February 26th, 2005



Me: Cigarettes. Gimme.
Everyone in the store: ::GASP!~~!~!:: He wasn't speaking in keigo~!~!!!
Me: ....-_-;; ....I'm Korean. Sorry. Hello. Excuse me. Cigarettes. Give me. .....-_-;;...masu.

-haneulggoom, quoted from a locked entry with permission.
An Optimists Guide

Mother vs. Machine

From a locked post, quoted with permission, frisbyg shares a mother vs. machine moment.

mother: *tries to set oven*
oven: *error beeps*
mother: *tries five more times*
sis: MO-THER.
mother: don't you "MOTHER!" me. don't even get me started. this was NOT my invention. this oven has it in for me! I've had it for ten years and I know how to set it, and still it does this. and if I knew the man that invented it...and it IS a man. every BEEP! is a man. every single beep! beep! beep! beep! is a MAN. every beeping, buzzing sound when a car door is left open. EVERY PIECE OF HIGH-PITCHED TECHNOLOGY IS A MAN!
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"That was an interesting dinner at Kelsey's.

Christa said that she's a "fat mo-fo" and then started laughing hysterically. Thanks for adding mo-fo to our 5 year old's vocabulary, Mark. LOL
I told her never to say mo-fo again, and then laughed my ass off." -- 1in8, here.

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Did you know that Superman can smell like sunshine? According to badfic, he can! People speculate, and you just know where that leads.

Did Clark also smell like rainbows and ponies and stardust, while he was at it? -- blunder_buss

Nah. He smells of SuperSweat. Which is like sweat, but super.


Why oh why did my mind suddenly think of the smell of SuperSex? -- chaos_r

SuperSex with Lex!

Sorry. It had to be said. -- diseaseofennui

How does SuperSex compare to regular sex? The world may never know, but in the meantime, check about sunshine smells and the like here.

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In real news, the Pope is going to be involved in Sunday services. Uh, Vatican people? Stop it. No, seriously. Stop it right now. This thing where you prop the Pope up in a corner like a Muppet only works as an inspiring image if sometime during the service, he stands up, starts flailing like my Kermit icon, and yells, "Yay! I'm healed! I feel like a twenty-year-old again!" Now that'll make me come back to Catholicism. (Maybe.) (Okay, probably not. But boy, it'd be fun to watch, wouldn't it?)

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Mistful Dreams

Ah, college. *sage nod* *has never been*

erinpuff, here, on her housing info, in her grand mission to make me laugh when I'm trying to be angsty and miserable and feel like shit, the bloody woman:

Oo, info about housing just got stuck under my door. *reads*

I can't help but worry that [...] I'll forget to turn something in and end up in the crappiest room in the crappiest dorm with a roommate who is murderous. It doesn't say "People who forget to turn stuff in shall be assigned to incoming murderers," but it must be one of those things they don't tell you until it's too late and you're dead.
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springtime the pony

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Overslept. Read smut. Went to store. Worked on landlady's computer. Shopped for DOS compatible printers. Gave up in disgust for now. Wrote drabbles for weasley100, malfoy100, and drabble_redux. Avoided thinking about the masses of studying undone. Posted to LJ with sentences in ascending word count. Realized I'm an incurable geek and really need a life.
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when silly thoughts go through my head, she don't use jelly, i shall never grow old

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mollyringwraith was talking about Gil-Galad giving Elrond one of the Three Rings:

And from today's Guide to Middle Earth daily calendar:
"Vilya [one of the Three Rings] was originally worn by Gil-galad, but it was given by him to Elrond. Vilya was made of gold and was set with a great sapphire."
I don't know, Elrond. Sounds pretty tacky. Especially with those robes.

gillen replies with this amusing scenario...

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