February 27th, 2005

amy laughs

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I would like to re-enact a scene for you, one which I like to call, "Every Damn Time I Enter Our Bathroom".

Bathroom: *is dark*
Katie: *approaches*
Precariously Placed Grooming Crap: Shit guys...the Katie, she is coming! Fire our shit!
Katie: *approachapproach*
Katie: ...*flicks lightswitch*
Kamikaze Nail Polish: MUHAMMAD JIHAD!
Katie: akfjdsf;fklajdf;asa *floor*

blessed be

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A funny occurrence:
A lady stopped to let us cross the road to the theater.
I waved a "thank you".....and forget that I had a pentagram drawn thick and large on my palm*.
I think I scared the bajesus out of AND BACK INTO her.

* for a photo-op with the poster(Cursed), as I am a dork who likes horror movies. I'm also a pagan dork with a tendency to doodle on her own hands, so it was bound to happen eventually.

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ansis in a small rant hits a nail,.. and still hears "not me!!"

probably only funny to some,..:)

"A few words of advice. If you are pissed off with someone either tell them why and make up or cut them off and forget about them, or suck it up and get on with it. Don't indulge in petty vendettas, don't suddenly ignore them, don't backstab or incite to backstab, or do little guerilla attacks out of the jungle. It's juvenile. Grow up folks, online isn't a fucking playground you know, unless you're under 12, so stop acting like developmentally delayed 6 year olds and behave like adults most of us here are. It might be a nice surprise for some of you how much more you get out of life if you do."

This is from both of us, but she said it much better than I could.

In other news, there isn't nearly enough that can be done about badfic. Not the kind of badfic that's just point-and-laugh, but the kind of badfic that has people inexplicably thinking it's good. I mean, you can go to the post in question and go SMITE!, except then the author and her friends come back and are like SMITE! in return, and you're like SMITE TIMES TEN! and they're SMITE TIMES A HUNDRED, SO THERE! and you're all SMITE TIMES INFINITY, NEENER! and you all wind up on fandom_wank where they make funny icons about you. Or about each other. They're equal opportunity like that.

~ jennaria
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drazzi's "fake lj-cut" rant:

Collapse ) is a lj-cut.
It is made by going <</b>lj-cut text="Stuff">Stuff<</b>/lj-cut>

( This ) is a FAKE!lj-cut.
It is a LINK that is diguised to look like a lj-cut. It is made by going <</b>b>( <</b>a href=http://www.url.com>Stuff<</b>/a> )<</b>/b>

This is NOT a fake LJ cut because it's a fucking LINK and looks nothing like a LJ cut.

( this is not a fake LJ cut ) because it is ALL a link and has no bold. You're nearly there, but not quite.

That is all. Do not call your LJ-cuts fake and do not call your LINKS fake lj-cuts or whatever. I will get so pissed off otherwise. And when I get so pissed off, I have to dance on your grave. And for that, I have to kill you. Thank you.
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Chorus of OCs: We are unloved, and so full of woe!
We've nothing to do, and nowhere to go!
Musey, she hates us, we're thinking we'll leave 'er
We've been abandoned for stupid old Kiefer!
Julian's sulking and Adrian's sad
Max has plenty of 'ssues with his dad
Jordan is moping and Liz is right pissy -
Mia and Ethan are lonely and blue -
this sorrow, dear Musey, is all 'cause of YOU!
So forget about Chloe, Ryan and Jack
Or, with a fish, it is you we will smack!

--la_petite_singe does not approve of my current "24"-fic marathon and thinks I should be spending more time writing original fic. And so she wrote me a poem.
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In this entry from the b0st0n community, absinthenoir dabbles in restaurant review.

The food was delicious, but the serving sizes were ridiculous. Especially for the price. "The food would be International, small "straight-up" dishes (which were introduced to Boston in 1989 by Dali restaurant via "Spanish Tapas" )...... [But] please don't refer to our dishes as 'tapas'. We're trying to coin a new phrase."

I've got a new phrase for you, bitch: "expensive snacks". Or, you could just own up and call them tapas , because that's what they fucking are. (Lest you forget, "La tapa" so as to be considered, has to be eaten between main meals as food that allows the body to hold until lunch or dinnertime. Translation: snacks.)
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Glow-in-the-dark cookery!

From nitessine concerning geekiness and cooking:

You know you're a geek when the rest of your family buggers off to Rome for a week, leaving you in an empty house all by yourself, and all you do is play World of Warcraft and read. They're coming back next Saturday and until then, I'm home alone, with nothing to do except... well, play World of Warcraft and read. And occasionally make a nuclear disaster in the kitchen. It's so much easier to make a sandwich in the dark when it's self-illuminating.¨