March 2nd, 2005

Red Sag


The only thing dee_emm misses is a swallow....

Yup, we chopped the coconut in half and emptied it - it took about two hours work, drinking the juice, sawing the coconut (with an actual saw!), washing the coconut and emptying it with a spoon. But now, we have two fully functional and bangable coconuts. Hoolay!!!

For some reason, I laughed muchly :)
[c] hark! a vagrant! - eat a dick
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notstevewaugh ponders the future:

I decided today that when I grow up I want to be a nurse
a nurse during wartime
like a character from a Hemingway novel

I also decided that italian food is definitely my favourite food

and therefore I want to be a nurse during wartime in Italy

since I love fish somewhere around the Lago Maggiore would be great
but I'm flexible

should I get a nurse's degree first
or study italian
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Doctor Science

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bravecows had fun in school:

Today in English (which is not the same as Eng. Lit. -- involves a great deal more grammar), we had a discussion about literature. It went like this:

Ottery: Shakespeare was gay!
Rest of class: *expressions of disbelief*
Ottery: Yes, Sonnet 18 was written for a guy!
Teacher: Well, that's one theory . . .
Various skeptics: But Shakespeare was married! He had a son!
Me: Yes, that proves it! Because gay people can't have kids, you know. 'S true. The gay germs get into their sperm, and it makes them sterile, so if people have kids it proves they aren't gay --
During my discourse the class has descended into chaos, which however only half-explains what the Piglet proceeds to say.
The Piglet: Wait, so two men can have a baby together?
Me: Ah! *holding up a finger* But only if they aren't gay! Because if you're gay, the gay germs get into your sperm and --
Various concerned friends: Shut up, [bravecows].
The Piglet: No, seriously --
Teacher: CEASE!

Which is the most fun I ever get in English nowadays, alas. *sigh*
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Note to Baby

serenityone is getting a trifle impatient for her baby:

Dear Dmitri,
You are NOT allowed to stay in there forever, I don't care how comfortable you are, it's a million times nicer out here. AND mommy's joints are very tired, and it would all get better if you would just c'mon out. I even got your carseat today. Grandma's here, we're totally ready for you, I even have a little baby rubber duckie for you to play with/eat. I would really really really like for you to come this week, so if you'll do that for me, I'll spoil you rotten. Want a pony? I'll give you a pony!
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A mock_the_stupid post including this link (From
"Four Bangladeshi infants have appeared in court in their parents' arms accused of looting and causing criminal damage."
) garnered the following comment:

Imagine the scene when they showed up to arrest the babies.

Police: "Baby Babykins, you're under arrest!" *slaps on handcuffs*

Baby: "Gah!" *slips handcuffs off and plays with them*

Police: "I suppose we'd better add 'resisting arrest' to your crimes."
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random hornblower art...

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crantz fills me in on some Tolkien roleplaying tips here

to properly play rohirrim, you must remember these five things:

Rohirric line of thought:

1) I like horses
2) Fuck the brunettes
3) I am a manly man with long flowing gold locks and my very own pony just like Barbie
4) Can I eat it? Can I kill it?
5. I like horses.
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Groucho Marx

I love my friends so much!

"So now I'm at home, drinking lots of fluids, going to the bathroom lots, and taking Levaquin, which the pharmacist has told me is the Cadillac of antibiotics. I have wondered though, if in a situation like this, a Caddy is what one really requires. Maybe instead of something shiny with an impressive name, something efficient with a low environmental impact is more useful, like the Smart car of antibiotics - small, effective, and cost-efficient. More of a medication that just gets the job done, rather than one that insists upon making a statement of decadence. Maybe something that doesn't make me so lightheaded." - fenchurch827
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