February 25th, 2005

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Ow. My brain.

crazybutsound and l_s_q discuss the possibilities of starting a new music-sharing community:

[01:19] Crazybutsound: but most of all, i want a place that would be open
[01:19] Crazybutsound: no elitism and such
[01:19] Crazybutsound: like, morrissey and justin timberlake could go hand in hand and in peace
[01:19] Crazybutsound: I have a dream! A dream where...
[01:19] Crazybutsound: hahahaha
[01:19] l_s_q: yeah. i'd keep my annoying snobbery to myself, i know i'm bad!
[01:19] Crazybutsound: no you're not
[01:20] Crazybutsound: making fun in good humour, yes
[01:20] l_s_q: i now have a mental image of morrissey and justin timberlake
skipping hand in hand in fields
[01:20] Crazybutsound: but no nastiness authorized
[01:20] l_s_q: there are lambs.
[01:20] l_s_q: *giggles madly*
[01:20] Crazybutsound: bwhahahahahahahahaha
[01:20] l_s_q: otp4lyfe!
[01:20] Crazybutsound: hahahahahahahahahaha
[01:20] Crazybutsound: oh dear
[01:21] Crazybutsound: i may have to icon that
[01:21] l_s_q: i think i just damaged myself with that

--crazybutsound's journal, from a locked post with permission.
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queenofstripes, in a locked post, discussing how certain communities of people, according to their traits, may tend to disintegrate rapidly, or to have successful, lasting coherance:

"Nice people finish last, but not in quite the way Vince Lombardi intended -- this isn't a football game, it's an endurance trial."

Where waxrose describes the mating habits of cookie ingredients

I have no idea. However, I have a longstanding relationship with oatmeal cookies. They're very dependable and loyal. Raisins, however, must go. They're getting old and grey and thinking about having an affair. Let's not even talk about those chocolate chips. Homewreckers, all of them. Cranberries, however are sexy and healthy and a very pretty red color.

from waxrose's discussion of making oatmeal cranberry cookies that can be found here.
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From ailbhe

Regarding her daughter, who is obviously Princess Of The World:

I viciously took a receipt away from her. I am a Bad Mother. Her Real Parents wouldn't have done that. I bet she's really a princess. Or a fairy baby and stolen by Gypsies and we bought her from a wicked witch. Because later on, as well as having taken a receipt away from her, I changed her nappy. Which is in the Geneva Convention, you know, right there next to genocide and putting hot things under the fingernails of prisoners of war.
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When Fandom and Reality meet

camwyn explains it.

Not to make light of my country's ambassadorial asshattery to Canada about 'giving up its sovereignty' because they don't wanna play Missile Defence Shield or anything, but if you look at who delivered the Canadian refusal, Much Becomes Clear.

The Canadian foreign minister's name is Pierre Pettigrew.

Pierre is French for Peter.

"Canada has given up its sovereignty... TO THE DARK LORD VOLDEMORT. BWAHAHAHAHA."

er. sorry. I'll be quiet now

Wisdom found here.
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Old but good.

I was looking through the 'funny' section of my livejournal memories, and found a bunch worth sharing. I will link to the entries, but be warned: most of them are from at least a year ago, so the journal owner will probably be creeped out if you comment there. I know the entry's long but I urge you to read; these weren't immortalised in my memories without reason!

crunchyfishstix modernizes Columbus 'discovering' America. (This was before he had me around to check his grammar.)

YOU: "Who the fuck are you, and what are you doing in my kitchen?"
ME: "Ahem, excuse me, but this is MY kitchen, I just discovered it."
YOU: "The hell you did, it was always here and it's mine."
ME: "Well, its new to ME, so I can claim it for ME." *sticks Decepticon Logo flag in ground* "Now why don't you get off my property before I discover your ass with my boot?"

jessysgirl on why she should never be allowed in a place of worship:

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godfrei fills out a survey about his time in high school.

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crunchyfishstix and x_onepinkshoe_x realise their childhood dreams through a homoerotic Nintendo ad.
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I know, I know...

This is so bad, it's almost un-meta-ble. But really, nothing is *that* bad.

I managed to read that excerpt to the second page. And I was wondering if the reviews weren’t a little wee bit exagerating. The pages sound like he put random words in a bag and shuffled.

From ljd2.
Neener Neener -- art by Lisa Andresen

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renatus visits a Finnish nightclub:
Then there were these... people. They were dressed up in these pseudo-pirate costumes and what looked at first glance to be fetish gear but what turned out to be weight belts and other athletic gear. The entire effect made me exclaim, "What the hell are they supposed to be - butt pirates?" Juha told me "Don't be so hard on them; they're just searching for booty."

I smacked him for that one after I got done laughing.
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Is it totally against the rules to post something someone else said to you, but it's in your journal?


I'll risk it, I thought it was quite funny.  If I'm being bad, spank me and tell me to take it off.  The post, not the clothes.  ;)

"You’ve slipped into a parallel universe where everything is reversed.  What’s good here is evil there.  What’s not ambitious here is ambitious there.  I saw it on Star Trek.  These things are normally caused by a transporter malfunction.  All we have to do is fix the transporter and send you through again.  You haven’t had your good and evil halves split into separate people have you?  Oh wait, you don’t have a good half.  Oh wait, we don’t have transporters."


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From sarajayechan, over on Journalfen here:

"The internet isn't a cold harsh place full of meanies and tears, but it's not a world of sunshine and rainbows either.

The internet is a magical land of porn and funny. End of story."

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In this post, bitchness wrote

Hahahahahahahaha... that's nice. I can't wait till my kids are in high school, we're so gonna have a foreign exchange student. I really want the opportunity to seriously fuck up somebody else's kid who's half a world away so they can't kill me. When I send them back they'll be saying 'dude' and dressing like Pauly Shore.