My little sister makes excellent apple crumble.

So, yes. Beergnets? The sort of thing I'd do, but with class.
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